Saturday, May 15, 2010

This Morning's Walk

A big scary bird. (osprey or sea hawk)
I coulda/shoulda gotten rid of the close branches. Maybe later...

No fishing?

A yellow I don't know what it is


  1. Excellent photos, Mr. Tillett.
    I think that may be an Osprey in the first picture.
    Maybe those dudes are fishing for men??

  2. Hey Joe,
    the ranger told me it was a falcon, but now that mention it, you may be right. According to my local wildlife book, it looks like an Osprey (good call), or a "sea hawk." They are the same bird. Whatever the hell it was, it was huge and scary looking. It was pure predator. I'll change the label...

    LOL, "fishing for men." How easter appropriate.

  3. Love the photos.
    I wouldn't want to be too close to
    the Osprey, they do seem vicious.

  4. Hi Faye,
    I agree. Just a total predator.
    It's talons were at least a couple of inches long.

  5. I love the no fishing sign with the boat behind it full of them fishing!

  6. The Osprey is beautiful and I like the limbs in the shot, it gives a sense of size. I have red tail hawks nearby and I love to watch them, or any raptor, soar. The raptors are an important part of nature's balance.

    The sign in front of the fishing boat is funny but there are better things to teach your child than how to break laws.

  7. The pictures are awesome. But seriously, what the heck is that yellow thing?

  8. Thanks, Patrick! I enjoyed our little outing this morning!

  9. Great shots Patrick.
    I also dont know what is shown at my latest photographs of a flower.
    You might have seen it though..
    I m asking everyone.
    Have a great weekend.

  10. That photograph of the bird is extraordinary, I loved it. Wonderful shots.

  11. That bird looks so majestic.

  12. Great shots... that is most
    definitely an Osprey...
    surprised that a Ranger would call
    it a hawk.. makes you wonder what
    else they have misnamed.

  13. Got a good chuckle out of the no fishing. Sure needed it after Betty's hummingbird loss.

  14. Just catching up on a week of all the photos!

  15. Perfect Osprey (IMHO) pic--Looks like ours in Fla. Lake anyway---

    Love the Irony of the Fishing sign,

    and LOVE Unidentified Thingy's@!!!!!!!!


  16. Loved all three of these...but the hawk the best! I love taking bird photos,and the hawks get spooked away really easy so it is hard to capture them. Great job!

  17. Nice the osprey shot.

  18. That big, scary bird is kinda ugly too. No offense, Pat. I do like the way the branches frame him in the picture, though. My vote would be not to crop it differently. Maybe the fishermen can't read a pictorial. (?)

  19. I bet the response for the Game Warden would be "But I didn't see the sign"

    Nice Pictures My Friend.

  20. i love how you titled that last image, "a yellow i don't know what it is" ha ha!

    loving the sea birds down below :)

  21. Rape - aka canola - because how can you get housewives to buy rape oil in the supermarket? Ha ha. If it's not canola then its a close relative of the mustard family. In Australia they grow massive fields of the suff and it's just gorgeous en masse.
    We have ospreys too but they are whiter. Sometimes their young are the same size as an adult but browner. If it helps. They are impressive huh?

  22. Wow - that is one majestic bird!

  23. I think I'm with Rockin Robin. I'd leave the branches for perspective or framing or some artistic thing like that.

    Ospreys are impressive, so "sea hawk" works for me, tho' this is the first time I've heard it.


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