Friday, March 25, 2011

Weekend Reflections -- Snowy Plovers?

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Weekend Reflections by other photographers at Newtown Area Photo.



  1. Oh I love Plovers! Aside from the subject (can you tell I love animals? ;-) )The composition of this photo is beautiful. Look at how the water line extends from the top third across to the bottom third so perfectly, and that you have a trio of Plovers in the first third to the left.

    Brilliant, Pat.~ ^_^

  2. Lovely photo!
    It is making me long for a sunny day at the beach... and I don't even like sunny days at the beach! LOL

    but I'd take it over the "well-below freezing" temps and foot of snow we've got here at the moment.

  3. How cool is it that the shadow of the 2nd middle bird is right under the Bird on the right? Looks like only two shadows at first glance! Another brilliant photo!


  4. I love this photo. And I really love how well the shadows of the birds turned out.

  5. Well I don't know names of birds too well...but I DO know I would take your photo and place of it...over mine any day! Bring on the beach!!!!

  6. A warm day at the beach....while the sun is shinning, it's still below freezing here. No summer birds (or even spring birds), yet. Soon, I hope soon.

  7. They look like three buddies out for a stroll. Beautiful.

  8. Really a superb capture, Pat, and I do love the Plovers! Such sharp, clear reflections! Love it! Enjoy your weekend!


  9. Beautiful! I love these birds.

    Have a great weekend, Pat!

  10. That's where I want to be right now :-( So over Ohio weather.

  11. Determined to beat the little wave.


  12. Great shot, it's making me miss not being by the sea.

  13. Nice. I like how vivid those shadows are.
    Have a replenishing weekend, Pat.

  14. I like to look at them playing with the waves!and a soft but lovely reflection..

  15. "'s time to have lunch now!"
    Adorable composition!
    happy weekend,
    Léia - Bonjour Luxembourg

  16. Lovely photo! Makes me want to go to the beach! Have a great weekend!

  17. This is a stunning it.

  18. That is funny ! When I went to the beach two weeks ago, I was able to take the quite same picture... I just love those cute little birds, and the way they run with the waves...

  19. Katsidhe - Thanks! It was one of those where I knew I would get something good if I could just stand still for a while!

    Nariane - I'm like you, I not one to lay on the beach, but I love the being there... thanks! Hope your snow is gone soon!

    John - Thanks my friend! They did give me a nice pose!

    Oilfield Trash - Thanks so much! I had to thank them for posing so nicely!

    Dawn - thanks Dawn! We feel pretty lucky to have this view so close by!

    Meri - Double your fun! thanks!

    pitchertaker - I have to admit that I don't envy you for your weather. I'm sure you will get some warmth soon!

    MacDougal SB - These guys are usually in larger groups. Maybe outcasts... Thanks!

    Sylvia - Thanks Sylvia! I realy like them also. You have a great weekend also.

    Talli - I totally agree! Thanks! you have a nice weekend also!

    Tara - I'm so over Ohio weather also. I lived there when I was little (Port Clinton and Gypsum) and all I remember about it was how cold it was.

    Lucy - They always seem to get out of the way at the last possible second.

    Dyche - Thanks so much! The ocean is the one thing that keeps us from moving. thanks!

    Robyn - I'm replenishing even as we speak! Thanks Robyn!

    Malyss - Thank you! I can watch them for hours...

    Cezar and Leia - Thanks so much! Same to you! Bonjour!

    Mama Zen - Thanks so much!

    Marguerite - Thanks! I'll be by shortly to look at some food!!! You have a great weekend also.

    Dorian Susan - Thanks so much! I owe it all to Mother Nature!

    Tsuki - They have so much energy! We can always rely on them to be around also!

  20. I love how the front part of their reflections are so sandly colored and the back part is much darker
    adds to the beauty
    I love foamy waters too

  21. I love to walk on the beach and it's fun when the birds are darting back and forth. Happy days.

  22. Another bird quiz? You're killing me, Pat... I'm a bird-moron. But your picture is sure pretty. Lovely reflections in the wet sand.

  23. Dianne - thanks so much Dianne! I agree, lot's to like about the sea shore...

    Sharon - Me too! They are so darn cute!

    LauraX - Thanks so much Laura!

    Francisca - I'm with you! I know very little about their names. The ones I do know, I'm not very sure about. Thanks!

  24. From the look of things the water wasn't just right for them.

  25. they look so beautiful!!!! I have never seen these birds before... don't find them in this part of the country... fascinating :)

    Weekend Reflection

  26. So I've learned something. That is, I've just met a creature I didn't know. Plovers. Rolls off the tongue. And Snowy Plovers.

    I always appreciate your kind face on my posts. Well, maybe it's a bit weird looking LOL but I know it's a kind face. Re: Your condolences today about my brother: I got a call (here in Virginia) from a friend in Salt Lake who went to the viewing. She said he looked natural and at peace. I, too, have felt that he is. Closure for everyone--that's important.

