Monday, October 18, 2010

Lusus Naturae III

13 days 'til halloween
enlarge at your own peril


  1. Those are eerie- I feel like music should accompany the photos-

  2. lately i've been having to make sure i don't look at your photos before bed, afraid i'll wake up to a gang of dolls awaiting vengence for some unremembered crime committed by humankind.

  3. Do you remember the Twilight Zone episode with the talking doll who eventually ended up killing the girl's mother by tripping her on the stairs? That episode scared the bayjeezsus out of me. That's what these photos remind me of. - G

  4. Only you could freak me out during the day.

  5. These are just great, particularly the last one.

  6. These are so cool, can't wait to see more. Kind of makes the hair stand on your arms.

  7. It's the dolls that freak me out the most.

  8. Please don't give me nightmares...I may have to stay away till Halloween is over...pity the weak hearted please....:)

  9. Yowza!
    That last one is the spookiest yet!
    nicely played sir!

  10. Fabulous! This is increasingly taking a more surreal and the accompanying black and white theme, Pat Well you'll overcome. A greeting from Spain.

  11. Macabre .... if I found one of those
    on my empty bench I would be

  12. Now you're really starting to freak me out, Pat. Please bring back the Children of the Corny! xo

  13. Pat, I can't keep coming here if you insist on bringing frightening memories of my childhood to the forefront!

  14. Creepy! Is that last one drowning? And the eyes of the right one in #2... *shiver*

  15. Ah, these were the photo's that first brought me to your blog.....and I am still fascinated by them!
    Got to love them!!!!

  16. that looks a scary to me, patrick!
    great new header.


  17. I want to see broken doll arms and legs.. well, you made me this way..

    PS (H is for Hayes)

  18. Pat, these are really freaky! Reveal the source...

  19. Eerie indeed, Pat.. how in the world did you find those old doll heads. Don't tell me you pulled them off of a child's favorite doll.

  20. Note to self: Come here BEFORE DARK, dang it!

  21. Ren - Yes, creepy organ music...

    Vencora - If it was about crimes committed by humankind, we'd all be in trouble...

    Joe - Thank you Sir!

    Georgina - I sure do! I thought that the first time I saw these things.

    Jesse - Now that is an accomplishment! Anybody can be scary at night...

    The Empress - Thanks so much! They sure are.

    altadenahiker - It's hard for me to pick a favorite. Next year I'm going to snake some fiber optic lights in and around them...

    Brian - Yeah! Spooky faces in the crowd...

    Jimmy - Yep, even the hair on my hairs is on end!

    Talli - Me too... There's more to come.

    Songsnwords - Just think happy thoughts about friendly dolls!

    Nariane - Why thank you! I do my best.

    Leovi - Yes, I have more and better plans for next halloween.

    faye - Oh yeah! Even worse floating around in mid-air...

    Robyn - Just for you Robyn, there will be another child of the "corny" in couple of days.

    Alex - I recognize them. I recognize them as something eerie!

    Come At Me Bro - thanks for stopping by and commenting...

    Jhon - Believe me I know! Hey, if I come here, then you gotta also.

    Cruella - they all have their own eerie characteristics

    John - Well, if you decide to, we have plenty here waiting for you!

    Alice - Yep! My lonely horror blog. Just too much work keeping three blogs going.

    Sophia - Thanks for both things!

    Lynne - I'm wondering if my friend still has all the other parts...

    Chuck - Well, I have all the doll heads sitting on my mantle in a _______.

    Pam - Thanks Pam! Nah, I wouldn't do that. I have an artist friend who did all the dismembering. I just took the photos...

    Marlene - Daylight or nightime. they will be here...mocking you!

  22. Oh I love it. Too busy right now trying to find our creepy Halloween trappings to do a cool spooky post like yours! I'm hoping to find them and catch up with the neighborhood in our decor so that I can do a real ghost story on THE night!

  23. Entre Nous - I don't have to go to work, so I do have the time! take photos!

  24. Wow, makes me think of a horror movie...very creative:)
    Wishing you a nice day:)


  25. Do you collect doll heads? I am quite fascinated. The last picture is particulary forlorn. Great stuff for Halloween!

  26. these are creepier than most horror flicks being made these days! great shots

  27. Creepy, haunting but OS interesting!

    Hope you have a great Tuesday!


  28. Berit - Thanks! I'm glad you like it...

    Jayne - I have an artist friend who tends to favor the dark side of things (as do I). I purchased a piece of art from her that included a bunch of antique doll heads. I knew when I bought it that I was going to be taking a bunch of photos. Thanks!

    baygirl - Thanks! even I think they are pretty spooky...

    Ree - thaa-anks! I appreciate it.

    Betty - Thanks Betty! they are pretty interesting...

  29. So is this what happens on your blog with a warning? I've been wondering whether or not to click past the barrier.


  30. that doll is creepy looking. I am going to have nightmares now. Thanks a lot Pat.

  31. Oh GOD these are even worse than the ones in the post above thatI just saw!!I've got shivers now


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