Thursday, February 25, 2010


Dog Owners!
You do know that your dogs bark, right? But do you know that they save the best, loudest, and most consistent string of barks for your neighbors to enjoy after you’ve gone to work or out for the evening?

We all know dogs bark and it’s to be expected to a certain extent, but please! Have you ever known someone who lives on a busy street or near an airport? Don’t they always say they don’t really hear the traffic or plane noise after a while? Well, the same goes for dog barking! You got used to it, but your neighbors never will. They usually won’t say anything to you because they don’t want to strain your relationship. So just because they don’t complain to you about your dog barking doesn’t mean they aren’t bothered by it!  Some (not all) dog owners tend to be self absorbed and inconsiderate…


  1. Lovely post and funny blog. Found you through Erika who just nominated me for Prolific Blogger-
    I hate my dog- can't stand him, I wrote a post a few weeks ago-
    Here's the link if you're interested:

  2. OOOH, that really burns me up!! We have those neighbors right now, the ones who lock their dog up in a tiny room all day, leaving the obnoxious fucker with nothing to do all day but bark its doggy ass off at absolutely NOTHING. Makes me batty!!


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