Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lusus Naturae V

5 days 'til halloween


  1. I love your photos! There seems to be something totally hypnotic about them...and Kewpie Dolls have always given me the creeps!
    I am so pleased that we met!

  2. Thanks, they give me the willies also. Most of the dolls are antiques, who gave up their heads for the sake of art...
    thanks again!

  3. I love these photos, Pat Tillet.
    Antique dolls are my fave collection!
    I am now following your lovely blog.

  4. thanks Betty, too bad we only have the heads!

  5. What are you going to dress as for Halloween??!

  6. When their eyes are closed that freaks the #$@ out of me.

  7. Countdown! I'm sorry, but you really make me laugh.

  8. Cool Pictures and a cooooool header! The extra 'o's are to illustrate how cool it is.

  9. You're giving us a great countdown.
    New header is cool, too!

  10. You certainly have an eye for the macabre! Love the new header :)

  11. More creepy photos! It's no wonder I can't sleep at night...

  12. Are we just about finished yet?! ;)

  13. Kay...I tried Pat.
    Had to fast forward scroll...and your header too.
    I'm trying. Honest.
    Just so you know I do check on ya....can't wait til Halloween horror is over;)

  14. Make it stop! For the love of Pete, please make them stop! ;)


  15. Why did you make me think of Chucky, huh, whyyyyy? :P I find dolls like that (especially in your pics) really creepy..but I find dummies even creepier!

  16. Oh! I was longing for these creatures. I love the blog header you put

  17. That header shot is badass! Those other pictures are just super-creepy...and with only 5 days to go.

  18. Leave it to you, Pat! Even the creepy photos are awesome.

  19. Jhon - Thanks! disturbing is good in October...

    Penny - Wiford Brimley...Not much of a stretch...

    Jesse - Even if their eyes are closed, they are still thinking about you...

    altadenahiker - thanks Karin. Countdown to terror...

    Tim - Thank you sir! I like it also...

    Alex - Thanks to you as well! I think I miscounted, I may have to post more disembodied doll heads to fill in...LOL!

    Nat - Thanks Nat! It's my nature. I only let it out during October...

    Talli - Thanks! only a few more days!

    Marlene - Just hang on a little longer!

    Dawn - LOL...thanks Dawn! It will all be over soon. I'll be back to normal soon...

    Clarissa - There is no controlling them this close to halloween...

    Sarah - They are creepy! Not as creepy as clowns though...

    Leovi - Thanks so much! There are a few more coming soon...

    Chuck - Thanks Buddy! we do creepy...

    Ms A - Thanks Chuck! I appreciate it. I just can't help it...

  20. Appropriately creepy photos!!! And making me excited to get a pumpkin to carve and some ambient halloween lighting. :)

  21. So creepy.. but right for the season.

  22. cheeseboy - Thanks! I appreciate it!

    TVA - Speaking of pumpkins, I'm in need of a pie...

    Costas - Thanks Costas! It is the season...

  23. I'm getting a kick out of the comments here, Pat... And I also have to say I noticed the header. You're on a roll of "evocative"...

    [The dieffenbachia paintings you admired on my post today are about $500 each... Want them? I can sure arrange it. ;-) I didn't notice if they were sold by the time I left the gallery. A lot was. I liked these, too, but was put off a tad by the ladybugs.]

  24. "We go dancing nightly in the attic
    While the moon is rising in the sky
    If I'm too rough, tell me
    I'm so scared your little head will come off in my hands"
    A Cooper

    Deliciously, delightfully creepy! I love the middle shot.

  25. Yay! It's almost here!
    I am LOVING the new header.

  26. Pat--You don't scare me. However, your pictures do!!!! Creepy! (Your pictures, not you!)

  27. Hee! Every time I pop up so do the dolls. Actually that sentence sounds worthy of Halloween in itself!

  28. I'm with Marlene.
    Would you please pass the turkey and cranberry sauce?

  29. I agree with Ms. A, your photos are awesome even the creepy ones, Great countdown my Friend.

  30. Oeeh creepy! Love the effects!

  31. Pat,

    You are giving us nightmares. The B/W presentation with these photos only makes it creepier.

    Darryl and Ruth : )

  32. an excellent voice you have...
    you allow us
    to listen and hear
    what you are seeing

  33. Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! You're scaring the crap out of me!

  34. Yeah they're nice and creepy.. good shots Pat.. so you keeping doll heads lying about? lol...scary shit!!


  35. Francisca - Thanks! Tis the season you know... Upon closer examination, the lady bugs do detract from the parts I like, so I'm gonna have to pass! but thanks!

    SQ - Billion Dollar Babies!" perfect song for the pics. I forgot all about that song! Thanks so much!

    Salt - Thanks! And some, yay! It's almost over...LOL

    BB - thnks for being clear about that! but do I believe you?

    Jayne - It does, especially if it was a doll head.

    Robyn - I'm all for that! A drumstick also...

    Jimmy - Thanks Jimmy! I appreciate it...

    Biana - Thanks! I do also...

    D and R - Thanks, they didn't have as much feel to them in color.

    hpicasso - Thanks so much! I see odd things...

    Minoccio - the crap scaring is almost over! I promise...

    Anthony - thanks my friend! I only keep them laying around if they are creepy...

    Philwebservices - Hmmm! Thanks! or are you a computer sending me slightly veiled spam comments? I think you are, so piss off... If I'm wrong, nevermind, I'm not wrong...

  36. the doll story is right up your ally after taking those photos.


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