Monday, October 4, 2010

Northern Arizona Road Trip - Post 3

While we were in Sedona we hired a jeep and driver/guide to take us through a place called Diamondback Gulch via the Sidewinder Trail.  I would have preferred that the Jeep had a different paint color instead of pink (It clashed badly with my camo t-shirt and pants with 14 pockets).

Sidewinder Trail

Some parts weren't too bad

Some parts were

What goes down, must come up

Almost there

One more set of bumps and we're out!

All that just to see this heart shaped cactus on the other side!  

Not really, but it was there and it was pretty cool looking.  Of course this wasn't the most radical off-road experience ever, but for us it was pretty exciting and very interesting.  We also took another off road tour to see some more ancient cliff dwellings, that were only accessible via 4-wheel drive.  Pics from that tour will be posted tomorrow.



  1. Haha-I've seen these Jeeps before! Always wondered about them-

  2. I love the pink jeep, Pat! I can just imagine you in there... hehe!

    Beautiful photos, as always.

  3. At least it would be hard to get lost in a Pepto-bismol pink jeep.
    I 'prickly' <3 the rich red colour of the soil. Awesome photos! - G

  4. Well Gee. How could you have had an incredible off-road experience? You were in a pink Jeep. Not that there's anything wrong with it.

  5. Pink Jeep Tours would be "falsely advertising" if their jeeps were any other colour! LOL

    Once again - great pictures

  6. WoW! What an adventure! Were you sore afterwards?

  7. You're a very confident man to chug around in a bright pink jeep. (I fell into one of those bad boys last trip to Sedona. The opuntia, not the jeep.)

  8. the top of that cactus looks like a little heart!

  9. My husband took us for a trip like that over bumpy rocks but it wasn't in a Jeep. We have dents in our van to show for it though. Great pics.


  10. That looked like it was a rough, but well worth journey.

  11. Sounds like a blast. And good to know that wasn't your pink Jeep!

  12. Pat I love the "barbie" colored jeep. Your wife must have been in seventh heaven! Though i prefer the mountains to the desert I really like the way the landscape looks!

  13. I really need to catch up with you guys - a desert trip! Sounds like you both had a good time - that's neat and the heart-shaped cactus went well with the pink jeep - you planned all that just for Barbies, right? LOL - glad you guys didn't get too bumped around out there!

  14. I think Georgina Dollface is correct...those jeeps are hot pink so they can easily be spotted.

  15. Nice Pat, the only thing that concerned me was the top of the jeep appears to be pointing backwards making me think it has possibly been upside down, I hope there were some pink seastbelts to keep you under the rollbar, I would have jumped right in because it looks like a great tour.

    Great Pictures my Friend

  16. Ca Girl - Yep! every one of them.

    Ren - They are a pretty big player in Sedona. There are a few more of their tours we'd like to take next time.

    Talli - Thanks! It took me while to realize that painting the pink was genius. You can't miss 'em...

    Gerogina - They do tend to stand out. The red soil is pretty cool. By the time our day was done, my white t-shirt had a lot of red on it...

    Jesse - I loved that episode!

    Nariane - That is so true!

    Bossy Betty - I wasn't sore, but I was also pink from all the red dust!

    altadenahiker - Yes, I am confident of my "jeepness." Thanks for the name of the cactus. that must have hurt!

    baygirl - yes it did!

    Clarissa - thanks! Funny story...

    Blue Wave - It was pretty rough, but the driver seemed to know what he was doing.

    Alex - It was a blast. It may have been pink, but it was rugged...

    DrSoosie - You are right, my wife had a blast! Evertime we'd bounce around she'd start laughing. I like the mountains also.

    Andrea - We had a great time! that's funny. Paula is the one that planned it...

  17. Jimmy - Thanks! All the roll bars are like that. They were really heavy duty though. It's only about a 5 hour drive +/- from where you live. Well worth it

  18. That would bounce the kibble right outta me!

  19. Love the pink jeep :) We did a tour with a company that had red ones but I remember seeing the pink ones and thinking they were fab!
    Thanks for more great photos :)

  20. Good thing you are driving that pink jeep in the wild and not up and down the strip.

    Pretty cool though.

  21. 4WDing is soooo much fun! The landscape was cool too :)

  22. Oh I like that color of the Jeep, and your photos are fantastic..

  23. I have to say my first thought on seeing the picture of the jeep was, 'that is way too pink.' haha

    Cool cactus. Totally worth the bumps.

  24. I hope you didn't take that wild ride on a full stomach. BTW, I like the pink, but I understand why you didn't.
    Keep enjoying.

  25. Only real men ride in pink jeeps!!! ;)

    Hey - it's got my name written all over it! Add some purple, and we'd be rockin'!

  26. Brian - Yeah, me too!

    Nat - I think there is about 4 companies that do this, with PJ being the largest.

    Cheeseboy - Oh yeah! do some cruising...

    Lynda - It probably wouldn't have been much fun if I was driving... we may not have made it back alive.

    Icy BC - Thanks so much!

    TS - It was "way too pink!" But you gotta admit, they do stick out!

    Robyn - I really didn't mind the color!

    Marlene - That's right!

  27. Did you also see some sidewinders?

    Beautiful area, also liked the Indian caves. Are they doing anything to prevent those 'buildings' from deteriorating?

  28. Well if the jeep got lost it would be really easy to spot it from the air, pink stands out in the desert. That looks like a pretty easy drive, can't wait to see the 4-wheeling.

  29. Arjan - Didn't see a single snake, I know they were there, but we didn't see them. At this particular site, they aren't doing anything...They wanted to keep them natural...

    SQ - I guess there was an advantage to it! It was an easy drive, only if you had an off road, or 4 WD vehicle.

  30. The heart-shaped cactus is very cool, Pat...thanks for sending me the link! I think I'll be looking more closely at the cacti next time we're down that way...:)


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