Sunday, May 23, 2010

Monday Minute 5-24-2010

1 - Do you *snort*?
I'm not here to talk about drugs. Or did you mean, snort "out?"

2 - Our friend, has a nickname and it's Daffy.  What's your nickname?
I'm usually referred to as that "A-hole!"

3 - Do you know sign language?
Sort of, I used to work with a deaf guy and he wanted someone to talk sports with, so he taught me how to finger spell and some appropriate sports related signs.

4 - What's a sample convo from your hood?
him: "I say sir, that's a smashingly handsome ascot you're sporting today!"
 me: "you bastard, that's my neck skin!"

5-  Do you sleep with electronic devices - i.e. laptop, Blackberry, iPhone, etc?
Is a cattle prod considered electronic?


  1. lmao at your conversation. OMG! That seriously made me lol!

  2. Chuckling and snorting...
    Great post.!!

  3. Cattle comment I can think of would do me justice.

  4. love your responses...and like Joe...cattle this your wife's or yours?

  5. That's so cool what you did for your co-worker.

    Toward the end of college (my first round of college), my parents moved out of Chicago, so I would stay with my aunt in Chicago's Beverly neighborhood for Spring break, and had made plans to live with her for a few months after I graduated, until I got a job and an apartment. On the Spring break right before I graduated, I saw a very pretty girl signing in that neighborhood. A few months later, I ended up living in a house full of friends over the summer while I finished my Master's work, and discovered that one of my housemates, who was a social work major, knew sign. I got her to teach me to sign "Will you go out with me?" figuring I would get my foot in the door and then learn more sign.

    Unfortunately, I never ran into the woman again after I moved in with my aunt.

  6. Your convo was hilarious!

  7. great answers. neck skin...cattle prod...hahahaha

  8. Didn't even bother to say you were getting around to passing this and 15 other blog awards around this time I see...


  9. Dr. Soosie, UH, that cattle prod would be mine!! Somethings got to stop his snoring, cause subtle tapping doesn't cut it!!!


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