Monday, March 28, 2011


I try to keep my anger sequestered from the rest of my life, as it is counterproductive to what I want to do and where I want to go. But some stuff just really gets to me.  Especially bullies and creeps who maltreat animals. 

My wife is very involved with dog and cat rescues and it kills me whenever the "latest" case of severe animal abuse comes to light. It makes my wife very sad, but it makes me want to hunt them down and and administer my own form of justice...

Is it just me?



  1. No.

    I used to cry uncontrollably when I'd receive horrifying direct mail pieces from WWF & some other animal rescue/cruelty/prevention orgs. My husband finally discontinued all direct mail to me and we donate on line.

    I am also the type who will confront someone if they're being mean or yelling at a kid or a dog or whatever. Again, my husband insists I not do it not just for my own protection but he says it incites people to act even more obnoxious, cruel, unbalanced.

    So, yeah. I hear ya.

  2. It's not just you. I'm not going to elaborate, as the frame of mind I'm in right now is not exactly the best. Therefore, I wouldn't be able to censor myself very well!

  3. No, it's not just you.

    Unfortunately there are even worse things than the people who abuse animals and that is the so-called "humane societies" and SPCAs who euthanise good, healthy animals due to lack of space or whenever they just feel like killing something for the sake of it. As long as the animal control contracts keep paying them to do it, they'll keep on murdering animals and be giving them "forever homes" in black bags in their freezers.

    Another thing that makes me as angry as you is the declawing of cats. You don't even want to get me started about what justice I would like to see done to people who practice that mutilation.

  4. I agree with you about the people who mess with animals.

  5. I'm not usually in contact with that side of things, but it would make me furious. Not sure what I would do. I'm glad I haven't had to see it. Just got TV reception after 10 years of watching only hand-picked movies, and it seems there is a lot of "worse than bad behavior" out there. Just watched one of those round-ups of perverts stalking teenage girls for _ _ _ on the Internet. So much of TV is presented in a sensationalized manner, but it seems they have a lot of material to choose from that's plenty real. I don't get how we can be this bad. Some scientists/sociologists believe the evidence shows that our moral right choices are hard-wired, otherwise we would not have made it so far as a society. I tend to think that when we got out of tribal mode and our existence within the community was less dependent on everyone's good behavior, the wiring started to fall apart. But then my opinions are often influenced by what I've just read. I really don't get why we don't treat each other better, and that goes for our treatment of the four-footeds, who themselves behave pretty darn well most of the time.

  6. You would hate living in Mexico. They treat animals very cruelly here.

  7. No, is definitely isn't just you. I am appalled by the injustice done to animals. (and children) Makes my blood boil!

  8. Sometimes one wonders who is the animal and who is not.
    I cant stand animal abuse myself also.
    Have a great day Patrick.

  9. It's not just you. It's me too. I don't want to put into words the things I find myself wanting to do to people who feel entitled to abuse and inflict cruelty on animals.

    But it would be justice.

  10. Some people I don't know why they have animals...
    Thanks for your nice comment in my blog Patrick.
    The little bear you saw, is a picture I took in a park, not far from where I live. They have all kinds of animals you can find here in Scandinavia, and the animals has a lot of space around them.
    Wishing you a nice week Patrick.
    Greetings from Berit, still in "winter, not so much wonderland" right now:)

  11. No...that's why there are things like animal shelters...many people care but can't do much about it...It horrible specially in the case of those animals that can't fight back.

  12. abuse in any form make me angry

  13. Me too. And don't get me going about the NFL allowing Michael Vick back into the league. I'm all for forgiveness, but allowing him back in the NFL is rewarding him. It's like no other job and players are treated like heroes. It's disgusting to hear them cheer for him now. He's laughing all the way to the bank and it's just a matter of time before he makes the NFL look like fools. Others may forget what he did, but I won't.

  14. No, it is most certainly not just you.

    There is a special place in Hell for people who mistreat animals, and I for one am perfectly willing to send them there NOW.

  15. Definitely not just you. I adopted my dogs from rescue groups to do my little part to help. I try to educate kids I see about kindness to animals as well. Most adults are a lost cause.

  16. no, it isn't just you Pat. I once confronted a neighbor about abusing his puppy. I kept hearing it yelp, a clear case of inflicting pain on the animal. he denied everything. all I could do was tell him that if I continued to hear it, he would be reported. never heard it again, and I will never know what happened to that puppy. but here's what really gets me. the sentences for convicted animal abusers. practically a slap on the wrist in some states. it really burns my ass.

  17. when other animals attack humans, they're put to death. when humans attack other animals, they get a fine. definitely not fair. and there's always some new breed of dog that people love to portray as naturally violent, when in reality it's just the next breed of dog that particular humans who like to beat the crap out of animals and teach them to attack have discovered.

