Friday, May 7, 2010

Japan 15

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Asakusa Shrine Area



  1. Looks like a busy, crowded country- with spots of sanctuary...

  2. The first one wouldn't let me click. Can you fix it?

  3. You make me want to go there more and more with each passing entry.

  4. buffalodick - That's a good description of it. It is a country of condradictions.

    Ms A. - Done! I also have a pic of of that little shrine with my wife's mom and aunts in there.

    Cheeseboy - If I was to pick a country for someone to go to, it would be Japan. They are very much like us, and they are nothing like us. They are advanced and they are ancient. If you like to take photos, you will go crazy. I'm gonna have to do a post on Japan...

  5. Thank you! That's so beautiful!

  6. Is it at all tranquil where it is located. Looks serene and peaceful.....
    until the next shot. How far away are they? Different areas/cities?

  7. John - the little shrine in the first photo is part of one of the oldest temples in Tokyo. It's very busy outside the gates. The Ginza district is about 20 minutes away by train. Both spots are in Tokyo. It's hard to describe because Tokyo has several areas that are each larger than many major cities in other countries. for instance it has well over twice the population of Los Angeles, and it's about seven times more densely populated. But it's still much more serene than LA. Like I said above, I need to do a big post on Japan (from a american's point of view)

  8. Was that a Buddhist Shrine? I had been to one sometime back.
    Great pictures. The second one seems to be a very busy street.

    Have a good day, Pat!:)

  9. looks like a wonderful place. I've always wanted to visit japan.

  10. Mr. Stupid - It is indeed a Buddhist shrine. I believe it is one of the oldest in the country.

    Nabila - If you ever get a chance, do it!

  11. That's it! I'm going to Japan.... As soon as I can convince my wife and kids to come with me....

  12. ABAO - They have lots of English speaking tours and packages available. We're thinking about maybe going back this fall


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