Friday, February 26, 2010

Crater or Cratee

Am I the only one who finds crating dogs for an entire day cruel? 
You craters out there, how would you like to be the "cratee" for a change?  I don't even know if that's a real word, but I'm sure you get the point.

Before your spouse goes to work, how would you like it if they “crated” your ass for an entire day? You think that sounds silly?  What if you have to go to the bathroom?  Too crating bad! What if you have to go so badly, that you "soil" your crate?  Too crating bad! Sit in it.

Many dog owners say silly things like, “this is my dog Vishnu, Sparky, Spot, Killer, or whatever; he’s a real part of the family.”

Seriously? Do you "crate" the other members of your family also?  No daycare available for little Jimmy today?   No problem, just throw him in the crate. Add a bowl of water and a bowl of gummy worms, and he'll be just fine.

If you have no other choice but to crate your dog for an entire day, you shouldn't have a friggin' dog.  To those of you who I know and love, this applies to you also!


  1. well i guess i shouldn't tell you that i just crate lewie all day while i hit up the bar to shoot pool. that's how i beat jason on saturday.

  2. I totally agree. Even worse are people that leave their dog in the car without rolling down the window, or take them on long walks in the sun without anything to drink. I'm not a violent person, but I think I'd make an exception to kick those asses.

  3. I wonder if those are the same idiots who leave their kids in the car. You are right, some idiots really do need an ass kicking...

  4. I totally agree... no crates here! Never have been, and geez, if I ever got one for one of our dogs, I do think I'd have to crawl in it myself just to experience it. But I don't have to experience it for my heart to know it isn't right.

  5. Brenda - I agree! There may be a time for crating, but it isn't everyday when the owner is at work, that's for sure!

  6. cratee LOL. I used to put my dog behind bars when she was little, but once she learned to behave herself (and stopped chewing everything she sees), I stopped crating her. This is cruel.

  7. I have a friend who uses the crate as a potty training tool when her pets are new, but only for certain times of the day. They are crated during times that they will be indoors after their crating time is over, and then they are taken out of the crate to go outside to make their disgusting doggy business. It generally only takes a week, and she is home with the animal for literally the entire day. And I can't deny that it works like a charm, too!! But those who crate just out of sheer laziness are evil, and should die. IN A CRATE.

  8. Janet - "...and should die. IN A CRATE!" That's a great line! I totally agree, there is use for them, but too many people put the dog in there for laziness, like you said...


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