Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dancing with the Scars

I’m not really a “Dancing with the Stars” watcher.  I'm sometimes in the room while it’s on, but I’m usually doing something else. Last night was the first show of the new season and I accidentally watched some of it.

I’m sorry, I know you’re not expecting this kind of post out of me, but I gotta spew every once in awhile.

Pamela Anderson.
Can everybody say Skank please? It must have been a long hard road to get from CJ Parker, to over the hill star-f’er. I wonder how many rock bands she had to go through to get to this point. Did anybody but me think she was “tweaked” last night? Does anybody still find her even remotely sexy?

Kate Gosselin
Has anybody ever looked more uncomfortable on television than her? Doesn’t she have 10 or 15 kids she should be home with? Why are people trying to make a “celebrity” out of this pushy control freak? Seriously, did you ever see her cable show?

Buzz Aldrin
Not much to say about him. He’ll be gone soon. Thanks for the moon and everything, but dude, what the hell is up with your wife?  Now that I think about, her and Pamela Anderson don't look all that different.

Thank you for listening. I promise never to do this again (maybe).

Back to more LSD exploits tomorrow.


  1. Ho man thats how it all starts innocently watching by accident dancing with the stars, and before you know it its America's next top model, then its the hangman's X Factor.

    Before long its rehab, cause Mrs Coals new hair do, is just not right any more.

    Then all of a sudden that revolver looks sexy!

  2. I've seen this show a few times, and I think I will tune in to this season after reading this.

  3. Arrmand - I better get into some type of early intervention process..

    TAP - You gotta see Aldrin's wife. I hope they don't think that looks good!

  4. I don't watch those shows, but did watch Jon and Kate, plus 8 and loved it. As far as Kate being more than a bit overbearing... she was. I hated when she cut Jon down. But somebody had to wear the pants in the family and it didn't appear to be Jon. He just didn't deserve to be humiliated in the process. Some personalities are just stronger and better at taking charge. There's nothing wrong with being the laid back type either. My Hubs is a laid back kinda guy and he tolerates my Kateness. Goodness, did anything thing I typed make one bit of sense? I sure do ramble, don't I?

  5. I've never watched the show, but my friend loves it. Thanks for your uniased review. :)

  6. Pamela = wait she is still around? I'm waiting for her lip's to blink

    Kate Gosselin. yes I've seen her show and you have her pegged.

    Buzz Aldrin. don't really have much of an opinion on that.

  7. Ms Anthropy - You and your hubs sound about the same as my wife and I.

    Sarahjayne - my entire family likes it. But I'm the only male... So I endure...

    Alle - not so much Buzz himself, but his wife.
    A walking "anti-cosmetic surgery" commercial.

  8. love the commentary! i didn't watch all of it, but i saw bits - i thought buzz might keel over right there on the dance floor - and kate gosselin should DEFINITELY be with her kids, and not trying to exploit her 15 minutes of fame any longer. pam anderson - blech. i won't mind if you do commentary next week! it's quite entertaining :D

  9. Thanks for the recap, Pat. I rarely have the kind of accidents involving watching this show, since I've gone cold turkey from the boob tube. Pamela really does make it a bood tube. She's all boob. I agree about Kate, too. She's never watching the kids. We know Jon isn't. Hmm, perhaps Angelina and Brad are babysitting.
    Hey, keep these updates coming, I mean, accidentally.

  10. Athina & Robyn - Maybe if I'm accidentally in the room next week...

    anelina and brad...that's funny!

  11. I think I would actually prefer to read your comments about Dancing with the Stars then actually watch that show. You make it seem more interesting.

  12. My wife loves the show so, without a doubt we'll watch it when it comes our way

  13. Great post. For some reason I watched part of the show on Monday. Pamela is always great to look at and I hope she sticks around for my glaucoma's sake. Kate Gosselin needs to find a hole, put herself in it, and never come back for air.

  14. Keep 'em coming. I don't watch anything much on TV except science shows and news...(hate the news, it is all bad, but I gotta know what's going on).

  15. you are totally just like una's project runway recap...

    i am female, and do NOT like the dancing with the stars.... so exclude me from "everyone", would ya?

    you are funny. VERY funny.

    you are also 1 follower away from 100.... you know what that means?!!??

    it's totally time to send out the evites for your online party!!!!

  16. oh and i totally agree with ms. anthropy.

    kate was totally rude in the process of wearing the pants of the family.... she usually, okay always, made him look bad, but made herself look even worse....

  17. All - Wow..I thought people were gonna say WTF? Why is he doing this? He writes stories...

    I may just "accidentally" see a few minutes of it next week.

    Ashley - The number may be going down. I'm probably going to delete those that I know aren't reading it at all...I don't know maybe I shouldn't even care about that.

  18. I didn't watch it! But now I kind of wish I did! Skanky Pamela and Uncomfortable Kate? Well now, THAT'S quality t.v. if I ever heard of it!

  19. You're right: I definitely wasn't expecting a post like that!!:P I'm not much of a 'dancing with the stars' fan, but I've watched glimpses of it and I know what you mean!

  20. Ugh.... Jon and Kate must have very well paid nannies.

  21. Man don't you know that stuff will rot your brain?? The TV show not the acid...heh heh heh

  22. I watch some trashy stuff but I cannot bring myself to watch this show. And know that Kate thing is on there...barf!

  23. I am not a Dancing with the stars fan. But I don't mind trashing skanks, control freaks, and anyone else that amuses me with their shortcomings... I may or may not watch next week. But even if I do, I promise, "I won't like it."


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