Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lusus Naturae IV

11 days 'til halloween...


  1. #2 gets me right in the, um never mind.

  2. I'm starting to get the sense that this is building up to something at the you are going to be scaring the bejeezus out of me on Halloween. I still fall for that stupid trick with the screaming alien face on the internet every time. - G

  3. Cool photos. They look like a thriller film. Greetings.

  4. Scary pictures Patrick, but I like them:)
    Have a nice day:)


  5. Actually the first one is kinda nice looking. Caring.

    The others...freaky.


  6. Poor Kewpie Dolls! I just loved these early photo's....and that is what drew me to you!
    I'm pleased that you are re-showing them.

  7. I seem to recall things like this in the basement of the town psycho...

  8. Ren - Thanks! some more than others.

    Jesse - The doll heads is one thing, but an attraction to them is quite another....LOL

    Georgina - Nah! Nothing like that!
    but now that you mention it...

    Japy - Thanks so much! Same to you...

    Berit - I agree! I don't know why, but I do also...

    Talli - Just a few more days....

    Brian - #2 is a good one!

    Clarissa - Yes it is, I'll have to delete

    Alice - My Dr. Hyde side...Thanks!

    Jhon - I don't know how I ended up living in that house....

    Alex - I have a friend who is an artist. She tends to lean towards the dark side. All these antique doll heads are part of a piece that she did. I'll show a pic of the whole thing in a couple of days. Thanks Alex!

  9. Not so sure we'd like to trick or treat at your house; these are haunting photos in this series.

    Darryl and Ruth : )

  10. I'll have to agree with Clarissa, the first one is a bit peaceful and a good offset to the rest which as I said before makes the hair stand on your arms.

  11. Oh! ya están aquí las muñecas, cada vez me parecen más guapas, no me estarán seduciendo.

  12. I am loving this series. It's really odd. lol
    I half expect to start seeing skulls as the happy doll heads facade chip away.

  13. Hey, Pat!


    Thought I'd return the favor. ;)

  14. Yikes....
    When I was little I always thought my dolls were staring at me when I was trying to go to sleep....this doesn't help that fear. Thanks Pat! ;)

  15. Okay Pat I am totally creeped out!!!I wonder if those are part of your wife's doll collection. They look a little female "Chucky" to me!

  16. I like these... very much !!

  17. Okay, Pat... this project of yours is definitely coming out from your shadow side. :-D Can you stop stabbing my brain now?

    [I saw you mention on my friend tapirgal's blog a note about a doors blog... I'd be interested...]

  18. D&R - We get a lot of kids at our house on halloween. Most of them get out alive...

    Jimmy - Darn it! I guess i didn't do a good enough job on the first one then...

    baygirl - Thanks! I take that as a compliment...

    Leovi - Gracias! Hablan con usted de la muerte?

    Tim - I'm glad you do. there are a few more days of them coming...

    Marlene - Ahhhh!!! got me! Thanks!

    MeredithDuck - They were staring at you...

    DrSoosie - Oh no! I wouldn't touch her dolls...Yeah, they are a littel chuckie looking...

    faye - Thanks Faye!

    Francisca - the stabbing will stop soon!

    Lynda - Thanks Lynda! Me too...

  19. I like these. :) Great series of pictures.

    Happy Thursday Mr Hyde!!lol!

  20. Betty - thanks Betty! That's me!

    Arjan - I checked out the link. Great blog there. thanks!

  21. How can anything as innocent as a doll be made to look so creepy?? You did it!!

  22. dot - Thank you very much! In my mind's eye...


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