Thursday, May 20, 2010

Road Trip to Utah Part 2 - Zion Canyon

We couldn’t get to where we wanted to go because the roads in the high country were closed due to snow. The weather was nice the day we were there, but the snow storm occurred the night before and they hadn’t yet cleared the road. I guess they weren’t too worried about it, because it isn’t officially the tourist season yet. We were on a very tight time schedule, so we couldn't wait around. We stuck to Zion Canyon. It's pretty lofty itself, at an elevation of about 4000 feet, but nothing compared to where we wanted to go. I was still able to get shots that show the enormity of the rock mountain formations and their colors.

for a better view, click photos to enlarge

Entrance into Zion Canyon

Further down the canyon

Window in mile long tunnel through solid rock

Tunnel entrance

View out of tunnel window

Amazing colors

Amazing textures caused by erosion

Formation called a "Hoodoo"


  1. We were there last Memorial Day weekend- Beautiful.
    I wish we could go when it is not tourist season- The monkeys had fun- isn't that all that matters?
    Our hotel was nice and had a pool- Isn't that all that matters?
    Seriously though, we'll have to go back to Zion- we did four trails and there are still SO many more to do.

  2. Great colors and detail, I have never been there.

  3. Spectacular!! I really want to go there...didn't make it to Zion NP on our road trip!

  4. Oh wow, your pictures are amazing! Fantastic! Keep 'em coming.

    If you wanna see some great hoodoos, check out pics of the Canadian Badlands in Alberta. Hoodoos + fossils FTW.

  5. Amazing landscape in that part of the country. Beautiful!

  6. Brilliant photographs, you're right, the colour and rock texture is really beautiful.

  7. When I enlarged the 1st photo, I swore it was a post card!! Great scenic shots, Pat! So green yet!

  8. Looks beautiful. I've never been. I've visited Colorado, which I love. The first time I saw the mountains (we drove in) I was listening to The Samples song Indiana and definitely teared up.

  9. Your pictures are absolutely beautiful. This is definitely on the must do list of places to see. I can't believe I have never really been to Utah, Colorado, Oregon or Washington State. These are some of the first places I want to road trip with my husband. You do have an amazing eye with camera!!

  10. Lady Ren - A good hotel goes a long way to having a good time. When I was a kid we camped there a couple of times. A bit more crowded these days.

    Don and Sher - Thanks! Utah has some great scenic places to see.

    Nat - It's worth a detour, even if you only have time to drive through like we just did.

    Kate - Thanks! I checked the link, those are awesome. Zion has tons of them, but we really only had a couple of hours. I've seen them before though.

    Random - Indeed it is. my pics didn't do it justice.

    Nancy - It's very rugged, but beautiful.

    Brenda - Thanks so much! I had to take most of them from the car.

    Sam - Thanks! Too much to take it all in at one time.

    Meredith - Make sure you do if you ever have the chance.

    DrSoosie - Thanks for the kind words. I want to go back when I have more time. Each of those states you mentioned have some beautiful natural spots!

  11. Love Zion! We went last year and it just happened to be Father's Day weekend so all cars got in for free! We spent the day and it's not long enough. But I've never been in such a crowded place. It was like the Disneyland of the Rockies at least that weekend.

  12. How totally and wonderfully amazing! I've never seen anything like that in real life. Love it!

  13. Those are SO gorgeous! you're making me want to go there now! Beautiful.

  14. Wowww, truly some beautiful scenery!

  15. KarenG - It was even crowded the day we went. It's not even tourist season yet! Still awesome though.

    Ms. A - They also have "shuttles" so you don't have to, and/or can't get to some of the spots by car.

    Sadako - It is gorgeous, gorgeous and gigantic. It makes a person feel small.

    Joan - Thanks! I wonder what it's like in winter...

    Sarah - It sure is...HABS!

  16. Wow! I would love to see this, and the Joshua Tree National Park. These are two places that I really missed out of when I was in America.

  17. Alice - It's a sight to behold. I've been to Joshua tree many times. I used to go camping there with my grandfolks there.

  18. Wow. Stunning photos. I think I'd like to visit there. Beautiful.

  19. That's the stuff paintings are made of.

  20. Those are awe-inspiring shots my friend...looks like a good time was had by all.

  21. Hi Patrick... thanks for visiting, commenting and tagging :)

    You have a wonderful blog... i love the photos... may be you can teach me photography hehe

    I have been trying to find someone for a few photography lessons here but unfortunately everything i came across was in Dutch and no luck with English yet ! Search is on, and experimentation on own as well :)

  22. Thanks for sharing the pictures of this wonderful place. I don't believe I suffer from claustrophia but a mile-long tunnel seems a little scary to me! There is definitely something to be said about "the light at the end of the tunnel"!

  23. Beautiful. I love the tunnel vision. :)

  24. Thanks for the tour. It's been a long time since I've been there.

  25. Marlene - Thanks! if you have the opportunity you should. The westen US National Parks are amazing!

    Copyboy - That's so true. You need a big bog camera like Ansel Adams used to do them justice.

    Chuck - Thanks! They came out pretty good considering they were mostly taken on the fly.

    Lopa - Thanks so much! It's not as hard as many people think. It's all about angles, perspective, and light...practice! LOL..

    Kathy - Thanks for reading and commenting! The "windows" in the tunnel were to let light in. There is no electric lighting in the tunnel at all...

    Robyn - Thank you my friend!

    Tapirgal - you are welcome. I bet you have some good pics of the place also...

  26. I'm so Glad God had such a great time creating!

    And for such an artist as you for capturing and sharing!

    Thanks Pat!


  27. Hi Pat,
    Thanks for your visit to my Drive-By photoblog and leaving your comment. Thanks for the follow-along, too. I'm going to do the same, and follow yours. =)

    I really enjoyed the photos of your road trip to Utah. Hubby and I have been to Zion twice. Fantastic place! I have a photo very similar to yours on


    Hope you have a great week!

  28. John - thanks, it's all just sitting there waiting for somebody to show up with a camera.

    Megan - thanks!

    Lindy - thanks! I just checked out that link. We must have taken thoses photos from almost the same spot!

  29. Is that 'hoodoo' a man made creation? Or is that mother nature's work?

  30. It's natural.
    Sandstone shaped by time and erosion. this was a fairly small one. We couldn't get the most of them because of snow...

    whoodoo? youdoo?


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