Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Freaking Spam

Because of the large numbers of "spam" comments being submitted to blogs, I'm going to have to look at all comments before they show up on the page. I hate to do this, but there are of course, idiots everywhere!
I still desire and welcome comments from my friends and readers and promise not to alter them in any way.




  1. I just had my first one this morning. What a pain!

  2. I visited a friends blog yesterday and was amazed by how many there were on her site.
    At least 100. all from the same person!

  3. I know what you mean!! I used to have the crazy filter, where I had to approve every comment, but it got to be too much hassle. Not to mention that I had several readers who were offended if I didn't check my email for a couple of days, meaning their comment wasn't posted after my approval for a couple of days. I figure if I get a spammer, I'll just block them from my profile. Lots less work!! LOL


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