Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Update - Human Directionals

Only in SoCal

Do you think he might be high?

A little while back, I posted a story about how my wife and I used to "twirl" signs as second jobs. I'm pretty sure that the company we worked for would not have taken this account.
Paul, thanks for the pic...


  1. Hey, as long as it is for "medical" purposes...

  2. hahahahahaha! hey! it's a living :)
    I'd take their money for advertising...up front.

  3. I am still trying to figure out why pot is different from alcohol. My son just wrote his senior thesis on the topic and it was really interesting. All mind altering substances are recreational to some degree..that is why people use them for fun...even when prescribed by a doctor. At least marijuana can help those who suffer heinous side effects from chemotherapy. What does alcohol do except make people act stupid, put weight on you and cause a whole lot of people to drive unsafely. Anyhow..sorry for the ramble but I see nothing wrong with his sign...I think it is kind of great actually.

  4. Marlene - I agree.

    Cheeseboy - I'm with you (wink wink)

    California Girl - That might be a good idea. I wonder if the guy with the sign gets paid in weed.

    DrSoosie - The funny part about the sign, is the way he's dressed. It doesn't exactly add an air of respectability to it. As to whether or not it should be legal. I TOTALLY agree with you. If know that somebody driving in the car next to me is either drunk or high on pot, I'm picking pot every time. For medical reasons, it also should be acceptable.
    I'm a child of the 60's and 70's...
    so you know what side of this I'm on!

  5. Well, He could be doing worse things by the roadside!

  6. We recently went to Disneyland and it was my husbands first time in California. He was blown away by the amount of billboards and ads he saw for Medical Marijuana on the drive down there. It almost became a game for him. I guess living in straight laced Utah for so long will do that to you. I think if we had the pleasure of passing this fine gentleman it would have made his year!

  7. people are going to think you like drugs too much.
    maybe you do, and i'm just being a "stupid girl."
    next time.... surgery, minus the drugs....
    you can take the pain....
    you're a MAAAAAN.... let's see how well you do then!

    you are what we'd call a dsp (drug seeking patient)....

  8. Clearly he's a man who believes in the product he's selling, which is key in good marketing.

  9. Reading Rachel - that's funny. Did you see the Dr. Reefer billboards in Vegas also?

    Ashley - DSP...yup, I guess I am, as demonstrated by my ploy to get my morphine usage upped when I had the back to back surgeries last years. The ploy worked, I might add.

  10. TS - by the size of the guy, he is also apparently not affected too much by "munchies."

    Alice - He could indeed! He could be drinking whiskey!

  11. Oh definitely! I do believe the Dr. Reefer billboard was the highlight of his trip. He was glued to his window on the return trip just so he could spot it again. I guess it's a good thing he wasn't driving.

    I have married a very strange man.

  12. I'm with you and Dr. Susie on this one, I see nothing wrong other than the way he is dressed sure adds no credibility

  13. Hmm, what might he be spending his paychecks on - being as he has no money to buy a shirt?

  14. Rachel - Oh, yeah...I forgot you commented on Dr. Reefer after my road trip post... great stuff!

    Jimmy - I think the Dr. Reefer billboard was probably much more effective...

    Robyn - probably spending it on twinkies, fritos, and icees...

  15. Big fan of your past post.
    The shirtless aspect to the man's wardrobe is a big tell that he is in fact a bit loopy on some wacky weed. The question is, what's wrong with that?

  16. I bet he will be happy to have his ad plaster all over the web...

  17. Jesse - Not a thing! He even has a job...

  18. Do you really have to advertise for that? Doesn't the Dr who writes the script kinda tell you where to go...oh wait, maybe this one is NOT really for medical purps ;) got it


  19. Surely you have a photo of you
    'twirling'... I wanna see it !!

  20. ..and now I wonder what sign I would hold up to express something I believe in. Kinda' hard for me to figure that out.

  21. Chuck - I went to their website and they even deliver...
    "Hello, I'd like to order a half ounce of your finest herb,I'd also like four jack in the box tacos and a chocolate shake..."

    Faye - I truly do with there were some, but there aren't any! I was darn good at it! Made good money because of it.

    Jerry - maybe "free the chicago five!" LOL

  22. I think I would have to be to keep at this job!

  23. So has anyone tried calling that number because I am wondering what it leads to.

  24. Where is his Doritos shirt? He could make some good money on the side with his own snack cart. - G

  25. Ashley - It does kinda...(Will is my son and her step-bro)

    Betty - He probably gets into some interesting conversations.

    Jerry - I didn't call, but I did go to the website.

    Georgina - that's a good one!

  26. Classic. lol

    I don't remember what was under the plastic trash cans. I think either a dumpster or maybe just the sidewalk.

  27. James - that it was. your pic of the trash cans was a classic also.

    Sarah - no doubt in my mind...

  28. Hmmmm.... This is the second post recently from Mr. Tillett with marijuana themed advertising.... Are you trying to tell us something?

  29. I am...does somebody want to go to 7/11 with me?


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