Friday, March 18, 2011

Weekend Reflection - Tokyo Imperial Palace Moat

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Weekend Reflections by other photographers at Newtown Area Photo.

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  1. How about that - a real, honest to goodness moat.

  2. Like everyone, Japan is foremost in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. What a scene! I often forget that Japan has it's palaces and castle stories too. (I always think of England for this;)

    Great shot....hope you weren't getting too wet while taking the capture:)

  4. is it filled with sharktopusses?

  5. We cannot even begin to imagine the grief and disbelief the people of Japan are suffering currently. The US once committed nuclear holocaust on Japan and now they are in danger of doing it to themselves. The lessons to be learned here are not exclusive to the Japanese, but to the whole world. Truly a time for reflection.

  6. That is a beautiful picture! I hope that someday soon the lives of the Japanese people will be as peaceful.

  7. Wow! Beautiful reflections!
    I love the depth of moat in this photo!

    Have a great weekend, dear friend!

  8. My heart goes out to the people of Japan...

  9. Very beautiful. Were you standing on a bridge or a boat?

  10. Terrific capture/reflection as always, Pat! My thoughts and prayers are with the Japanese people. I worked for a Japanese company until I retired and I do feel so deeply for all the people there.


  11. Alex - It's a big one also! This chunk of land (1 square kilometer) is considered to be the most valuable property in the wold.

    Tess - Yep, it is terrible. It's too bad that the radiation issue is now pushing the Tsumani out of the news.

    Dawn - It's an amazing place. The ancient capital of Kyoto, is the also still very much intact.

    Budd - It probably is!

    Pitchertaker - So true! There is much to think about. I live about 25 miles from a nuclear power plant and I've been thinking quite a bit of thinking about that...

    Brian - I'm with you on that!

    Betty - thanks Betty! It's huge!

    Nancy - I'm with on that! thanks!

    Tim - I was standing on a bridge. The castle grounds are only open to the public two days a year. We were lucky to be there for one of those days. It was also raining, so it's wasn't too crowded! It'a an AMAZING place...

    baygirl - Thanks so much! Photos don't do justice to the massive size of that wall!

    Sylvia - Thanks Sylvia! I'm with you on that. They aren't catching any breakes lately...

  12. A castle with a moat... amazing! I think that the reflections today cause us each to reflect on the agony of a country and its people. On the personal level, it is impossible to imagine the grief and suffering...


  13. Joli cliché, d'autant plus touchant que le Japon est au cœur de l'actualité depuis une semaine maintenant

  14. such a beautiful place going through such a test of strength and humanity
    I have no doubt that they will do their best

    I read the previous post and it gave me chills yet also warmed my heart

    the photos brought tears to my eyes for those who have lost so much and for those here in the US and around the world who never knew such kinship

    I am mustering up all the light I can and sending it across the ocean


  15. Wonderful reflections, I like a lot this kind of picture and I also like the stones , some perfect perspective here! Bravo!
    Léia - Bonjour Luxembourg

  16. beautifully composed photo, lovely.

    Glad to read in your previous post that your wife's family are safe. It must be terrible for them over there

  17. Wonderful picture, as always. Thank you for sharing such beautiful words about such a beautiful people. My nephew had moved to Japan recently to work at the Disney World there. He loved it. He has made it home but shared the sentiment also that it was so bad and that the people there need our love and prayers!
    They deffinately have them!
    Our prayers are with your wife's family, as well.

  18. This tragedy will stay on everyone’s minds for weeks. For the rest of the world it will then fade from view but for the people of Japan it will go on for years as they put back their lives and deal with the loss of loved ones. I hope that your family in Japan continues to be safe.

  19. I read what you wrote in the post below. I never went to Japan, but I admire and love its culture since years, and I have met a japanese friend through blogging.So what happened there touched my heart deeply, and since a week , all my thoughts are turned to Japan. I already saw tis castle on my blog's friend.I'm happy that you let us know more about this wonderful country.

  20. Nice reflection ! That is funny, cause this week, when I went to Guerande, a Breton fortified town, I did take pictures of occidental staves precisely for our weekend contest, but at the last minut I decided to pick another shot of reflection... :)

  21. Lovely photo Pat.

    It gives us another perspective of the many beautiful things about Japan.

  22. I hope Japan finds peace soon - like the reflection in the moat.

  23. I saw a photo of a woman sitting surrounded by rubble, grieving. It went right to my soul. I pray for them regularly. I am glad your relatives are safe, but I know many are not, and that the storm has not ended.

  24. A beautiful scene! Wishing you a peaceful weekend. :)

  25. Genie - There are several there. A different style from those in Europe, but still castles. Thanks so much!

    diane - Thanks Diane! It's an amazing place...

    Fabien - Oui, c'est très triste. Merci !

    Dianne - It is such a tragedy. It looks like it won't be over anytime soon. Thanks for your positive thoughts!

    Cezar and Leia - thanks so much! I only wish there had been better light!

