Friday, February 26, 2010

Picking Up Dog Poo

This entry concerns the groundswell movement related to the banning of all plastic bags. There are many people and politicians going hot and heavy in that direction right now. A few cities on the west coast have banned them already.

What if these people are successful and there is a total ban?

What are dog owners going to use to pick up their dog’s crap off of their neighbor’s lawn?


  1. I guess they'll have to use little paper bags. Or, just stop feeding the garbage in, no garbage out! you have pointed out...have the dog recycle it himself, since they have been known to eat it...

  2. Seriously, why do dogs eat their own turds?
    I'd like to's google time.

  3. If they take our plastic bags I'm going to demand an environmentalist be assigned to me to carry my things.

  4. No kidding, if they ban the plastic bag, what am I supposed to use for luggage?

  5. Why do you need plastic bags? Take your own reusable bag (I use a rucksack) when you go to the supermarket!

  6. Dogs eat poop because they have are lacking a certain nutrient or vitamin, because they want to cover up the other dog's scent or because they are in general, just dumb creatures.

    Interesting note: White poop has practically vanished because nobody gives dogs true bones anymore. It's always treats that come in a sealed pouch. (I read that on the internet so it MUST be true--ha ha)

    I love this blog! (and I'm a dog lover!--well, an animal-person) Check out my post about crazy cat people--sure to start a friendly arguement

    My dogs are not annoying. Only my neighbors' dogs are annoying HA HA

  7. I can send my mine to eat everyone's poop. She's quick too. Doesn't even let it hit the ground- when it comes from other dogs that is. pretty disgusting huh.

  8. A shovel? And then sorta carry it around until you find a bin? But then, hang on, there'll be no more plastic bags in bins o.O.

    Here in France, or at least, in my area, supermarkets don't hand out plastic bags, you have to pay for a big plastic or material bag (from the supermarket) and use that every time you go shopping. I think it's a good compromise.

  9. Thanks for commenting Elodie.
    Our supermarkets sell the fabric bags also, but they still have paper and plastic for free. We bought a few of the fabric bags, but it seems like we ALWAYS forget to take them to the store with us.

  10. Carol,
    That's quite a talent that dog of yours has. I hope she uses mouth wash on a regular basis...
    thanks for commenting!

  11. what a gem...
    I'll check out your cat stories. You have a lot of posts. Can you direct me to the right ones.
    My next door neighbors have 5 cocker spaniels. They are amazingly quiet.
    I like your blog a lot!!!

  12. Dennis, I'm with you. I really do wonder what folks will use to pick up their dog crap off my yard. Maybe a plastic bag with a shorter "life span" once it hits the trash dump.

  13. Haha we always forget too, that's why we've ended up with about 4 plastic bags and 2 fabric. Most of the time we just have to bundle everything straight from the trolley into the car.

    I don't think plastic bags should be given out for free in shops but I also don't think they should ban them! It becomes ridiculous.


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