Tuesday, March 16, 2010

"James and his poor heart"

I'm not one to do something like this out of the blue.  I apologize in advance for taking up your time.
I also understand if you don't want to go there.  If you like bitter sweet, you might like it.  But only if your tear ducts are in working order...



  1. i really only write these stories to make big burly men cry.

    okay, so not really. i appreciate you sharing my story on YOUR blog. how flattering.

    it kind of made my day go in a different direction.... you know, after CPS came knocking at my door (okay so not really, but i felt like they would after the other post)....

    thank you kindly.

    good day.

  2. Thanks for letting me know this was out there. It's a beautiful story.

  3. Very sad, but sweet. Thanks for passing that along.

  4. Lovely! Pass the Kleenexes over here, please.

  5. Thanks for the recco. Definitely delivered on an emotional level. Wow. Powerful.

  6. Whew...I just read it again also.
    Makes me happy to know that ther are still people out there who care about human dignity, right down to the end.

  7. same Pat, sometimes I get discouraged and wonder where all the good people have gone. It's so comforting seeing some still exist.

  8. I loved her post. Even though we just lived through it a few months ago. We had wonderful care for the king. right to the end..

    Thank you for leading me to that story

  9. Alle - Yep, I hope we all get that type of care when the time comes.

    Your Majesty - I'm very sorry to hear that...That must have been terrible. It's good to hear that he had some good care.


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