Friday, May 28, 2010

HB 001

Huntington Beach Pier
PLEASE enlarge this one


  1. Ah, in my youth I spent countless hours at the good ol HB pier.
    I miss it so much...

  2. A view a lot of people never see, Nice shot Pat I still like the B&W Pictures.

  3. now there's a picture i was i'd taken ^_^

  4. Wow - love this. Makes me feel like I'm right there (even though I've never been there). Does that make sense?

  5. Diggin' this one...a LOT. Wonder how far the tide comes in? Wow, that is one lonnnnng great in black and white. This one would be great enlarged and framed too!

  6. Beautiful! This is just the kind of an image I have been looking for to use on my desktop. May I, Please?

  7. I like Newport Beach best but the HB pier is a keeper!

  8. Great capture... you just need
    to add an empty chair..:-)))
    you know I'm kidding.. it doesn't
    need anything. love it !!

  9. I ALWAYS enjoy your perspective behind the camera and adore the black and white!

  10. Beautiful perspective in this photo, Pat. Nice job!

  11. Brings back a lot of Memories. Indian Rocks Beach, Fl. "The Worlds Longest Fishing Pier". Was it's claim. No idea if it was true- but I dove off it, and lost a tooth and almost broke my neck!

    Destroyed by a Hurricane in the 70's maybe-early 80's--never rebuilt! Sad.


  12. Hi Pat!! Happy Friday! And great photo! I love B&W pics. ;) I have a special award for you at my blog, come and collect when you have a few mins!! :)

  13. Truly a road to nowhere! Quick, find a Talking Head!!!

  14. RA - go right ahead...
    just don't sell

  15. Well, it's not a big pile of scissors, but it'll do.

    I LOVE this image! I think I would have gone a little crazy once I had taken it. Did you dance on the beach?

  16. hi Pat...I just love this picture. In some strange way it reminds me of standing outside the Vatican and St. Peters where all the pillars line up and if you stand just the right way it looks like one pillar. I wonder if at the right angle you could do this with these posts. awesome shot my gifted new friend!

  17. That is a great shot, I hope everyone enlarges the photo to get the full effect.

  18. That place is going to be packed this weekend!

  19. I love black and white pictures. I hope that's black and white and I'm not going color blind.

  20. i'm surprised you didn't feel sick taking this.... it kind of looks like a hallway....

  21. love this one!!!!

    and ABAO, yes, yes it will be packed!!! glad pat has a pool and bbq. that's where we'll be!!! =)

  22. Joe - Me too! The beach side of PCH is pretty much the same, the other side is totally different now. It's not the quite the sleepy old southern california beach town of our youth, but the beach and pier are still awesome...

    Jimmy - Thanks, me too.

    Vencora - Maybe you did. I might have stolen it from your blog. LOL!

    Marlene - It does in fact make sense. Surf City USA...

    Joan - Thanks! It is a big one, with a ruby's diner on the end.

    Athina - Thanks!

    Megan - We are lucky to have a bunch of them up and down the socal coastline.

    Faye - That's funny! Or a solitary fishing pole sticking in the sand. Oh yeah, that's been done...(by you!)

    Ms. A - Thanks! Although the color of the water was very nice, this one had to be B and W. I agree...

    Biana - Thanks! I appreciate it

    John - Not a good idea to jump off a pier... It could have been work, you could have landed in a boat!

    Talei - Same to you and Thanks!

    Jesee - This spot is famous for surfers "shooting the pier." Going under it to the other side. Lot's get hurt doing it.

    Cheeseboy - thanks!

    Betty - LOL, It finally hit me IKEA! I was in fact overjoyed! As you can tell by the shadows, it was fairly early morning

    SQ - I agree, it's much better...

    ABAO - Totally packed. I'm not going anywhere near it.

    PTM - I agree...maybe I like black and white so much, because I do have a lot of problems seeing colors as they really are

    Ashley - You'll be where? LOL!
    The "hallwayishness" of the shot didn't actually bother me until I saw the image later...

  23. A very fine monochrome image. I"m here from , I hesitate to say, the Dena clan of bloggers. That might throw me in with a rather nefarious gang by association. Oh well, truth be known, I fit right in.
    I like your photos!


  24. Virgina - I'm not sure what the "Dena clan of bloggers" is, but I'm gonna find out!


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