Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Clowns, Hallways, and Deep Water Phobias

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Everybody is afraid of something, right? I’m not talking about things like death, judgment day, guns, bullies, speaking in public, or a thousand other things. I’m also not talking about the multitude of (you fill in the blank) “phobias” that are out there. Now that I think about it, there just might be a “phobia” type prefix relating to the three things that are on my mind. I’ll be right back after a quick visit to Google.  (theme from Jeopardy playing softy in the background, while I look)
DOH!  Another fine example of me not knowing what the hell I’m talking about.

Coulrophobia: An abnormal or exaggerated fear of clowns or mimes.

Bathophobia: People suffering from this phobia may fear deeply dimensioned volumes, like long, dark hallways, wells, deep pools, or lakes.


Let’s start with clowns. Do not "bring in the clowns." I hate clowns! I’m afraid of clowns! I don’t think clowns are funny at the circus, and I don’t think clowns are funny at a birthday party.  I don’t think clowns are funny at any time. Clowns are inherently evil.

Most children and adults love, or at least like clowns, but there are some of us who don’t. There are some of us who cringe at the mere thought of one. The garish face paint, those ridiculous shoes, and that fake evil smile. Smiling at me, mocking me…

There have been plenty of movies released featuring an evil clown as the primary character. Even “Chucko the clown” scared the heck out of me when I was young. Chucko was one of the hottest things on “kid’s” TV, back in the day. This should clearly indicate to you the depth of my feelings.   Now you're mocking me...

Hallway Bathophobia:
I don’t know how many pictures of long hallways, I've taken through the years. But it’s been a truckload.  I can’t explain exactly why they scare me.  But I do know that when I look towards the far end of a long hallway, I sometimes feel like I’m looking down, instead of straight ahead. Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem using hallways, I just have a slight case of the willies, when I do so alone. What’s at the other end of the hallway? What’s coming down the hallway towards me? Is the hallway getting longer? Am I going to "fall into" the hallway? Am I getting even crazier?

Depth Bathophobia:
I’m certainly not afraid of baths, boats, or being in the water. I’m a good swimmer; I’ve surfed and done a lot of scuba diving. I can tread water forever! But If I can’t touch the bottom of whatever I’m swimming in, I sometimes get this eerie feeling, that something is going to come up from the depths and brush my foot, touch my foot, bite my foot, or grab my foot. And then it is going to pull me under. I get the same sensation when sitting on a surfboard, floating on the surface, feet down in scuba gear, or treading water in my own damn swimming pool.

I don’t know if it’s going to be a hand that grabs me, a tentacle, a set of jaws, or the frigging creature from the black lagoon. Have you ever jumped off a boat in the middle of the ocean, or a lake, to swim, cool off, or take a pee “check the prop?”  I've done those things many times, but I usually feel ill at ease when I do so, especially when I'm the only one in the water.

We are lucky enough to have our own backyard pool. We spend a lot of time in and around it, during nice weather. I like to sit on a basketball when in the water. When doing so, all but my head and shoulders are under water. I’m pretty good at keeping my balance on it, and it’s very relaxing. Right up until the time that I get that feeling…


  1. Those aren't so bad, I have a phobia about using the phone. I do use it, cause you can't get along with out phone. But unless I know the person, Friend\Family, I dread using it.

  2. I think it's pretty sad I that I sometimes get spooked in my own swimming pool!
    I think your's is called tele-phobia...
    I dont have a phobia in that area, but I really don't like talking on the phone at all.

  3. Don't forget Bozo the clown!!! UGH.....

  4. Clowns creep me out too.
    Depths can be scary because I would hate to drown.
    Hallways don't bother me.
    This is interesting, let's see if I can search out other odd phobias, and maybe post them too.

  5. What about Crusty the clown from The Simpsons? Now he's a nice guy. Isn't he?

    You're right though, clowns are NOT funny.

    It's no coincidence that clowns were one type of Blue Meanie in Yellow Submarine.

  6. Even as a little kid, I hated them...

  7. Dennis, you are so right. I forgot all about him. A real clown....lol

  8. Not that you would really call it a fear, but I always lift the lid of the toilet to check for bugs or snakes!!!! Being a girl, this can get freakin' old sometimes!

  9. Ahhhh, now you finally know why we leave the lid and seat up! Just trying to help you gals out...

  10. Now I KNOW you are one of my people. I have that exact same feeling about the water. 7/10th of the earth's surface and those freakin' tentacles or non-tentacles bastards can't give me 2 feet of personal space around my body? Brush up against my leg and I will FREAK OUT! If you read my blog you will see I have a well documented history of hatred towards cephalopods in general. Their tentacled boneless nature is an afront to everything I believe in. They are evil beyond measure. They live to see us destroyed as a species - they plot and plan and scheme everyday. It's what they do. It's ALL they do. That always feels good to tell someone. Thank for following my balloon juice and I know now I have to return the favor.

  11. At one time I was an avid scuba diver. The other divers would be worrying about sharks, rays, and other "known" creatures. All the while I'm sweating giant squids, giant octupi (don't think I've used that word before), and that thing that fought Godzilla (godzilla and the sea monster).

  12. Oh, so that's why I shouldn't be so upset when I "splash down" in the middle of the night! Thanks guys! Nice to know there are still thoughtful gentlemen out there!

  13. Have I ever told you about Molesto the angry clown? Drippy the bed wetting clown? Slobo the unkempt clown? :)

  14. Bahahahaha....Oh yeah! EXACTLY! You put my fears into words. I didn't know how to quite explain them...especially the Depth Phobia...but YOU did:)
    I still don't feel better though;)


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