    Cafty Green Poet - Thanks for the kind words. Their main problem is the strees of the seemingly endless aftershocks.

    Andrea - Hi there! Thanks so much for the kind words and thoughts! It's such a sad sad situation.

    Martha - You are so right, that is how it goes. Once the news has something new to dwell on, they forget about it. It's happening already with the UN establishing a no-fly zone over Lybia this morning.

    Malyss - thanks so much for reading my last post also. It is a great country for person who likes to take photos. Have a good weekend!

    Ren - Thanks so much Ren!

    'Tsuki - That would have been great! That happened to me a couple of weeks ago. thanks!

    One Woman's Thoughts - Thanks so much! It is indeed a beautiful place. Very interesting also...

    M Pax - I totally agree with you! I can't believe it's been a week already.

    Dimple - So many sad images. I'm starting to become overloaded, but I can't turn the news off.

    Halcyon - Thanks so much! I wish the same to you as well

  26. You caught reflections from 3 sides -awesome!

    I looked at your post below - In the first pic I already could guess who your wife is -she's the only female who looks American! (maybe you remember I'm Dutch and born in Indonesia, so half Asian). You are so right about crime and entitlement here - one of the weak parts of the US:(

  27. That is great picture. I love moats and you don't see them in every day life anymore.

  28. Beautiful reflections Patrick.
    have a great weekend.

  29. Lovely reflections and I read your post below too - have had many messages from friends in Japan who are mainly safe. I find I learn more from local bloggers than from the headlines in the media.

  30. i wanna go swimming in there. are there man-eating fish in there?

  31. That moat made for a great reflective photograph.

    I really enjoyed your last post. My thoughts and prayers are with your family and friends in Japan.

  32. BEAUTIFUL__Please Hug your wife for me!!!!

    Love you both,


  33. Sending hope and good thoughts your way and to Japan.

  34. Lovely photo. The trees on the left are very interesting. Japan must be a beautiful country.

  35. With all the recent images, this is a refreshing respite.

  36. Beautiful. Love the depth in this shot.

  37. jeannette - It was all just sitting there waiting for me to pass by! I do remember, because I some friends who are also Dutch/Indonesian.

    Oilfield Trash - Thanks so much! I like them also. It's a reminder of times past.

    NatureFootstep - thanks so much! I appreciate it!

    Costas - Thanks so much Costas! You have a great weekend also, now that you are home, you can relax!

    Gerald - thanks so much! I understand about learning from other people. The news always has to slant it one way or the other! To talk to the people who are right there is the best way to get it.

    Ven - There may have been at one time, but they probably made a handroll out of them...

    Sally - Thanks so much for the thoughts! Have a great weekend Sally!

    John - I'll do that! One for me also! Thanks John!

    cieldquimper - Thanks so much! They can use it.

    Belle - It is SUCH a beautiful country. Mostly because they think of presentation no matter what they do. Everything in harmony! (hard to do with a freeway though!)

    Ms A. - I needed it also. I found that I couldn't answer all the individucal comments yesterday. It was getting to me...Have a great weekend!

    Dyche Designs - thanks so much! I think what I like the most about it is the slight difference in the colors of the stones in the wall.

  38. Great perspective with beautiful reflections. Saludos.

  39. You're so lucky to be able to see that and capture. One of my most favorite things to photograph are reflections so I would have to say that I crush this one :)

  40. Hello, I'm a fairly new follower. I'm glad you're alright!

    That's a cool pic, btw.

  41. Beautiful shot of a lovely scene, and so appropriate too. Mickie

  42. I am involved with "Write Hope," some bloggers started and will have an auction. I donated my book. I'll probably call the red cross too.
    N. R. Williams, The Treasures of Carmelidrium.

  43. Reflections are always so fascinating. A good one. And thanks for the post below. People are people, all over the world. How can we ever forget that?

  44. Leovi - Thanks so much! Saludos!

    Mice - thanks for the nice words! I really appreciate it.

    The Words Crafter - thanks! I know just who you are. I thought I was following your blog also. Either, I was at the maximum 300, or I messed it up. Anyway, I fixed it!

    forgetmenot - thanks so much! It was a great place!

    N.R. Williams - I was at your blog a while ago and saw that you were participating in it. I hope there is a good turnout! thanks!

    Sara - I agree with you! Unfortunately, there are too many people who don't agree with us! thanks!

  45. Wonderful one! Prayers and help always to our Asian neighbor.
    Happy weekend.

  46. Beautiful reflections, the trees look quiet strange to me.

  47. Great reflection, I like the wall too.

  48. Beautiful reflections! I didn't know your wife was Japanese. Japan is so much in our thoughts and prayers now and I loved your last post and the pictures that you shared.

    Thank you for visiting my blog.

  49. I probably stood on that very spot, Pat! ;-) Fabulous reflections of a great cultural piece of architecture as we reflect on the on-going devastation in this beautiful country.

