Friday, October 29, 2010

Lusus Naturae VII


  1. Number 2 hits like a blow to the gut. Loved it! And 1 and 3 as well. It's just, 2 had the effect for me.


  2. They are all creepy to me...
    I'm going to try a different effect by using some fiber optic lighting.
    thanks for commenting!!

  3. I still love your dark photography. The dolls freak me out...but I am still fascinated by them!
    I'm happy with my trees and things!
    Actually, I'm still finding out things about this new camera that I got at Christmas, and at the moment, I'm just experimenting with it!

  4. Thanks Alice,
    Here's a few more...

  5. man, you are just creeping me out with these!

  6. Very striking. Almost scary (especially for someone like I who rarely sees dolls). How fitting for Halloween!

    I look forward to seeing more of your blog.

  7. Patrick--Have you heard of Bottle Village in Simi Valley? I went there and went into the trailer where there was a whole bed full of dolls such as this. Very creepy. However, the village was incredible. Check it out! It's not open very often, but it might be worth your while to visit.

  8. Love the header!

    And oh my Lord, I'm glad Hallowe'en is almost upon us; I'm not sure I can take any more creepy dolls! :)

  9. Alex - Thanks! I'm thinking I'm going to have even more fun next halloween...

    Davidikus - Thanks very much! I appreciate you stopping by and commenting. I like your photos also. I'm going to tag along at your blog...

    BB - I've seen it on TV, next time I'm out that way, maybe I can give it a look-see. Thanks!

    Talli - Thanks Talli! It will be over soon....I promise!

  10. When Halloween is over... are you going to revert to normal again? :-)

    Even your masthead photo can go.

  11. Estas Ășltimas son muy buenas. Ya he modificado los comentarios, si sigue saliendo el captcha me avisas, no sabia que lo tenia puesto. Un saludo.

  12. I got lost trying to do a head count...that header picture distracted me!

  13. There's something about that last shot that really strikes me as extra creepy. I think it's the way that they look bound into a shape.

    All these close up shots. Is it going to end up that you pull out in the last series and reveal that they make a giant picture or spell Halloween or something?

  14. Just when I think you can't come up with any creepier doll photos you find a new angle to shoot. The last one is especially horrific!

    Fiber optic lighting? Cool!

    I love Halloween!

  15. Last one gets my vote for freakiest photo.

  16. Happy Halloween and I too will be
    glad when it is history. Turkey Day
    is more my speed this year.

  17. You're raight, they are all creepy. Looks like you've had a lot of fun with this adventure, Pat.

  18. Still like them all Pat, get a different view each time I look, #1 I keep going back to for some reason, just caught my eye this time around.

  19. The middle one looks like the dolls' heads are pickled in a jar. Now that is something that would freak me out, opening the fridge and finding a jar full of THAT, next to the gherkins and cocktail onions. - G

  20. More freakishness.

    BTW, I'm thrilled about the Utes joining the PAC 12 next year. I've been dreaming about that since I was a little kid. Better yet, the Utes will be very, very good next year, so it is the perfect time to join.

  21. Brenda - Party pooper! Yes, I'll be back to normal (if you can call what I do here normal) next week!

    Leovi - Okay, thanks! I will let you know if it didn't work...

    Brian - There's a lot of heads. Many antique dolls lost their heads for this...

    Tim - Yup! Something like that, only creepier...

    SQ - Yes, they are a ghastly group!
    I'm going to try the FO lights for next year...I love halloween also!

    Jesse - Thanks! I like that one also.

    faye - Turkey, dressing, and bisquits, everything drenched in gravy!

    Chuck - Yeah, believe it or not I cut the series short by about posts because I think it was starting to become overkill. thanks buddy!

    Jimmy - I agree, the more I look the creepier they get...

    Georgina - Yup, throw it all on a kaiser roll and lets eat...

    Cheeseboy - Thanks! I think it will do them good to come over also. They've got a good team.

  22. I hate to think of you actually beheading these antique dolls. I can't see that creating any good karma for you, Pat! :-D

    I don't get spooked that easy, but these photos of yours are effective, Pat. I'd enjoy learning the shooting or post-processing techniques you use. Still have so much to learn, so little time...

  23. Really creepy..
    But its the season.
    Happy Halloween Patrick.

  24. Francisca - I didn't behead them. A friend did. She has the headless torsos in a box awaiting their next assignment... About the photos. You'd be surprised at how little I did to them. It's almost all due to indirect lighting. I don't have photoshop or any program like that. I'm not a fan of processing photos. Many times photographers process their shots to the point where they look more like paintings. Hey, I figure if Ansel Adams didn't post process, then I don't need to either...LOL

    Costas - Thanks so much! Happy Halloween to you to my friend!

  25. Yike! Too scary for me..I might have a heart attack seeing these in real life :-)

  26. They all look slimy for some eerie reason.

  27. Icy BC - I'll take that as a compliment! Thanks!

  28. It's 11:57 p.m.

    I'm almost hoping for heartburn tonight so I don't fall asleep thinking of these wicked creepy doll heads! LOL!


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