Thursday, October 7, 2010

Northern Arizona Black and White

 Various B&W shots from our trip

 Observation tower at the south rim of the Grand Canyon

Old gas station and cafe in Desert Center California

When you look at photos from an A.D.D. photographer, this is what you get

Courtyard in Sedona

Just caught my eye.

Headless palm trees and cabins for rent at Desert Center? I don't think I'm staying there anytime soon.


Where are the tracks? Who put the bullet holes in it? Desert Center

Old scraper

Just walking by

A lady sitting in the old courtyard with a box of pizza. I think the creature on top of the fountain is giving her the old stink eye.

Hard to believe that Desert Center had enough business for two gas stations.

More courtyard in Sedona

Courtyard walkway.

Ancient Bristlecone Pine tree at the Grand Canyon. I liked the texture.

I don't know what they are, but I like 'em.



  1. I seriously love that old bullet ridden train. That's the kind of thing that stretches the imagination. pictures of old train robberies and heroes mounted on horseback come to mind.

  2. That gas station one needs to be framed. Incredible eye you have.

  3. The bell through the window and the stair rail picture really caught my eye, you take such good shots my friend.

  4. I do have to say that there is something s beautiful about black and white photography. In fact I think it is among my favorite kind. The play of light and dark really adds a kind of depth not always found in color. Sometimes the colors distract from the main subject matter. I do so enjoy your photo gallery!

  5. Tim - I'm right there with you. Where did this thing come from? Where has it been? Who rode in it?

    Jesse - Thanks! Somethings just have to be in black and white.

    Jimmy - It was like somebody put them there for me. It always surprises me that I'm usually the only person taking photos.

    DrSoosie - thanks! I agree with you. some things just don't look good in color. It's the feel of it.

  6. You have some serious skills, friend!

    I love the Observation Tower picture. It would look nice in my living room. :)

  7. I love black and white pics. I love the picture of the tower, I guess you have two towers and they are both good.


  8. Gas Station and cafe - my favorite, I can imagine this hanging in my home.

  9. Here I was preparing myself for the roses and russets of Arizona and then you post in black and white! :) I love the courtyard ones.

  10. Those are nice! Black and white captures something that color just doesn't reveal.

  11. I sure like the Desert Center photos in B&W. It depicts the abandonment! Courtyard ones are nice in B&W, too - but certainly not for the same reason.

    How do you decide which photos to convert to B&W? Did you sit down and convert LOTS of them, or just these? And why these??


  12. Salt - why thank you! I like that one also...

    Clarissa - Thanks! It was built in 1932, I thought it was much older.

    Jhon - Thanks Jhon! I can imagine hanging out IN the cafe, with a bunch of desert folks.

    Talli - you'll have to look at the tomorrows or yesterdays for those colors!

    Alex - I agree! Sometimes it's about the contrasts and shades, not the colors.

    Brenda - Thanks Brenda! How do I decide which ones to convert? Most of the black and whites I post aren't converted, I take a lot of them in B&W. Some I do convert though. I just see something that I think color detracts from and take it in B&W, or convert it later. I always have two cameras on me, when I'm somewhere that's likely to have a lot of photo ops.

  13. Nice choices for black and white. What the heck happened to the palm tree heads? I've never seen anything like that.

  14. Great pics! I love that cafe, does Norman Bates own it?

  15. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your pictures! Micael has told me so much about Sedona I wanted to go, now with your pics, it makes me want to go even more! They are awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  16. I haven't commented on these travel posts but taken all together it is like going of the trip myself. You have such skill with catching what I would find interesting and what my eyes would rest on if I was there. Fantastic. I first cut my teeth on black and white photography back in the day when I had access to darkrooms to develop the film and create the images. I even was a cadet camp photographer and taught that course for two summers. It may sound stupid but with all the responsibility we had to capture the events of the six week training camps and produce 3 yearbooks (one for every 2 week period) we felt like war correspondents who took pictures - artists who were after that perfect image that would make it into the publications. I have to dig out my pics and share them like you have. Your work always takes me back to that time when I was probably my most dynamic and interesting and everything seemed possible before me.

  17. These are all great pictures Pat. I too like the train, 3:10 To Yuma popped into my mind as soon as I saw it. Did you take any of these in color as well? Love the B&W though.

  18. Your B&W's are very sharp! I wonder, how do you decide whether a photo looks better in color or B&W, or is it just that you like to change it up once in awhile?

  19. tapirfal - Thanks! I don't know why they do that, but it's kind of spooky!

    Brian - I think if Norman doesn't own them, he's still close by...

    Warren - It pretty much is. Desert Center is a ways past Palm Springs. Being Canadian, you know where that is, right?

    baygirl - Thanks! I do too!

    KaLynn - Thanks so much! I agree with him. Sedona is the most beautiful place I've been to.

    Kal - Thanks Kal! My favorites are coming tomorrow and the next day. I agree that half the battle is having an eye for good shots. It would be great if you shared some of your shots with us.

    Chuck - Thanks buddy! I used my other camera also, so I have a couple of it in color. It was green.

    Marlene - thanks! I can pretty much tell which way it will look better. I'm not always right...

  20. I loved the color photos but I'm floored by the black and white!

  21. Family Cafe, give me a slice of that Americana.

  22. Great black and whites! The headless palm trees are my fave! I remember the observation tower from when I visited the Grand Canyon, when I was a kid.

  23. Being Canadian I know where everything is :)

  24. These are wonderful pictures. I love the black and white. The one of the gas station looks like it was taken in another era. Very cool!

  25. those pictures are ridiculously amazing! thank you for posting!

  26. I don't know what they are either and I like them, too. I like all this photos! I love your humor. And the courtyards are lovely. Thanks for the tour!

  27. Great choice in the black & white!

  28. Those pics are make me travel!

  29. James - Somethings are meant for color and others for B&W.

    altadenahiker - Yep, I'll have a cup of joe and a slice of americana ala mode...

    Marguerite - Thanks! I wonder if they cut the heads off, or if they fall off when they die?

    Warren - I was amazed to find out there are direct flights from Canada to Palm Springs...

    bilsot - Thanks! I enjoy the company...

    Sarah - Thanks Sarah! It's just sitting there rusting away...

    Vencora - Thanks for the nice words Vencora! I appreciate it.

    Ree - My pleasure! Thanks for tagging along and commenting!

    Blue Wave - Thanks! some are just naturals for b&w..

    Sarah - Thanks! Same for me and I took them...

  30. I love playing with some of my shots in Black and white too...I bet some of these would look super in sepia, too, Pat! Great shots!

  31. Joan - When I'm out like this I usually have my SLR set for color and my p&s set for B&W. I need to do some sepia also... Thanks Joan!

  32. These B&W pics are really striking, Pat! I tried to alter some of my Grand Canyon shots in editing but wasn't pleased with the results.

    I love the variety in this post, especially all the shadow shots...:)


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