Friday, February 26, 2010

Away For the Weekend? Think Again

I’m just wondering…

Why would you own a pet that you can’t leave at home alone for more than a couple of hours, or not at all?

Want to go out of town for the weekend?
I don’t think so!

Not unless:
a) A family member or friend comes and stays at your house.
b) You’ve hired someone to come and stay at your house full time, or visit several times a day.
c) You’ve boarded your dog out.

Some dog owners tend to buy things (including pets) impulsively...


  1. mrscolombo@yahoo.comMarch 3, 2010 at 9:51 PM

    ARGHH!!! People who mistreat their dogs (or any other animal) that way...

  2. One of the many many MANY reasons I do not now nor will I ever own a dog. I wish like all hell that I hadn't married a stupid cat hater, but I did. So we have no pets at all. I have to say that it makes going places easier!! LOL

  3. BTW, that photo of the dog CRACKED ME UP!!!!! xD

  4. Janet - the beauty of having a cat is that all you have to do is put down more food than they can possibly eat while your gone, a couple of BIG bowls of water and an extra cat box or two. You can then be gone for several days! Cats sleep most of the time anyway!


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