Monday, May 17, 2010

More at the Lake


  1. Wow you've been busy ! You are getting out and about and I'm stuck in the house (we're painting).
    I just love orange duck feet and the blue stripe ?? Yowzer !
    Also love your tribute to Batman on the side bar, you are a good cat dad =)

  2. Hi Pat, thanks for the kind comments on my blog - much appreciated! Love your photos on here...the little mallard shadow is awfully cute! Good stuff!

  3. Hi Vickie! - Yep! you got me motivated to get outside more. It's silly that I don't get to the lake more often. It's about a 10 minute walk from my house. Good ol' Batman...I still miss him everyday...

    JN - my pleasure! I know just where to find that guy (the duck) I need to follow him around for a couple of hours someday.

  4. The Teal in the first photo is similar to the
    one I was shooting while not paying attention
    to my feet.. almost stepped on the big gator.
    So watch your step while following those guys

  5. these are amazing!! Gorgeous flowers!

  6. I was driving past the lake the other day.... I almost talked myself into getting out and taking some pictures.... lol

  7. ABAO - You were pretty darn close to my house then!

  8. Great photographs Patrick.

  9. speaking of lake.... wanna go walking this morning?? in the rain?? and take more pictures?? wake mom up and let's go!

  10. where are the super ultra "best-pictures-you've-ever-taken-at-the-lake" pictures of me from the lake? lol... no seriously, these pictures are beautiful.... so beautiful that i don't believe you took them.

    i'm kidding. they really are beautiful!!! =)

  11. i have to say that the photo of the people waiting on the train is absolutely amazing. I had to stop and stare at it for a few minutes. In some strange way it captures how I feel about Monday mornings...pensive with a bit of anxiety about starting a new week. Very, very nice. Of course your picture of 'the dude" is great. I love Jeff Bridges.

  12. Hi there: went back to yesterday's post to see if you answered my query and you did. As for your question, yes yes yes. Went to the Sawdust Fest every yr and haven't thought about it in years altho' I did a post on the Art Fesitval last summer:

    Weren't they combined? Do they still have the Sawdust Festival? Where do you live? My best friend lives in LNiguel in some gated development. I like old Laguna best up above the road. I love Laguna Cyn. That was our only way in for yrs and yrs. We always drove up PCH to Newport and Balboa Is. My father loved to rent a boat and motor around the island for a day. The father of a friend of mine ran The Newporter for years. Is it still there? Nothing is as it was and yet somehow it is. Do you remember the Victor Hugo restaurant?

  13. Stunning!

    Putting camera away! LOL


  14. i must have missed the pictures of the dicks... ;)

  15. Lady Ren and Costas - Thanks so much!

    Ashley - hmmm, I must have deleted those particular pics....LOL

    DrSoosie - Thanks that photo might be my favorite also. I may have to watch the "great Lebowski" tonight.

    California Girl - They still have both festivals and even a couple more now. You mentioned the part "above the road," we live on the top of the hill behind that one. If they would level it, we'd see the ocean..LOL
    Not that much has changed down there, lot's of restaurants have come and gone though...

    John - Nah, your pictures are great. I'm glad I don't run into many snakes here...

    Ms. A - Thank you my dear!

    Jingle - Especially when they pose for you.

    Ashley - LOL

  16. I like those female mallards, and it's easier to get the expsure right than with the dark-colored males. I'm still working on getting the eyes not to burn out on some other dark-headed ducks around here.

  17. Beautiful photos. I love ducks. :)

  18. The last time I went to that lake, those geese attacked me.... I can't say it wasn't provoked though.... They were after my bread....


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