Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Time After Time You Still Call

The anger you've held for so many years
The sadness you've stuffed behind thousands of tears
You’re still letting your mother control you today
She's not thinking of you, she has nothing to say

You still wait for her to call you a good boy
Her approval is a phantom that you’ll never see
You still look to her for love and affection
But she cannot give you what she cannot be

You’re wasting your time, you’ve much to enjoy
Either forgive her or leave her behind
She won’t approve, whatever your choice
Have your feelings; give peace to your mind

You’ve done a great deal, much to be proud of
Her blessings aren’t needed at all
She hasn’t helped you, she only hurt you
Yet time after time you still call

It’s a hard thing to do, to write off your mother
But really, what have you to lose?
For under the mad there’s a childhood of sadness

Right or happy? Happy is what you must choose


  1. WOW!

    i agree.
    happy is a much better choice!
    very well written!

  2. Sounds like wonderful brotherly advice.


  3. Wow, my eyes are so watery from this. Very powerful.

    PS I'm following you. Thanks for your comment on my blog.

    Tales Of A Fourth Grade Nothing

  4. Thanks Ally!
    I've been following yours as well. This is strange..when I first started blogging I hit the next blog button at the top of the screen. And what showed up? It was your "other" blog. The one with the house pictures. I just realized that it was also yours when I left the comment tonight.

  5. So true - I know two people who can identify with this. They keep waiting for approval & true parental love that they won't get. It must be extremely hard to have to make that decision. My kids and I are at a crossroads as to how to handle a person who makes our lives difficult - what to do - what is right - and in our case, we have the issue of "what is the Godly thing to do?" One thing I'm learning - having been a people-pleaser all my life is that God doesn't want you put yourself in those relationships either! He says love the unloveable, but not - "Hey - go throw yourself out to the dogs, Sweetie, and I won't let 'cha get bitten...not too many times!" No - it's a hard thing for me to know the boundaries and what to do. Thanks for the words and I hope that you are making more happy memories than you ever had bad ones. Keep going!!

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  7. Thanks so much for taking the time to read and comment. I am indeed making happy memories. It wasn't easy to get here, but things are great. I agree about the boundaries. I've told more than a few folks, that they need to see a therapist. They don't always like it! There is a great book on how to handle a person who makes your life difficult. The title is "Walking on Eggshells."
    It's really good!

  8. When I was in my 30's and finally facing the abuse of my childhood. I realized that by blocking out the bad, I had blocked out everything about my childhood. I let the abuser(s) take even more from me. So, by healing the awful memories, I reclaimed some very wonderful memories of other people in my childhood and other times where I was, in fact, happy. We cannot be whole adults without integrating the child we were...the good, the bad and the ugly... Glad you are whole now.

  9. You are so right. You either get to feel none of it, or all of it.

  10. Very good and very true Pat.
    We can't change others. Only our reactions to them.
    I guess you learnt this the hard way.


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