Friday, October 8, 2010

Northern Arizona Road Trip - My Favorites 1 - Sedona

I selected all of my favorite photos from our recent trip to Norther Arizona and divided them in half. First half today and second half posted tomorrow. None of these were previously posted.  All of these except one, was taken around Sedona.  Please feel free to enlarge them for greatly enhanced viewing.  thanks...



  1. I'm so impressed over the red colour of the mountains. It's beautiful, and so is the light.

    Have a nice weekend Pat:)

    Greetings, Berit.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous...fantastic pics, and a beautiful place!

  3. Amazing place Patrick. Spectacular photographs.
    Thanks for the trip.
    Have a great weekend.

  4. I see why these are your favorites. I love the one with the trees on both sides. Great balance.

  5. They are all great, but I like the second last one

  6. Gorgeous photos! You get a really good sense of how big the Canyon is when you see how much space the cloud shadows cover. - G

  7. Whoa! Patrick! I love these! Is that camera of yours getting hot?

  8. Shall I call you Ansel? You do have a gift Pat. Thanks for sharing your favorites. I really do hope you have carved out a space in your home to display your talent.

  9. I'm speechless. These could seriously be published somewhere. (Like besides on your blog.)

    The colors are so fantastic!

  10. I love the one with the pine (?) in the foreground.

  11. I think I love your close-ups the best. My vote is for pine tree.

  12. I see why you didn't pick just one favorite!!!

  13. Berit - It is such a beautiful place. Most houses and other buildings are painted using earthtone paints also. Thanks!

    Joe - thanks! That it is...

    Costas - Thanks Costas! My pleasure. you have a great weekend also.

    Tim - I like that one a lot also. thanks Tim.

    baygirl - thanks so much! I love that one also.

    Georgina - Thanks! It's truly a magical place. I took that photo standing on one of the vortices (if you belive that stuff). It seem like every photo I took in that area came out very crisp.

    Alex - Thanks! I appreciate it. Hard to take a bad one there, but I did...LOL

    Bossy Betty - I don't know about hot, but it has some red dirt in it, gotta get into the shop.

    DrSoosie - Thanks my friend! People are always surprised to hear that I've never printed out one of my own photos. I actually was lucky enough to meet Ansel Adams once. I could buy 10 cameras of mine for what he paid for his. He's an awesome man...

    Robyn - Thanks Robyn! good subject matter...

    Salt - Maybe someday! Thanks for the nice words...

    Talli - Thanks! That's my favorite also...

    Jesse - That makes three of us. I love that one.

    Brian - I wish I could Brian!

  14. Mother Nature sure is a great artist. (And Pat Tillett sure is a great photographer).

  15. Marlene - The part about nature is certainly true anyway... thanks!

  16. I've only been once, but I LOVE Sedona. Beautiful pics!

  17. WOW! Loved all these photo's! I had to go back and look at them all again! The views are just amazing, it really makes you feel small in comparison, loved the texture of the trees and I just had to laugh when I saw the ancient graffiti! Things certainly haven't changed!
    The colours are so bright that they almost hurt your eyes just looking at them.
    WOW! You at you very best!
    BTW, Yeah, I've some catching up to do to!

  18. First one is my favorite. Amazing shot.

  19. Great pix, Pat! What a nice place to be in the fall!

  20. Nancy - I've only been once also, but I'm going again in the winter I hope!

    Alice - Thanks Alice! If you looked at them twice, I know you liked them! Thanks so much for the nice words!

    Blue Wave - Thanks, so do I!

    Cheeseboy - Thanks! I love that one also.

    tapirgal - It was fantastic! thanks...

  21. I want to steal one of these and use it for my phone wallpaper.

  22. After the week I had, I sure do wish I could be somewhere in these pictures. They are beautiful!

  23. PTM - Go right ahead if you want to.

    Toni - I'd like to teleport back there myself! I hope you can get there someday...

  24. Joan - Had to take a bad pic looking at all that! Thanks Joan...

  25. More awesome shots, Pat! Love the contrast of red sandstone against that brilliant blue's a photographers dreamscqape, isn't it?


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