Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Felony Arrest #1 Part 2

My Roommates Bev and Darlene, promised me a “just out of jail surprise” when I got home. Later that same evening, they cooked me a homemade dinner. To be truthful, I’m not sure if the meal was as good as the one I had the night before in jail (and that one was terrible). They were in a very good mood and were happy that I was home.  Or maybe, they were happy to know that I would be around to pay my third of the rent.

I didn’t sleep well at all in jail the night before, so I called it a night and headed for my room. My water bed* was going to be so comfortable, compared to spending the night on a cot. I climbed in, covered up, and jumped out the bed as quickly as I could in total horror! Something alive was in my bed. I must have screamed like a school girl, because my roommates came bursting through the door laughing.

I pulled back the covers to discover a bunch of old sprouted potatoes between the sheets, at the foot of the bed. When they said they had a surprise for me, I thought they were talking about the dinner…

* That’s right people! It was a water bed, centered on a large Persian rug, with a tapestry for a bedspread. There was an incense burner, black light, and a bong on the “brick and board” stereo and book shelf.  A couple of bean bag chairs in one corner and a “spool table” for a night stand. There were several fluorescent (hence the black light) posters on the walls; Grateful Dead, Hendrix, Jefferson Airplane, and “war is not healthy for children and other living things…” My room was full of the standard, long hair, pot-head accoutrements of the era. If IKEA had been around in those days, I wonder if they’d have that set-up in one of their little display rooms?


  1. Holy shit I love the image of that being a setup in IKEA - perhaps they would call the collection the stöner collection?

  2. Erika, my email says your comment is here, but I sure can't see it.
    Anyway, that's too funny..."the stöner collection."

  3. ahhh, there it is! glad it's working

  4. Man I miss the 70s. Great pic. My 80s mullet doesn't even compare.

  5. Haha Ikea.

    Potatoes! That's friends for you. Nothing lets you know you're safely home like spuds in the bed.


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