Friday, March 4, 2011

Weekend Reflection -- Surf City

enlarge for best viewing
Just south of the Huntington Beach (California) pier.  This beach city is a major surfing mecca and home of the United States Surfing Championships. On this day there was supposed to be huge storm surf. Both the surfers and myself were disappointed, when it didn't materialize.

Weekend Reflections by other photographers at Newtown Area Photo.



  1. You still got a cool picture though, especially in black and white.
    Stop by today - you are a Friend for the Journey.

  2. Nice capture.. now I want to go
    to the beach and watch the surf..

    Have a great weekend Pat !!

  3. Hope the mention of your post about Kindles is ok on

    Let me know if not - and I will change it.


  4. Maybe not what you wish for, but a good shot !

  5. Great photo! Just what I needed to start the weekend. Thank you.

  6. Ahhh, disappointed or not, it still looks lovely! I'll look forward to weather to just go to the beach and allow the sun to beat down upon my shoulders :)

  7. As always, great shot! I love that you chose b&w - gives this a serene, vintage feel... if that makes sense, haha. I think I've told you this before, but I'm so jealous of where you live!

  8. beautiful makes me want to take my son to the beach

  9. tell me, why do I live in Boston? Great photo! Black and white add so much nuance.

  10. the water looks inviting! wish I knew how to surf

  11. I love Huntington Beach. And I love that picture. So amazing.

  12. You take awesome B&W shots. - G

  13. That looks like where I want to be right now.

  14. Beautiful reflections Patrick.
    Have a great weekend.

  15. I love that shot! Looks like it could've been taken in the 50's:)

  16. Alex - thanks so much Alex. I'll be there shortly!

    faye - thanks faye! I'd like to be there myself today, but alas, there will be rain.

    Esther - that's not a problem at all Esther!

    Wong - thanks! I was happy to be there.

    salarsen - You are welcome and thanks! Have a great one!

    Tracy - It should be here soon. I'm looking forward to summer also!

    Sarah - thanks so much Sarah! It does make sense. I can understand how the cold and snow must wear people down after a while.

    becca - Me too! I love living so close to it. Thanks!

    Budd - I love Boston for the history of the place. Thanks for nice words!

    baygirl - All it takes is a few lessons! And a wetsuit if you do it here. Even with hot weather, the pacific is pretty cool.

    Baby Sister - One of my favorite places. Especially as a teen. It's starting to get a resort feel to it though. I'm not too fond of that.

    Georgina - Thanks so much my friend! Have a great weekend!

    Oilfield Trash - I agree with you on that! I spent a lot of time there when I was young, so I have memories there...

    Costas - thanks so much Costas! you have a great weekend also.

  17. This photo immediately brought back a memory. That's what a lot of your beach photos do to me, by the way. And they're good, pleasant, warm tingly memories, too. :)

  18. Very nice shot :-) Wish I was at the warm, sunny beach today....

  19. ha la mer me manque...

    bon w end

  20. What terrific reflections, Pat! Perfect B&W capture and it does look like fun!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  21. This picture brings a brilliant energy for our weekend, thanks so much!It's beautiful!
    Léia - Bonjour Luxembourg

  22. Worth the visit for the photo, though. Has a timeless quality

  23. Pat, you expected biiiiig waves like my icon, didn't you? But they are really beautiful waves! I love your photo. Have a great weekend.

  24. Great shot Patrick, and what a beautiful place you live in.
    Have a nice weekend.
    Greetings and a hug:)

  25. Paradise California!

     Thank you for your visit.

    Good weekend

  26. It's a shame about the lack of storm but you got a killer shot! Classic!

  27. This photo radiates summer. One can hear the waves breaking on the beach.

  28. lovely shot and reflections...sun, sand and sea...I am envious...

  29. Gives meaning to "shining sea," doesn't it?

  30. Wow Beautiful capture and reflections. Love the beach.

    Happy weekend.

  31. Wish I was there right now.... :-(

  32. Nancy - Thanks! It does kind of old!

    Marlene - I'm happy to be of service! They take me back also!

    Nat - Thanks Nat! Me too!

    Nefertiti - Yes indeed! Thanks for stopping by!

    Sylvia - Thanks Sylvia! It's a great place! you have a good weekend also!

    Cezar and Leia - Thanks you so much! I appreciate it!

    altadenahiker - you are right, I couldn't complain!

    snowwhite - Not quite as big as your waves! Not as colorful either! thanks so much!

    Berit - thanks so much! It's nice to live where others vacation! You have a great weekend also!

    ruma - Yes it is, but my favorite place is your country! thank you!

    James - Thanks James! I remember some of your great posts from the same place!

    Reader Wil - It sure does! Can you hear the seagulls?

    Rekha - Thanks so much Rekha! It's just a plane flight away.

    Meri - It sure does! As it is winter and early morning, the sun was very low in the sky also.

    Regina - Thanks so much! I love it also!

    Cake Betch - Next week, it will be even nicer, mid 70's...