  18. No Pat, it is NOT just you...I'm actually becoming to beleive that the scriptures had it right when it said, 'an eye for an eye' perhaps some of these murders, child abusers, animal abusers need to ge the same kind of treatment they give to those that they abuse...I wonder if it would make a difference.
    Yes, I often say, 'nothing gets my hackles up more than the mis-treatment of those that are vulnerable and can not protect themselves'
    Basic bottom line...I am with you on this one!

  19. I think you got your answer: NO it's not just you. And then in a movie? I'll sit there all strong when the main character dies, but if an animal is injured? I'm falling apart. Completely in shreds...

  20. as you can see, you are definitely not alone.

  21. No. Animal abuse should not be tolerated at all. It's sick to even think about it.

  22. California Girl - I know! Those things kill me also. I think it's something to do with how defenseless animals are. Thanks!

    Misfit Mommy - thanks! I had to do a bit of censoring of myself on this post. There's a current case of someone trying to starve their dog to death that really got me going!

    Dr Blood - You are right about that. Animal "Shelter" is not quite the right word for some of these places. The good news is that there are more and more "no kill" shelters springing up. It'a amazing that PETA has one of the worst records around. I'm totaly with you about declawing! Cruel and brutal... Thanks so much for commenting!

    Oilfield Trash - I figured you would! I'd like to inflict a little torture on them myself...

    tapirgal - It'a all about control. The poor dogs and cats who have done nothing but befriend us are such easy targets! Cats learn and keep their distance and will try to escape. Poor dogs just too loyal for their own good sometimes.

    Clarissa - I'll bet they do! The rules and feelings are very different from country to country.

    Ms A - Oh yes! The same goes for me! It makes me want to find them and hurt them.

    Costas - So true! In most cases the human is by far the most cruel. thanks Costas!

    Dawn - Thanks Dawn! They need to make much stricter penalties for these crimes.

    m. - I'm glad to hear that! Thanks!
    I find myself feeling the same way.

    Bert - I agree! It's too bad that anyone can just go and get one. Thanks for the info on the bear!

    Rekha - I agree! That's why creeps with control issues do these things.

    becca - I'm with you! Having endured some of it myself, I hate to see it happen to others.

    Betty - I hate that piece of slim Michael Vick. Most people don't know how badly he tortured and how he killed his dogs. Terrible!

    Nariane - I hope it's mighty uncomfortable for them there also!

    Lolamouse - That's so nice of you to do that! My entire family is so animal oriented. I'm proud of them for it!

    Miss Becky - Good for you! We actually stole a dog from our next door neighbor about 10 years ago. Waited until he left his house and climbed over the fence, undid his chain and took away. He never did figure out who did it. The guy was a sicko. You are so right about the sentences, it's a joke!

    Ven - You're so right! That isn't fair at all. You are also right about it being the owner who condition their dogs to be "mean." Anybody whos been around a normally reared pitbull knows that they are totally sweet and family oriented dogs.

    Tracy - I love your personal quote. I couldn't agree with you more! I'd like to be the one going for the "eye!"

    Nikki - I think I do! That is why i don't like animal movies. there is ALWAYS something very sad in them.

    Sharon - Thanks Sharon! I appreciate it.

    mshatch - Yes! I feel very good about it. Thanks for the comment!

    Mice - I agree! The laws on it MUST toughen up, or it won't stop!

  23. Anytime I hear of things like this my rage boils over too. I hate anytime when a person preys on someone weaker or more helpless than they are. A person who does that has given up their rights to live amoung decent folk and should be treated the same way they treated another helpless creature.

  24. The "justice" served by those who abuse animals in this country is a JOKE!

    I'm with you!!!!! I'd be right behind you administering my own kick in the you know whats.....and I know of one particular recent case where a woman was allegedly involved, so for her, I'd have to find another place to kick! AAAACK. Makes me so angry!

  25. Pat I can't even watch the abused animals wife would cry every time she saw it. It flips my switch so fast when I see anything to do with animal abuse. I certainly would end up in jail if someone were to ever beat on one of my dogs. Just look at them babies in my Weekend In Black And White post from Friday. Who could ever hurt them??

  26. No, it is NOT just you! I have a very strong feeling about this... I feel as you do. I would LOVE to hunt those people down with you, Pat!

  27. There are too many sick people in this world. You'd clearly have an army of friends joining you in administering justice, Pat.

  28. Any kind of cruelty makes me angry and sad at the same time. I quit getting the newspaper because I couln't stand reading about abused children and people being murdered. Cruelty to animals is horrible.

  29. No.. not just you Patrick..
    sadly there are a few sick people
    in the world who stir up such emotions.

  30. Looks like you touched a nerve with this topic. Cruelty to animals is horrid, but the line is different for different people. Is it cruelty to keep birds in cages? Or fish in tanks and artificial ponds? I'm still wearing leather shoes. I haven't figured out the ethics of everyday life yet.

