Sunday, May 30, 2010

Japan Color 05

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Lot's going on in this pic, but the tree was awesome. It looked like a giant bansai.

part of an ancient retaining wall. I thought the textures and colors were great

The main part of Kyoto is in the distance.  gotta love those cherry blossoms.

Most of the ancient temples and shrines are in these hills above the city. Kyoto has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site.  It was once the capital of Japan, before it switched to Edo. At a later date that city's name was changed to Tokyo.


  1. Great photos again, Mr. Pat.
    I love the tree, and yes, the colors and textures on that wall would have caught my eye as well!

  2. What was it like getting around Japan? Do ou know any of the language?

    I <3 Japan, and fully intend on going sometime in my life, but am intimidated by my terrible acumen for language.

  3. Joe - Thanks! There's too much that catches the eye there. When I go, I feel like a Japanese

    SN - This is gonna be a bit long.
    I know very little Japanese. But they don't care. It's not like here, where people expect visitors to speak english. In Japan it doesn't bother them that you don't speak their language, they are embarrased that they don't speak better english. They LOVE Americans (most of them). Plus they have a lot of english in their language. Before ww2 they were very isolated, after the war when american soldiers were everywhere there, they found that they didn't have words for many things in our culture so, they adopted our words. It may sound a bit different, but you can recognize them. Getting around is so easy! They have taxis, buses, subways, and trains everywhere.

    If you try to see the "real" Japan and not just the tourist areas, you'll find that the prices are not that much different than here. Plus they view "tips" as an insult in restaurants, so that helps also.

    If you have a chance go... even if you take english speaking tours, it's still worth it. It's an awesome place. Where else are gonna see a 80 year old monk in a robe, talking on a cell phone so advanced that we won't see it for at least a year? If you do go, it helps to study their history a bit first, it's also amazing...


  4. Those pictures are great. Love the stone shot.

  5. 3rd is my favorite.... but they are ALL beautiful....

  6. Great photos- at first glance I thought the wall was giant lamb chops!

  7. Awesome, Pat...those cherry blossoms and that crooked tree are wonderful!!!

  8. The first one is my favourite so far. But then, I tend to love everything with an even remote Japanese touch... can't wait to see if you have any pictures of the Katana shrines!? *hint hint*

  9. Once again, I'm drawn to the first one of the tree.

  10. Your photos are beautiful, as was your note to SN.

  11. The colors are so vivid. These are beautiful.
    Aah, your Batman was so beautiful too! Were his eyes actually that green? So SORRY to trigger your allergies and sadness with my latest post, my friend.
    Big hugs and smiles, xoRobyn

  12. you are inspiring me through your great photographic skills to plan a trip to Japan very soon. i love the Bonsai looking tree. One time I tried to grow my own little Bonsai...let's just say it was a big disaster!

  13. Chuck - Thanks, I really like that one also. There's just too much too see. They take so much care, with everything. Even their manhole covers are works of art.

    Ash - thanks! It was really nice.

    Kitty - Yum! I'm grilling today!

    Joan - Yes, they are amazing...

    RA - I agree with you. Sorry, I don't have pics of any of the Katana Shrines...maybe next time.

    Ms A - Giant Bonsai!

    Jerry - Thank you sir! I'm going to have to do a post on my impressions of the place. It really helps that most of my wife's relatives are there...

    DrSoosie - I hope you do go...If you can, you won't regret a side trip to Tokyo!

  14. Love the giant bansai! I tried to keep a proper sized one didn't make it, but then I have also killed a cactus, so that speaks volumes for my lack of plant tending skills :-)

  15. As always very nice shots Pat,

    The tree is impressive my Friend

  16. Nat - It sure seems like a lot of work to me...

    Jimmy - Thanks! Somebody does a good job on it.

  17. Fantastic photos once again sir!

  18. Love the wall, love the cherry the giant bonsai tree. Thank you.


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