  33. Welcome to the challenge.

    The surf may have been a disappointment, but surely this photo isn't! I like the wet sand, and the almosed posed figures dwarfed by the massive piles of the pier.

  34. This is the place I wanted to be right now.
    Weekend Reflection

  35. Ooooh Pat. I love the subtlety of these reflections. Nicely captured.

  36. Ah ! reflection by sea are my favorites ! Isn't too dangerous the wharf for surfers ?
    My younger soon is a surfer.
    In Brittany, the great place is La Torche.

  37. Those waves are still nice - soft and foamy. I love how the pier dwarves the surfers.

  38. Those waves are still nice - soft and foamy. I love how the pier dwarves the surfers, and even the sea.

  39. Nice lines and shadows!

  40. I love it when I can click and enlarge. very high wow factor here. nicely done. it has vastness and I love it. have a great weekend Pat.

  41. Excellent tones, with a gentle play of light and shadows, very good. Greetings

  42. This photo brought back many memories of my childhood on the Atlantic and my later trip to the beach in the summers. All I have done is use a boogie board...I do not think I could carry the thing much less stand up on it and ride the tiniest wave. Great shot. It makes the viewer feel like she is right there.

  43. That place looks awesome. I'd kill to be there today.

  44. Great photo! Beaches are the best, one of these days I'm gonna get me one!

  45. Hi I have popped over from Alex, I was particulary interested about the surfing , I live in the UK on the South coast. At Weymouth here we are holding the surfing and boating for the 2012 Olympics. It is a fabulous bay.

    Have a good week-end.

  46. Nice shot Pat. I could hear the Beach Boys in my head.

  47. check out how HUGE those pier poles are... WoW! I didn't realize how big the piers are... they're gigantic! =)

  48. Dragonstar - Thanks so much! It all unfolded perfectly in front of me!

    Kim - I totally understand that and I agree!

    Dorian - thanks so much! I appreciate it!

    Sar@h - Mine also! It is a bit dangerous, but the really good surfers "shoot the pier" and go through to the other side! La Torche, I'll look it up!

    Kitty - Thanks Kitty! It's a big pier!

    Woody - thanks so much Woody!

    Miss Becky - Thanks! I cropped it so it has a panoramic feel to it!

    Leovi - Thanks so much my friend!

    Genie - Hey, boogie boards are a blast also! thanks so much for the nice words!

    Cheeseboy - thanks so much! It's in the 70's here today!

    Brian - Pick one up for me also!

    Welcome to my world - Thanks for stopping by! Weymouth must be a good place. I'll look it up!

    awarewriter - And now, so do I!!!
    LOL... thanks!

  49. Still a great shot Pat...looks like a scene from old B&W 60's movie!

  50. I like this. The people look so small beside the pilings, and I like the distant building peeping around the bend in the pier.

  51. Wonderful composition!
    The black and white gives it that timeless classic feel! Love it.
    And yes, it does have that Beach Boy appeal. :)

  52. Tricia - they are very large! this pier has been badly damaged by a couple of bad storms in the past. the pilings are much larger and deeper now!

    Chuck - Thanks so much! It does have an old feel to it.

    Daogreer EW - Thanks so much!

    Dimple - It's a very high pier! That building is a bait and fishing boat shack.

    Carletta - thanks so much! I agree with you, but then again, I prefer b&w for most shots!

  53. The beach reflections come and go with the waves. Nice shot!

  54. A wonderful photo, full of the promise of what's to come for us in a couple of months!I can appreciate your regret that the storm didn't materialize...we photographers long for photo ops like that, don't we...LOL?

    Imagination Lane

  55. The reflection shadows of the surfers almost look like they might have been of birds with wings...

  56. Great black and white shot and great atmosphere.

  57. Mass, strength and vulnerability.


  58. Riding on a big wave would be wild, but this scale of waves doesn't look bad. The contrasting size of people and pilings are impressive. I do love this photo as I feel like I'm hearing the sound of the waves in this monochromatic image.

  59. Nice! Made me want to go to the beach, actually, and that's saying something since it's quite cold here yet. Ah, summer!

  60. Pat, you have captured a Georgia/Florida coast slice of my childhood here. It is timeless and absolutely perfect in b/w. This could be Melbourne beach or Daytona or .... love it!


  61. Wish I was that positive about approaching storms and waves.
    Guess it takes a surfer.
    Nice need to hop on a board:)

  62. Lew - thanks so much Lew!

    Lynette - You are so right. There was a huge auto wreck near us recently, I was there snapping photos when the police chased me away. Maybe we have a mutated gene in us...

    Dawn - Wow! I hadn't noticed that!
    Good eye...

    Lucka - thanks Lucka! Right place at the right.

    Lucy - Especially so if the storm surf would have shown up!

    stardust - I was pretty happy with how it came out. Usually lot's of surfers at this spot anytime. Thanks so much!

    Cruella - I understand what you mean! The blossoms will be out soon for you there! Thanks...