  27. Great pic, Patrick! Haven't been at the beach lately (too cold, lol -doesn't that sound like a Californian?:) )

  28. Am back, because I read your post about menopause -you labeled it on the bottom "FULL disclosure" -Hmmmm
    What about the poor woman who's going through this??

  29. Excellent image Pat. Threes, a strong diagonal, great reflections... Nice, very nice.

  30. Beautiful picture Patrick:)
    Thanks for your nice comments in my blog. I appreciate it.
    Have a nice weekend:)

  31. Beautiful they are, and so intense. I wonder what they do after work? Great picture Pat!

  32. Your poetry brings back frightful memories of my menopausal period. I think I made life a living Hell for all those around me. Love you little see birds walking there alined the beach. The shot is lovely. Nice capture.

  33. Awesome photo. They look cold to me...

  34. Reflections and shadows, both on the wet sand. That seems pretty cool to me. Even cooler, is the eye that caught it.

  35. Tim - I think it may have been a little cold on their ankles!

    Rajlakshmi - Quite a few of them around here. Rushing out when the water recedes and back again to avoid the waves. Thanks!

    Ann - I also like the name. The comments on your blog are my pleasure! You are so right about closure, it's the only way go to the next step.

    jeannette - Thanks so much! I know what you mean about being 68 and we think it's cold... The "poor" woman who is going through it is doing just fine. She's wearing out her clothes taking them on and off all the time when she gets hot or cold, but she is great!

    becca - thanks becca! I appreciate it.

    awarewriter - thanks so much! I knew I had a pretty good one when I saw it, then with a little creative cropping, there it was!

    Berit - Thanks Berit! You are welcome! Sorry to see that you once again in the middle of a major snow storm!

    Brian - I'm thinking they just lay around on the beach...

    Genie - Thanks so much Genie! I'm so glad I'm not a woman! Have a great weekend!

    Lynda - Thanks! The air was warm, but the water was cold (as usual).

    Jerry - Thanks so much my friend! I truly appreciate it. Too cool for school...

    Ms A - I'm sure you do! I'm so happy to live where there is no weather!

  36. While your photo IS lovely, I'm afraid I must confess that I had to go back and read your menopause post was just too funny to read only once!!!

  37. It is so much fun to watch these little guys feed at the water's edge.

  38. I love the reflections on the beach. I am still learning to do this, and to get the birds, that a great shot.

  39. Such a lovely shot! I'd love to get a shot like this some day!:)

  40. looks like they are running away from the waves. love it

  41. These are beautiful, both the birds and their clear reflection...
    Thanks for your comment...actually, for some odd reason my old template was not accessible in IE and Safari...have changed it and the new one isvisible in them...can check it out anytime...I never realised since I use Chrome or Firefox
    have a breezy weekend. :)

  42. Their legs are so dainty. Love their slightly rippled reflections in the sand.

  43. «Louis», being une vache, doesn't belong to the Audubon Society, so he can't tell you what kind of boids these are. But he can tell you it's a nice image for the meme.

  44. Marlene - Thanks for doing that! Paula still thinks that it's me with the problem....yeehaw!

    Martha Z - I agree! I can watch them for hours.

    Ann - I usually just try to act like I'm supposed to be there by not moving very much. sometimes that works, but not always!

    Nature Rambles - thanks so much! The birds will be there waiting for you!

    baygirl - It really does. They are pretty darn nimble around the waves.

    Rekha - thanks so much! I appreciate it. I'll go back to your blog and check it out today.

    Pagan - Thanks for the nice comment!

    Wick DP - They sure are!

    Louis LV - I'm in the same boat! If not for the internet, I'd really be lost!

  45. Love the shadows. Great photo.

  46. Pat you are the bird whisperer...all your feathered friend photos are really excellent. And I'd like to be on a beach right about now!

  47. The wet sand with its thin coating of water make for a perfect bird mirror. Wonderful reflection and detail in your photo!


  48. Lovely plovers, but they do look
    a little chilled...

  49. Gorgeous reflection of the birds! They look adorable!

  50. I feel like I just walked upon them as I'm walking along the beach. They are comical and their feet move so fast. This is one of those things that makes us feel - one with nature - walking along the water's edge.

    You're photo is GORGEOUS.

  51. Superb photo. I love it, the frame is perfect, gorgeous color and very crisp, very nice reflections.

  52. We have such a different set of birds than you do. I love seeing your photos of them.

  53. I love watching them at the beach.

  54. They spend quite a bit of their summer in, you got it, Plover, Wisconsin.


    Pearl, who once lived near Plover

  55. My mom went through the same thing and I am telling you it is nasty. Very nasty :) I wish you all the luck and may God give you all the patience. I'm sending some of mine through fedex :)

  56. good capture :) I never had good shots of birds :)

  57. Excellent shot--love the birds and the reflections they make. Wish I was the one on the beach taking the shot!!!!! MIckie

  58. Excellent shot--love the birds and the reflections they make. Wish I was the one on the beach taking the shot!!!!! MIckie

  59. How peaceful they look...maybe I could join them for a weekend.

  60. "My, don't I look fine today.. or is that your reflection?"

    Nice shot, Pat!

    be well, be happy :)


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