Thursday, October 14, 2010

Magic Gumbo Graphics

I recently got a new blog header.  Of course you've already noticed it and many of you have commented about it.  Micael Chadwick at Magic Gumbo Graphics designed it for me. In addition to the special offer outlined below, he also does full graphic blog design. I liked the one he did for me so much, that I thought I'd pass his info along to all my blogging friends. 


Click here to visit Magic Gumbo™ Graphics or here to contact Micael Chadwick for more information.



  1. Thanks a bunch, Patrick. Much appreciated!

  2. Yay! I love it!
    He did my whole blog design as well :)
    He's so talented :)

  3. Totally kicks ass. Looks great!!! Can you blog about how you chose the pics?

  4. I might need a new one next year. Yours looks good!

  5. I do like the new header. Very stylish.

  6. It is a very nice header. Rabbit can do some impressive things.

  7. Hmmmmm, the header was blank for me!

  8. Yes he redid my header too..and I love it.. I think I'll let him do the whole page over..Thx for posting this Pat!!!

  9. Ooooooo I love it!!! He does good work! :)

  10. Looks awesome! Any business with gumbo in it's name has got to be good!

  11. Wow makes this whole blog thing seem really legit don't you think? Thanks for the a computer dummy it is something I might look into. I really like your new header. But then I always like your headers!!

  12. i'm going to have him do mine!! =)

  13. I love the header, but I would be reading your blog regardless of the header, you know.

  14. It looks good Pat, I'm always tweeking with the looks of mine and like how both your and Lynnes headers came out.

  15. The Rabbit did a great job! He's very talented, and I'll keep that in mind.

  16. Great header! I totally love how 'clean' it looks!

  17. Aww..he did an amazing job!!!! Love it!!!

  18. Like my header fits me, yours fits you...all class like you and your site is. Moving on up buddy. Your blog is terrific and it shows. I am happy for your success.

  19. Rabbit - My pleasure! Thanks so much for doing it for me!

    Penny - Thanks! I like yours...

    Jesse - Thank you sir. I chose them because I thought it was a good cross section of what pics I like to take. I think I can change them from time to time

    Alex - Thanks! I change mine every few months...nice to have a few of them.

    Tim - Thanks Tim. just like me...stylish!

    Jhon - He sure can! thanks!

    Brian - Hmmm! did you have your glasses on?

    Lynne - My pleasure, I may have him do a remodel on my whole blog also.

    Nancy- thanks Nancy!

    Salt - He sure do! I'm happy...

    Nat - thanks Nat!

    Talli - yes'm!

    Marguerite - I KNEW you'd say that! speaking of which, I'm gonna go to your blog and make myself hungry!

    DrSoosie - Too legit to quit! I don't have a lot of talent in that area myself

    Ashley - Great! I'm sure he'll do a good job

    Joe - Thanks so much Joe! I appreciate it

    Jimmy - Thanks! All I knew how to do myself is to plug a new photo into it every once in a while

    Robyn - Thanks my friend!

    Jenny - Clean as a whistle!

    Marlooney - thanks! I really like it...

  20. Kal - thanks for the nice words. You are one of the reasons I even stuck with the darn thing. Early on, I was about ready to pack it in! Thanks for your continued support...

  21. Pat, I agree it looks very sharp. I will keep Rabbit in mind in the future. I also agree that I would read your blog if it was just white background and black letters.

  22. Chuck - thanks! I really appreciate you saying that Chuck...

  23. Your new header looks great Pat, he does good work. I like the clean lines.

  24. I really like it too. Simple, but classy.

  25. CD - thanks! He's pretty darn good.

    SQ - Thanks! I like it so much that I'm thinking of having him do a whole new template for me!

    Cheeseboy - I agree! I like his work a lot...


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