  31. I know how you feel. The maltreatment of animals especially those who rely on us for their own well being is so vile and heart wrenching to me that it makes me want to... If ever there was a justification for an eleventh commandment it would be due to the torturous and neglectful treatment of animals.

  32. No. Not at all. It absolutely makes my blood boil.

  33. I am sitting here with a big fat cat on my lap and a slobbering dog near my feet. I get all worked up when I see any form of animal abuse.

  34. not just you, rewatched the movie Equilibrium this weekend and there is a scene where they (off screen) kill some dogs. That is a tough scene.

  35. not just you, rewatched the movie Equilibrium this weekend and there is a scene where they (off screen) kill some dogs. That is a tough scene.

  36. Kal - I totally agree with you! I wish the laws would catch up with how people feel about it.

    Marlene - You are so right! I know you are talking about the dog "Patrick." What a sad story!

    Chuck - Same with me! I just can't watch them. I saw them pups of yours. They are just so darn cute!

    Pam - I think we could get an whole group together!

    Robyn - Thanks Robyn! Let's go!

    Belle - I know what you mean. There isn't much good news, in the news...

    faye - A few too many as far aas I'm concerned!

    #1Nana - I don't know where the line is either. But, I know starving and torturing animals for pleasure is way on the other side of it! I guess the line is related to what feels right and wrong inside...

    Warren - I think you hit it on the head. They rely on us to take care of them. That's what really gets to me the most.

    Tara - Mine boils also! Seriously...

    Bossy Betty - No dog here, but I have a cat on my lap also!

    Budd - Yep! It's weird that it bothers most of us much more when it's an animal involved and not a human.

  37. I am not an animal person. not even close. it makes me sad when I see animals that have been abused, but it's not something that bores into my soul.
    human abuse is what haunts my dreams. children, the elderly, physical and psychological torture, bullying ... those things, but I feel the same intensity for them.
    I had a teacher in college, a psychologist, who said the only people he absolutely refused to work with were child molesters. he said there was no cure, no excuse, and no help for them. the best these people could hope for was to be taken out behind a building and shot between the eyes ... and that was better than what they deserved.
    he was fired after that semester because someone didn't like his opinion on the subject. I have to admit that I agreed with him. wholeheartedly.

  38. Nope, it isn't just you...oh boy, my Dad has a very low tolerance for those types too. Sad it is.

  39. I hear you. My heart melts when I read about those horrible cases. You go get 'em!!

  40. Dealing with kids every day, I am the same way with sexual predators. I can't even read the news anymore because I just get so ticked I can barely stand it.

  41. No, it's not just you.

    Makes me sob that people can so disrespect any living being.

  42. No, it certainly is not just you! It is also a proven fact that those who maltreat animals are less considerate, and have less empathy and compassion for humans as well.

  43. People that abuse animals are a bunch of words that I can't say. I volunteer at our local humane society and it makes me really question where humanity is going at times.

  44. diane - I agree with your teacher also! Take 'em out back and make sure that they will never do anything like it again!

    Brian - I have that same low tolerance! thanks!

    Jesse - thanks Jesse! I'd like to go get 'em!

    Cheeseboy - I agree! total scumbags these people!

    M Pax - I agree! These people have no feelings at all...

    Stickup Artist - That's true, manytimes people who abuse animals go on to the humans next!

    Gwen - I'll say those words for you! I'm happy to hear hat you volunteer! Thanks for that!

  45. I saw footage on the news of the abuse of some Elephant(s?) in England.
    Made me sick.

  46. I'm with you on this one, I bet my husband feels the same way you do because it makes me cry every time I find out about things like that.

  47. No. It's not just you. Anyone with a sense of justice despises the infliction of harm on someone that cannot defend itself.

    It shows intelligence and morality on your part.


  48. I hate it too. It's gotten to the point that I can't even read about it or watch it anymore because it makes me sick to my stomach. It makes me so mad that people can do that and act like it's nothing...

  49. NO.
    To answer your last question.

  50. You are certainly not alone. Somehow we can not say no when someone has a stray in need of being rescued.

    We took in our sick kitty (we have been force feeding since October) and her sister to keep them from being being put down when their owners moved out of the country.

    It appears all our hard work has paid off though. Midnight has started to eat on her own and just passed her last check up at the vets.

  51. No Sir! It makes me say bad, bad words and dream up painful, slow torture methods for those perpetrators. They deserve a hot, pointy corner of hell and I would like to give it to them. Nothing makes me angrier. Truly.

  52. I have never understood cruelty to animals, children or people. It too makes me sad, angry and disillusioned with us that it happens all too frequently.

    It seems like our efforts to stop the violence, and to take care of the sick and injuried is a never ending attempt to make this a better and more caring world.