    Genie - I'm glad it gave you those memories! Thanks!

    Dawn - LOL! That's funny Dawn! I'd like to hop on one, but my surfing days are over!

  63. I'm so sorry nothing happened!

  64. Very dramatic. The surfers' bodies and the board make an X.

  65. JM - thanks so much JM!

    EG - Me too! But I still got some pretty good shots!

    Hooked on M - they sure do! I didn't even see that until today!

  66. Sara - thanks so much Sara! I know what you mean. I actually spent quite a bit of time at that exact beach when I was a youngster...

  67. Absolutely brilliant shot! Could be from the 50's! Hang on, when did you take this? haha..
    Very cool, composition, lighting, everything.. i could see that hanging on a wall somewhere.. you should sell that one!
    Surf City.. Here we come!!

  68. Great reflection shot!
    I never get board wih surfing.

    All the best, Boonie

  69. It's just gorgeous photo. It looks like seeing a beautiful advertisement photo:)
    Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful Sunday.

  70. Ain't that a Biyatch! What an awesome pic. Love the Shadows on the nearby HUGE Pilings. Bet there are some Sheepshead out deeper!


  71. Anthony - Thanks so much Anthony! I was pretty lucky to have it all work out!

    Boonie - "Board!" Now that's corny! Thanks!

    Y. Ikeda - Thank for saying that! I hope you have a good day as well!

    John - Thanks John! Lots of fish here! It's a big time fishing pier.

  72. Great pic! It certainly look warm enough for surfing..

  73. great capture! love the shadows too.

  74. Great picture, Pat. It makes me miss those Southern California beaches.

  75. Hi Pat,
    I thought I'd answer your wonder about the chrome under the leaf...we have this really old refrigerator that was going to become a smoker, but so far hasn't. The leaf settled itself on the door handle, and I walked by with my camera. The rest is history, and on my blog!

  76. Beautiful! I love the B&W. :)

  77. Love the photo. looks hot even in black and white.

  78. Love this composition. The black & white makes it feel nostalgic. How we all wish our summers had been even when we didn't live near a coast.

  79. Awesome picture! & interesting blog too. Consider me a new follower.
    : )

  80. I love this shot Pat, the reflections and perspective are awesome.

  81. Always loved watching the surfers when I was at the beach--I admire their skills and their courage. It can't be fun getting tossed around by those big waves sometimes. Nice photo. Mickie

  82. I like this in B&W. Gives me a warm feeling inside. :)

    Have a great week.

  83. Icy BC - For here, it was pretty cold! For you, I'm sure it does look warm. thanks so much!

    nprimopiano - thanks! I was pretty lucky!

    Robyn - Thanks Robyn! They will be here when you come back!

    Dimple - Thanks so much for the answer! It was a great photo you took!

    Halcyon - thanks so much. Me too!

    teresa - Thanks for the nice comment!

    ODP - Thanks! I appreciate it! Summer at the beach! Even if I don't go there all the time, I still like knowing that it's there!

    Lily - Welcome aboard! I really appreciate that!

    Squirrel Queen - Thanks so much! I walked into a good situation!

    forgetmenot - My surfing was done in the "pre-leash" days. It wasn't always fun back then when you had to chase down your board all the time! Thanks!

  84. Sally - Thanks so much! You have a great week also!

    Jimmy - Thanks my friend!

  85. what about you? do you surf?

  86. Fantastic reflection shot. Love it.

  87. I clicked on the picture and LOVED it!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. Hope you have a good week!

  88. Ann - Many years ago! At this exact spot even. No more though...

    Eden - Thanks so much! I'm glad you like it!

    Evelyn - thanks Evelyn!

    Gattina - thanks!

    Nature Rambles - thanks for enlarging, it changes everything! You also have a good week!

  89. bien vu ce b&w, beau reflet des surfeurs, et une impression de tranquilite avant la grande vague

    Publicity ;o) Every Friday (and the Weekend), The Challenge "Walk In The Street Photography"

  90. I think it's a beautiful shot! I love how the sunlight bounces off the water on the left side and the soft reflection in the wet sand. This photo exudes both drama and a tranquility at the same time.
    - And I visited Huntington Beach in 1975, great memories! :-)

  91. Cool shot! Even better in black & white!

  92. Walk in NY - thanks so much! I agree, B&W worked for this!

    Inger - thanks so much! I was probably somewhere around there in 1975! thanks again!

    Blue Wave - thanks! I agree about the b&w...

  93. Pat, your photo is amazing. I can almost the heat of the sand on my feet and taste the salty air.

    I have been reading some of our poems. This is a talent I do not share and so admire those that can write like this. My father love to compose poems but we could never get him to write them down. We would have to hide a tape recorder and get him to reciting them just so we could have a few to keep.

    Keep up the great work. So glad you found me so that I could enjoy your site in return.

  94. Rita - thanks so much! I'm also happy to have found your blogs. I appreciate the nice words!


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