Friday, October 22, 2010

Weekend Reflections - Golden Pavillion

This photo is a little out of place during my pre-Halloween posts. I like to participate in a little photography show and tell called "Weekend Reflections" hosted by James at Newtown Area Photo.

The Golden Pavillion (Kinkaku) was originally built about 800 years ago. It is a Zen temple in Northern Kyoto, and has been designated as a UNESCO "World Heritage Site."


  1. Wow, that looks incredibly peaceful. I've dabbled in Zen practice and theory - very interesting. Serene is a good word for this photo.

  2. What a fantastic place and it does indeed look so incredibly peaceful! Your photo and reflections are superb and quite breathtaking! Thanks for posting this! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  3. The Oriental culture amazes me, especially considering that the U.S. is only a little over 200 years old. And here's an 800 year structure in Japan.

  4. That looks so peaceful and serene and I bet their rice and fish dish is to die for.

  5. I can feel all the tensions and horrors I felt looking at this week's Halloween scares, slipping away...

    Very lovely.

    Your next picture is going to be of a flaming skull to really freak me out now isn't it?

  6. Oh really spectacular and enchanting!

  7. Preciosa, after the terror comes the calm ..

  8. Pat- such a serene and beautiful picture to start my day with.. simply breathtaking..thank you.
    Ms. Hayes

  9. This shot is so unreal so fantastic that it almost feel like a miniature of a world, with a bonzaï, and this tiny pagoda that looks almost like gold...

  10. Beautiful...... great shot and it
    does have such a peaceful quality..
    soothing on a hectic day .

  11. Beautiful picture, and this place looks so peaceful.

    Have a nice weekend:)

    Greetings from Berit.

  12. Japanese gardens are so tranquil, in fact I find that same attribute in all Asian gardens. So serene! Thank you for sharing!

  13. JUST beautiful. The Japanese know how to do it. Thanks for sharing this!

  14. That's a great photo, Mr. almost looks like the building is floating! I could see that hanging on my wall.

  15. Wow, great reflections!
    What a great scenery!

    Hope you're having a good weekend!

  16. That sure would promote calm!

  17. A beautiful reflection shot!

  18. I just love the crisp reflection in this lovely shot! Been missing reading your blog and seeing your photos...hope to start getting caught up now!

  19. Sarah - It is very peaceful. The gardens are amazing also. Well, the whole place is amazing. thanks!

    Sylvia - Thanks so much! also, thanks for stopping by and commenting!

    Karen - I agree! I love Japan! It's so ancient and yet, so modern at the same time...

    Kal - All their food is to die for...

    Tim - Well, don't get too comfortable...

    amatamari - Thanks so much! Thanks for stopping by!

    Biana - Thanks! It is indeed beautiful...

    Leovi - And then back to the terror...

    Lynne - I'm happy to have been of service...

    'Tsuki - Yes, it is kind of unreal...the building is covered with gold leaf.

    Gine - Oui, un beau rêve

    faye - Thanks faye! a beautiful and serene spot...

    Berit - Yes it is peaceful! Thanks, you have a nice weekend as well.

    Shirley - I agree! thanks so much!

    Ann - Thanks Ann! They sure do...

    Joe - Thanks my friend! Me too!

    Betty - Thanks! A whole country full of it...

    Brian - Yes it does! It works for me!

    BB - thanks Betty! me too!

    dot - thanks, hard to miss this one...

    Joan - Thanks Joan! You've been busy!

    Entre Nous - I do too! Next time in autumn or winter...

  20. This is a very spiritual photo. Reflection and self reflection all at once. Very beautiful usual...

  21. Beautifully framed shot Pat. Are you still in Japan?

  22. Hi Pat, sorry for my absence. Things look good around here!

  23. Thank goodness - a peaceful break from the scariness! :)

    Love this, Pat. It looks so serene.

  24. Chinese and Japanes gardens are just beautiful. All the more so with a history like this one. Great shot!

  25. it.

  26. Wow, Pat, this is stunning. You captured the ambiance of the place so well.

    Darryl and Ruth : )

  27. Looks beautiful. A perfect place to just sit down and admire nature.

  28. Great shot Pat, as always. Did you get to go inside?

  29. I've always wanted to visit the Orient. China has facinated me forever. Hubby promises a cruise to Figi sometime..... We'll see.

  30. DrSoosie - Yes it is! MANY places of this type in Japan... thanks!

    LakewoodDP - Thanks! Also, thanks for stopping by and commenting.

    pitchertaker - It sure is. They have a way of doing things, that nobody else has duplicated yet.

    Anthony - Thanks Anthony! I wish I was still in Japan...

    Tina - No problem! I'm happy to see you are still writing and posting again...thanks Tina!

    Talli - Yes, but it won't last long...

    AB - Yes, I agree!

    Dawn - Don't relax too much! Back to normal tomorrow!

    D&R - Thanks so much! It was a hard shot because it was raining. Screwed up the reflection...

    Chuck - Thanks buddy! Nope, NOBODY goes in there. Although, I admit if I could have snuck in, I might have.

    Rosemary - I hope you get to do so. Of the two, I'll take Japan every time. Although, I'd like to go to China...

  31. 800 years old?! Wow!!!!

    (And I was so relieved to see no spooks here today! Ha haha!)

  32. Isn't this just the picture postcard of Kinkaku! I have EXACTLY the same photo! :-D Aren't the gardens just splendid, Pat!? I was there a year ago with fall colors and want to go back some spring during the cherry blossom season.

  33. I really hope I can go to Japan one day and see all these beautiful sights for myself. Until then I will enjoy the pics you post here LOL.

  34. I love visiting historic buildings. I always try to imagine the generations of people who lived there before and what life must have been like for them. When Funny Man took me to his hometown in Wales, I loved touring the castles that were right there, in the middle of town, like it was no big deal. I think I will dig up a few photos and post them too. I'll certainly link back here when I do. Thnx for the inspiration! - G

  35. Beautiful photo, just like painting.
    Thanks for dropping by blog!!

  36. Marlene - LOL..I thought I'd give you all a break (for one day only though)

    Francisca - It's probably one of the most famous photo-op spots in the world. You walk up the path, turn the corner, and WOW!!! there it is. I want to go during winter next time... I'm happy that you've been there. Kyoto is AMAZING...

    Minoccio - I hope you can go also. If you check out the label "Japan" on the right side of my blog, there are many photos from Japan.

    Georgina - I TOTALLY agree with you! That is exactly what I do. I hope you do post those photos. I've not been to Wales... thanks!

    nobu - Thanks so much! Thanks for stopping and commenting!

  37. That's so atmospheric! I love it. I want to be there NOW.

  38. TVA - I agree! I want to be there also...

  39. I love the reflections here!
    Beautiful shot, Pat!


  40. Just beautiful! I really hope to visit Japan one day...

  41. Beautiful...calm, quiet and gracefully still...

  42. Betty - Thanks! The photo really doesn't do it justice...

    Nat - I hope you do! I'm ready to go again myself.

    Songsnwords - thanks. It really is...

  43. The reflection is at least as beatiful as the scene above the water.

  44. The beautiful reflection. . .

    Thank you.

  45. Robyn - Thanks I loved this place. I don't know if you remember, but earlier in the year, I posted some photos from behind the "authorized personell only" sign. I'm bad like that...

    ruma - Thanks Ruma! You have a beautiful country. My favorite. My wife is Japanese and most of her family is in Japan...


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