  53. Pat -- I have a close friend travels to Udaipur, India in late winter to volunteer at a not-for-profit animal rescue hospital. She feels much the same as your wife, I sure. Here is her blog, if interested:

  54. I can't watch an ASPCA commercial w/o tears...and something that really gets to me is to see a dead domestic animal on the road, and it's raining and cold----and I think of how they died and it makes me cry.

    It truly does.

    Beautiful post Bro.


  55. Animals are innocent. Its a power imbalance. Any abuse of power is a terrible injustice. Those who torture animals should receive the highest punishment.

  56. NO, It's not just you. I hate it when I see those sick people to maltreat animals.
    Poor too makes me SO SAD and angry as well.

    Violence and cruelty towards innocent animals MUST STOP!!

  57. Definitely not just you. Our current forms of justice are totally inadequate for dealing with the beasts who abuse animals and nature in general. We should have one form of justice for humans who have erred, and another form for humans who are no longer human, but have descended into the realm of beastliness.

  58. Oh, Pat... it's obviously not just you. Any feeling human being has compassion for a mistreated animal, and there are billions, including those being inhumanely raised and slaughtered in mass for our dining pleasure.

    But honestly, Pat, the direction of this conversation disturbs me. Are we talking about anger and its management or about finding solutions to the animal mistreatment problem?

    Anger is a signal that something is wrong; it's NOT an excuse to commit violence against another for ANY reason. The most absurd example is those who think murder is justified to stop abortion. Sinking down to the lowest common level and certainly vigilante behaviors are not mature/wise answers.

    Where in this (or any) discussion is prevention? Why is the first thought about retribution?

    Forgive me for saying so, my friend, but you live in a strange land. You (Americans)are culturally geared to prefer spending $60K per prisoner per year on the largest per capita prison population in the world than to spend $10K per child to make sure s/he doesn't land there. Pay for punishment is okay, that's the price for individual freedom (and responsibility) you say; pay for education and support for the poor, naaah, that is socialism. And in the meantime, the big rich boys pay nothing in taxes and aren't even held accountable for flushing the rest of your country down the toilet. Sheesh!

    So back to animal rights, it's better to divert your anger into workable programs for prevention and solutions, not into some medieval "eye for eye" behavior. Off my soapbox now. :-)

  59. Nope.. hopefully it the majority of us that feel that way.
    We adopted rescued last year and finally she has accepted our affection with out backing away.

    Color us Happy :) she is living the good life now!

  60. No, it's not just you. Hunt the abusers down like dogs and kill them. Better yet call me, I have frustration issues lately... :}

  61. Arjan - Yes, that got to me as well.

    Minoccio - Thanks! It may be because of my childhood, but this stuff really bothers me.

    Pearl - Thanks Pearl! Or it shows that I'm really just a mushball.

    Baby Sister - Yes, and I also think about what the person has gone through in life, to make them like that.

    Brenda - I wish more people felt that way.

    Rita - I remember the photo of her sitting by your screen door! Good luck to them!

    TVA - I'm right there with you! It really bothers me...

    OWT - It's an illness, that's for sure. We need to concentrate on that more, and on war and getting rich less.

    pitchertaker - I checked out the link. Very bittersweet! Sad but then happy... Thanks!

    John - Oh yeah! They know how to pull the heartstrings (and wallet strings). Thanks John!

    Anthony - I agree with you.

    Betty - I'm sure it will never stop, but when the laws change, it will at least slow down.

    Jerry - I glad most people feel that way! thanks...

    Owen - I won't get into my opinions on crime vs. punishment, but I'm not very forgiving in that area. Thanks!

    Francisca - I think we are talking about both, but I was mostly just venting some anger about the subject.

    I'm not so sure that most Americans would agree that we all think this way. Half of those in prison here, are there because of antiquated drug laws that need to be changed. However, in my humble opinion, some crimes warrant the ultimate punishment. Right or wrong, that's how I feel. (can't speak for anyone else though).

    As to our political system... You are so right! That is the thing about this country that scares me the most. It's a mess!

    Believe me, my family does more than most about the subject (abuse) at hand. My wife is VERY much involved with it. I on the other hand, am not as involved as she is. I'd prefer to solve the problem in a much more medieval fashion.
    This soapbox is always available for you! Thanks for the thoughts!

  62. I find that violence, abuse , neglect and bullying to animals, children and innocent people make me angry and sick to my stomach. My accountant could verify by my donations to such organizations and God knows my helping actions to those in need. But it never seems enough, does it?

  63. I find that violence, abuse , neglect and bullying to animals, children and innocent people make me angry and sick to my stomach. My accountant could verify by my donations to such organizations and God knows my helping actions to those in need. But it never seems enough, does it?

  64. You are not alone my friend.


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