Monday, February 15, 2010

Mortally Wounded

Mortally Wounded

To have been there
To have seen that
To hold his head up out of the mud
To tell him he’s going to be okay
To tell him he’s going home
To keep him distracted
To keep him from noticing that he’s open
And his intestines are unraveling into the ooze
The two of us teenagers
The two of us mortally wounded


  1. Can't say anything except to say I read it. Hard not to cry.


  2. Hi Lucy, thanks for reading.
    That one gets to me also. An image I've been carrying around in my head for a long time.

  3. Patrick, I'm wondering if you might say something about the photo in your header?


  4. Since I started this blog, I feel like I'm revealing a lot of myself that hasn't been seen before. I'm being unwrapped or peeled. Layer by layer...

    I was also afraid that my astonishingly good looks might distract the reader! (just kidding)

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  6. Oops. I meant to delete my response...sorry ashley...
    I remember though. Yes it makes me a bit sick as well. I only have a few more like that. Should be done in a couple of days.
    Yes, I was Tay's BD party in Lakewood. I'm not deep enought to take a picture that I intend on using five years later! Give me a break!

  7. I don't know how you guys did it. I was panicked at home just thinking about it.

  8. tapirgal - to top it off many of us were teenagers!

  9. Wow! And ouch, too!!! I once worked with a psychologist who was a Vietnam vet. His body was all stitched up from his wounds. He even had stitches on his face and his head. He said they were going to cut off all of his limbs but he fought and screamed like a b****. They told him they'd let him rot if that was what he wanted. But they stitched him all up... and he healed! How about it?

    I think I'll be reading through your Vietnam stuff bit by bit. It's not light reading... that is for sure.


  10. Thanks Nevine,
    The circumstances would be brutal for anyone, but to so young when subjected to this stuff, is a crime. Old men sending young men to die...
    when I first posted this stuff, I think I had about 20 followers. I'm thinking I'll re-post it all sometime. someday, I'd like to gather it all together and with some help, maybe make into a book.
    that's a big maybe...


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