Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday Monkey Minute 5-17-2010


1. Have you ever peed in the shower/bath/pool?
I've peed in my own wetsuit on several occasions.

2. What is your biggest pet peeve?
I don't think peeves make good pets.

3. What's the story behind your blog title?
How'd you find out? I kypped it from somebody else who was obviously more creative than me.

4. What is your definition of success?
To have the means to pay someone to write this for me. So far, I am not a success.

5. If you were famous, what would you want to be famous for?
For being humble about my incredible fame and fortune.



  1. I would love a peeve as a pet... can't be worse than a husband....

  2. Wow I too would love to be so rich I could have them write my blog for me. Good idea!!

  3. Great answers, I especially liked number :D

  4. baygirl - yep, those peeves are so hard to leash train.

    Ashley - "follow the link..."

    Jerry - It may be too late for me, but go for it!

  5. Are peeves a type of bird or fish? I forget.

  6. Great answers...I am seriously laughing hard!

  7. love your blog and love the dental story...made a comment on the post!!! Yikes..those kinds of stories kind of make my skin crawl!!! Thanks for reading my blog!!!...and following too!!!!

  8. i know what it is and where it came from. the guy who made funny faces on his vlog.... HOWEVER, what i DON'T understand are your weird answers....

    doesn't sound like you wrote this blog.... are you sure you're not secretly a katrillionaire and hired someone to write this blog for you? hmmmmm???? is that why you're running off and buying chunks and acres of land elsewhere?

    pfffft! and to think i was going to offer you some of my homemade chocolate chip cookies....

    you've been hiding your billions....

    nevermind the chocolate chip cookies.....

  9. Ha! True "Pat" answers. Love them.

  10. oh! and one more thing.

    your blog has more followers than Lee Dewyze's blog.... just thought you would like to know, that your blog is more popular than a top running american idol contestant.... he has 135 followers. you have 175. i believe you have gained 2 just today.... which is approximately (or exactly) 40 more followers than him. wowzaaahs!

    you should be proud.

    i would be if i were you....

  11. Hey Pat,

    Being humble about your fame and fortune is a good quality, and to add to your fame drop by my blog when you get a chance, I have something for you my Friend.

  12. Sam - thanks!
    John - Thanks to you also!

    Copyboy - Actually I think they have shape shifting abilities.

    Christiejolu - I'm happy to have supplied you with a bit of mirth on a Monday.

    Dr. Soosie - Thanks for reading it. There are still people out there like him? scary...

    Ms King - That we are not on the same astral plane, it is not a surprise that you don't "understand." I hope we can still enjoy some cookies together!

    Ms A - Thank you my dear! I aim to please. I seldom attain it, but it's my aim...

    Ms King - That's good to hear, but when all is said and done, he will take the lead again!

    I'm not proud about that, but I am however, because of my Wilford Brimley moustache...

  13. Your answers cracked me up. Thanks for making me laugh on a cold, rainy Monday. :)

  14. Jingle - thanks!

    Sarahjayne - Glad to be of service my friend! I hope it warms up for tomorrow...

  15. I must say that i am rather glad that my photos have put you in a GREAT mood! & i could definitely tell that you were an optimist as well! So thanks!

  16. I love the answer to #4 ha ha! I never thought of that. At this point, Then again, I'd feel successful to have someone clean my apartment for me :)

  17. I agree that peeves wouldn't make good pets. I don't think my landlord would allow me to own one either. There's some clause in the rental agreement about peeves destroying the carpets. They're rather high maintenance.

  18. Did your wet suit turn purple, you know, like the water in the swimming pool "supposedly" does when you pee in it? (And no, I haven't tested that theory.) - G

  19. Kimberly - Seriously, when I look at pics of hawaii, or even think of the place, I smell plumeria! To me, that is the best smell on earth.

    Ally - maybe there's a discount rate for a combo cleaning lady/blog ghost writer out there.

    Robyn - I'm sure the neighbors wouldn't appreciate the "peeve" droppings on their lawns also.

    Georgina - LOL, not it didn't turn purple, but it does warm you up in cold water. When we have kids swimming in our pool, I always tell them we have that chemical in the water...I hope they believe me!

  20. You "kypped" it? Ok, I confess...first time I've ever heard that term - and I like it!

  21. Marlene - pronounced the same as "typed." It's an old term we used as kids. It's in the dictonary.LOL

  22. Marlene - pronounced the same as "typed." It's an old term we used as kids. It's in the dictonary.LOL

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