Friday, October 22, 2010

Shroud Black Canvas

9 more days...

From shroud black canvas
An image numbs your mind
Empty tortured eyes
Dripping pus yellow
You stand paralyzed
 A thousand gravities
Threatening to bury you
Where you stand


  1. That's what my painter's blocks feel like. The blank surface mocking me and I can't move an inch to draw or paint anything on it. It IS very scary when that happens. - G

  2. Creepy and awesome!
    How'd you do the picture? Pretty neat effect.

  3. You think you're scaring Betty??? Do you? Huh?

    OK, maybe just a little.....

  4. Oh dear. I think I just crapped my pants.

  5. If you need me I'll be under the bed!

  6. Pat, my mind is numb. You truly were denied Halloween as a kid, weren't you? Reading your stories, I know this is true - but must you curse us now??? :-)

  7. the one line about pus reminds me f the Beatle's song " I am the Walrus." The line "yellow-matter custard dripping from a dead dog's eye." is an absolute favorite of mine. It is descriptive and disgusting all at once. Your poem is the same..which is why I like it!

  8. Ok..You win.. lynnie got spooked on this one.. I owe

  9. Creepy poem and even creepier photo, you sure now how to do scary.


  10. This extremely fascinating to look at, Pat. I wonder how in the world you did that or is really a ghost in disguise.

  11. Thumbs up to this one. Love the imagery.

  12. Georgina - I can't relate it to painting, but I sure can to writing...

    Alex - Thanks Alex!

    Tim - I had one of my girls stand behind a pane of fluted glass, pushed the shutter, and spun my camera...

    BB - Yes...

    Marlene - Well, you aren't leaving the house until you clean it all up!

    Brian - Watch out for the dust rhinos...

    California Girl - That's a female sheep, right?

    Brenda - You are correct! And now....IT'S PAYBACK TIME...

    DrSoosie - I am the eggman, they are the eggmen. I am the walrus, goo goo g'joob. Thanks Susie!

    Lynne - To tell you the truth, I toned this one down a little!

    baygirl - And I am responseless...

    Clarissa - Thanks! We're just getting started!

    Pam - Just a little low-tech special effect...

    Cheeseboy - Thanks so much! I appreciate it.

  13. Hauntingly beautiful...scary as well.
    You're so talented!

  14. yuh, this is hide under the covers stuff, way to go!

  15. Leovi - thanks so much!

    Betty - Why thank you madame!

    Entre Nous - thanks! I'm glad you think so!

  16. Amazing...I too immediately thought of the Beatles line. That has stuck with from the first time I heard it/saw the lyric. Creepy stuff Pat.

  17. Chuck - Thanks! I love that song! It was perfect for the times...

  18. Francisca - You can check in anytime you like, but you can never leave...

  19. I'm never going to stand again. You're awesome, Pat.

  20. Robyn - Thanks Robyn! It's okay...It's just a dream...turn off the light....pull the covers up over your head...


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