Thursday, March 11, 2010

I Need Your Help, Please...

I would greatly appreciate some input from all of you.  I know some folks read, but don't comment. Maybe you could just this once? 
As some/most of you know, I have two main blogs.
One is primarily written and the other photography.
  1. Should I combine them?
  2. Or leave them separate?
  3. Or post the photographs in both places?
Please leave me a comment.

I can’t decide…


  1. I would try to combine them.... Posting them in both places sounds like a lot of work....

  2. Pat, I know the problem, I opted for 2 blogs in the end as I like to show my photos but normally want to write about something else. I enjoy being able to show different sides of my personality. You might also find that some people may only read 1 of your blogs (that's why I added a more obvious link between mine to help them expand their reading) and you might alienate readers by combining them. What ever you choose I will still be reading them.


  3. I like the idea of separating them, unless a picture relates to your post (I like that you often include one or two in your posts). :)

  4. I have three blogs and I rarely update two of them. Combining just seems easier to manage. Though as far as I'm concerned I've enjoyed both of yours. Either way seems good to me.

  5. I can't really say as I'm new here. :) I'll go over and check out your other blog, but it does sound like posting in both places might be a lot of work.

  6. Thanks for signing on! I appreciate it!!!

  7. I tend to use photos to illustrate what I'm writing about, and many would be pointless without the words, but in the end it's a personal call. Whatever you feel comfortable with.

  8. I think I posted on the other one too. I say combine them. Everything that you post, whether text of photos, is worthy of a view.

  9. I think definitely combine them. I have thought about adding a second blog for my creative writing, but I don't think I'm going to do it. If anyone wants to read my stuff, they can just ask, haha. Whatever your decision may be, keep up the good work.

  10. Pat, gotta go with two separate blogs. And occasionally post some of your photos on the text blog. When I go to photo blogs I like to focus on the photography. Text for text.

    Then again maybe I'm just being overly controlling again. So wahtever is easiest for you.

  11. Oh boy am I ever an expert on this subject. I am one of those people who needs to have all his toys in one box. I could never have more than one blog no matter how overstuffed mine may look. I get complaints that it's TOO MUCH to follow. I take that as a compliment because that is just the way my mind works and how I feel most comfortable.

    Now I know others who HAVE to compartmentalize their obsessions. Give them the attention and love each thing deserves. They may not blog on each site everyday but they keep a theme and some people like just ONE theme at a time and are only interested in one part.

    My theme is everything I personally find cool or interesting that passes by my brain. It's stream of consciousness. Some like that variety. Some hate it. So what people comment on I can never predict and I think I am finally becoming okay with that after 17 months. It used to drive me crazy that a post that took at second got 20 comments and something really personal got one person saying 'oh my'.

    I like both approaches in other poeple's blogs. I like the ones that have a personality and a voice. Combining both your blogs would be okay with me but so would keeping them separate. The question is "What do YOU want?". Once you commit to that you will be amazed at how easy a decision it actually was.

  12. I think I like them separate, simply because it gives you two outlets in which to be creative. Some people might not "dig" photography as well as they "dig" your stories. You are very good at both. You could add some of your beautiful pics to some of your poems if you felt really CRAZY one day and decided, "Hey, let's mix it up!" I personally visit both and would continue to do so. By the way, thank you guys for helping me decide about mine! A change is a comin'. (Ha!)

  13. I say, keep doing what you're doing. :)

  14. i think you should combine them.
    i love this one (and your dysfunctional stories)
    and although i love the other one a whole lot too, i just come to this one much more frequently. and it would just be a 2 for the price (or click) of 1....
    and really, i'm all that matters. i mean, come on, i gave you an award for crying out loud.

    with that being said, it's entirely up to you....
    but i still think you should listen to me.

  15. Thank you for your comment on my travel blog, Patrick. I am one for having different blogs to serve different purposes and I never cross post. I keep them all as segmented as I can and endeavour to remain true to my original theme. Hope this helps.

  16. Thanks Julie, for commenting and signing on!
    I've had those "farm" related pics of yours in my head ever since I was at your blog.. so nice!


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