Monday, March 14, 2011

Waiting For People Food

Daisy and Emma waiting for a handout



  1. Classic picture. Almost looks like my kids in the kitchen. LOL

  2. They are planning to eat people?!


  3. I love this photo. It's always harder to capture animals and kids :)

  4. * Sneaks in from behind, ties their tails together and gets ready to clap loudly * >:)

    Aww no.. they look cute.

  5. What is it about cat pictures??? They will always bring a smile.

  6. Wow! Cute photo!!Love it!

    Happy Monday, my friend.


  7. 'A Tale of Two Cities', I mean a tail of two cats.

    My cat is on a diet... she would be envious :)

  8. Such a great picture! You posted this just for me, didn't you?

  9. they look like they're ready to pounch, people food must be good

  10. Hahahaha! I love that! Cats are so patient when there's food to be gained. You WILL give them the food.

  11. Awwww! Haven't heard how Buy Me Barbie's family is doing. Any news?

  12. Haha! No way! I won't even let my kids sit on the counters;))
    Sweet pic.

  13. Our cats eat on the dining room table so the dogs won't eat their food.
    Love the photo!

  14. I'm not a cat person but now that I have two of my own I reluctantly admit they are fascinating to watch. What a great shot!

  15. You know, the kitchen is always the hangout spot, no matter what house you're in and what company you keep! They're so Cute:)

  16. Alex - The black one will steal food off your plate if your not looking!

    salarsen - Klassic Kats! Mine too!

    Esther - That's funny!!! Medium well, please!

    mice - Thankis so much! You are so right!

    Hand of Zeus - The fur would fly! That's for sure! Thanks...

    Karen - I'm not sure, but you are so right!

    California Girl - Thanks! Me too!

    Betty - Love those kitties! Have a good week...

    Alan - Funny! We have a third, who is on a diet also. We've had her for several months, after she'd spent about 8 months in a cage...

    Ren - They all seem quite a bit alike!

    Bossy Betty - I sure did! I knew you'd like it...

    Oilfield Trash - Thanks so much! We like 'em!

    baygirl - The black one especially. She LOVES human food. She'll even eat some vegtables...

    Brian - Counter balance! That's funny!

    Berit - Thanks so much! Have a good week!

    TVA - You are totally right! They know exactly what they are doing!

    Ms. A - Thanks so asking! Everyone is accounted for. They are all safe and nobody is hurt.

    Dawn - We have better control over the kids. The cats seem to have taken over!

  17. Belle - We used to have a dog and had to do the same thing. The dog liked catfood better than their own. Thanks!

    Edie - They are fascinating! I believe they see things that we can't!

    Nancy - So true! Cat's, dogs, or humans! The kitchen is the place! Thanks Nancy!

  18. kitties!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (i'd totally share my breakfast.)

  19. Oh, I LOVE kitties... these are adorable! ;)

  20. They deserve it.
    They are so cute Patrick.

  21. Our pets are such a joy, aren't they? The dog tries to steal the cat food, the cats get into the dog's food when nobody's looking, and all three of them take it for granted they'll be given choice morsels off our plates. They have trained us wonderfully well...LOL!

    Imagination Lane

  22. Pat...
    that is really funny and it made me laugh!

  23. Cats are smarter then dogs.
    response in 5, 4, 3, ...

  24. They don't mess around, they know what time it is.

  25. Hope their patience paid off!

  26. I love the symmetry and the contrasts in this pic. They look like gorgeous cats

  27. HA HA HA...I Love it!! Cat butts!!! (Well, close enough!)

  28. Easiest way to take pictures of animals...when they are a sleep or when the are waiting for food. I start doing something with food and they don't move a muscle...or blink.

  29. They look so determined, and I can't even see their faces. Cute shot, Pat.

  30. Ven - My wife shares everything. I don't because they are never satisfied. We have one that will tap you on the elbow when she wants a bite...

    Pam - Me too! They are pretty cute! Maybe I'll do a post each of the three...

    Costas - Thanks Costas!

    becca - Thanks becca! Our current children!

    Lynette - They sure are! We no longer have a dog, but the same thing happened at our house! You are right about the training...

    Tracy - Thanks Tracy! Happy to be of service!

    Warren - Yes, they are! Dogs are like unruly children!

    Tim - I swear, one of them can read the clock.

    Nat - It usually does!

    Mynx - They sure are! thanks! It was one of those things you see and have to get the camera.

    Marlene - Pretty close!

    Chuck - Oh yeah! Otherwise it's don't touch me...

    Stickup Artist - thanks! You sure do!

    Robyn - Thanks Robyn! When it comes to food, they sure are determined!

  31. We get the
    "Here I am, hungry, starving and waiting for food" look three times a day from Nelson. It takes a hard heart not to cave.

  32. That is an awesome picture. Lol.

  33. That looks like my guinea pig – minus the tail, oh and the stripes.

  34. That's the Cat's Meow right there! I swear that is OUR "DOC" on the right!


  35. ooooooooooh, what a delicious shot!!

  36. I truly love this photo. and I love their names!

  37. brilliant photos pleased I came acoss this..Eliza Keating

  38. He he he... it's like they're in a meeting... planning who's going to get what when dinner is served! Neat shot, Pat!


  39. Maybe she tries to keep it a secret, but Emma has some raccoon in her background.

  40. if you had a few more cats you could maybe get a cat-version of cheers going on?? i'm seeing these cats and just thinking of norm and cliff.

  41. Hi Pat, just stopping back in to answer your question about the location of the burnt Joshua Trees. I found them driving into Wrightwood on the Angeles Crest Hwy soon after exiting the 138. You may be familiar with the 138, it is where the Mormon Rocks are. Happy Trails!

  42. Re: your comment on my post. I'm so glad you wife's relatives in Japan are safe. They are SUCH graceful and patient people. We can learn much from them, during this incredibly difficult time. Whenever I start to complain about some "little" thing, I think of the millions without heat and food, and repent.

    And aren't animals wonderful! I love this photograph!!

  43. Love the b&w and love the felines too! Man, I miss my cat.

  44. Rosemary - I understand that! I'm pretty good at ignoring them, but my wife, not so much!

    Baby Sister - Thanks so much!

    Jesse - It could be a disguise!

    Jhon - Because there are plenty of them available!

    John - It just might be! Have you seen him around lately?

    Shrinky - thanks! Delicious for them anyway...

    m. - thanks so much Michaela!

    Miss Becky - Thanks so much! I'm not sure where they got them!

    Eliza - Thanks so much for commenting!

    Nevine - The one on the right always defers to the black one. I guess that's because she was the runt of her litter and the black one was feral at one time.

    Sergio - Cat's are pretty much the same everywhere!

    altadenahiker - She sure does look like it! A racoon that is attached to my wife whenever possible.

    Brad - That is so funny! That never entered my mind, now I can't get the image out of it...

    Stickup Artist - Yes I am! Thanks so much for the info...

    Ann - They are really up against it over there right now. Earthquake, tsunami, volcano erupting, radiation, etc...

    tapirgal - They sure are! thanks!

    Megan - I'm a big time cat person... I'm sorry you don't yours anymore.
    Nevine -

  45. This is too perfect for words, Pat. Adorably beautiful.~

    Also I meant to tell you what a sweet response you made on my comment a while back where I said that your poem struck a chord with me and your replied then we must be in tune. That really touched me, and I love that idea. ^_^

  46. An image with a story, for sure. Beautiful cats (and I'm not even a "cat" person...) :-D

  47. What a very cool capture. Just great!


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