  50. That's beautiful. I love the contrast between the smooth water and the ancient stone wall.

  51. Beautiful photo. My prayers are with the people of Japan. I am sure they will recover from this horror soon. I liked your article in the last post.

  52. Beautiful!
    I didn't know your wife is japanese and I'm very glad to know her family is OK.
    I posted on Japan too today.

  53. I believe this may be one of my favorites. this is beautiful. have a great weekend Pat.

  54. Oh Pat, this is beautiful. It's heartbreaking what is happening over there right now.

  55. Pat, lovely addition to the reflection meme. Keeping your wife's family and all those suffering in Japan in our prays.

    As always, thanks for the visits and comments on my sites. The Old Salt is possibly your newest and biggest fan. You have joined his short list of favorites writers.

  56. A fabulous capture! So neat and the perpective is just perfect!
    Thanks for sharing, Pat;o)

    Have a nice and happy weekend****

  57. It's a beautiful, peaceful scene.
    Prayers and love,

  58. A beautiful, serene one with the trees on the side...hope their lives goes back to normal soon enough and loved ones find strength to cope with grief....

  59. The tragedy that struck Japan a week ago has made us very sad here too.

  60. I only thought there were moats in the United Kingdom. This one is beautiful with its reelections in the water. Thanks for posting the “For Japan with Love” button for all of us to see. The Japanese people amaze me with their resiliency and the way they respect and care for one another. I was reading your post from Wednesday again tonight thinking if nature had dealt the US what it dealt Japan last week, people would all fighting, blaming one another and the government for being too slow to help them out....and the list goes on and on. Thank you for all of your thoughtful words. I agree with you 100 per cent.

  61. Beautiful picture and perspective!

  62. Poor Japan,

    my prayers are with the Japonese people


  63. It almost looks like you were walking on water when you took this photo... the Japanese people are going to need some miracles too.

  64. Excellent Bravo

  65. Stunning perspective in this photo. Even better perspective on your writing about the situation in Japan. Our thoughts are with your wife's family.... and all of Japan.

    Thanks for the visit to GDP.

  66. Beautiful and nice job in helping Japan.

  67. Regina - thanks so much! Both for the compliment and for positive thoughts!

    Gattina - They spend so much time grooming and developing their plants and trees.

    Lucka - Thanks so much! I appreciate it.

    Nature rambles - Thank you very much for the nice words and the postitive thoughts.

    Francisca - That's great! Were you able to get in? I also have a photo looking the other way. I should have posted it also. Oh well, maybe next week!

    Yogi - I totally agree! That's what drew me to it.

    lotusleaf - Thanks! Thanks for reading the last post and commenting!

    JM - Me too! Thanks... I'll check out your post.

    Miss Becky - That's so nice! Thanks! I hope you are having a great weekend also!

    Shrinky - Thanks! It is very sad for sure. It sucks that it's now getting lost in the Libya action. have a great day my friend!

    Rita - Thanks so much Rita! No need to thank me for visiting your blogs. I like them! Please make sure the "Old Salt" knows that I am flattered. Please thank him!

    Cildemer - thanks so much. I'm glad you like it. you have a good weekend also!

    Robyn - Thanks so much Robyn! Have a great day...

    Rekha - I totally agree with you! Thanks very much.

    Cheeseboy - Thanks so much for both!

    Marie - It's an amazing set of events. I can't even imagine...

    Genie - There are a few of them in Japan. We may not agree with everything they do, but they are an amazing group of humans. I would hate to think of what would happen here... Chaos! Thanks so much!

    marina - Thanks Marina! I appreciate it.

    Sergio - Yes, it's terrible!

    Owen - I was in awe, so I may have been! thanks so much.

    Me - Thank you very much!

    Eden - Thanks so much! I'm glad you like it.

    GDP - Thank You for the nice words on both things! The vist was my pleasure!

    T. Becque - thanks so much! They need some help.

  68. That was a beautiful picture, Pat. My prayers continue and I have been trying to contribute what I can! Such devastation.

  69. Jenny - thanks so much for the continuing support. I'm happy to say that all of my wife's family members are safe and accounted for!

  70. I can't even imagine what those poor people are going through. thanks for the heads up on the donation links!

  71. Beautiful reflection. I especially like the trees mirrored on the water. Glad to read all of your wife's family is okay. So many have suffered, and continue suffering, so much.

  72. How are you hanging up there? My heart has always been close to the Japanese and in recent years developing friendships with some, learning the language and finally able to cook Japanese dishes it got deeper. I cry seeing photos and viewing videos and I get goosebumps when a friend (via yahoo messenger) would update me that it tremors--

    Japan will prayers are with you.

  73. Marlene - My pleasure Marlene! thanks to you my friend...

    Marvin - Thanks so much for the comment and nice words! I appreciate it.

    Baby Sister - Thanks for that!

    Mirage - All is well! thanks so much for the comment and your kind words...

  74. I LOVE how you have all the tree reflections in a row!

  75. Beautiful picture.

    Japan has been in my thoughts since the disaster struck.

    Hoping they find some relief soon.


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