Friday, April 16, 2010

Japan 3

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local shopping by my wife's aunt's house in Tokyo

bike parking lot for the Japanese version of the 99 cent store.


  1. These are some excellent photographs, and I really like the idea behind it, as seen by yourself. The things that caught your interest, specifically.

    The picture with the bikes interests me the most. I remember years ago having seen a documentary about japan and the way the bikes are dealt with there. So frequently stolen and so universally used that every day people essentially just pick a bike from under a freeway to be theirs.

    I would sorely like to have an opportunity to visit japan in my future but until then, I am glad to be able to see it through your eyes.

  2. Thanks Kerrath, Thanks for visiting and for your kind comments. I love Japan. Despite being the most densely populated city on earth, I'd move to Tokyo in a second.
    My wife is Japanese and most of her family is still there. So when we go, we stay in their houses instead of hotels. They all still live in a very traditional manner, so it is a great insight into their culture, to stay with them.

    The bikes were parked outside of a "99 yen store."

    I'm way behind on posting photos...

  3. i like all the japanese pictures.... well.... the american pictures that you took in japan.... i like them.... i do like japanese pictures too. i have them hanging all over my house.... =)

  4. Pat--This takes me back to my four-year stint in Japan. As the second picture illustrates, bikes and bikers are ubiquitous.

    I think the choice of B&W really gives these photos a great feel. On a trip down to Hiroshima, I took some black and whites that are still some of my favorites.

    Thanks for sharing these.

  5. Seriously, I'm really loving these pics! The first one is amazing..

  6. Ashley - I think the Japanese folks thought the same of me, we do of them, crazy tourist taking pictures of everything.

    Jon - You are so right, many folks there never get a car or even a driver's license. Havn't been to Hiroshima. Maybe next time, I'd like to see the big memorial there.

    Sarah - Thanks. Yep, she never even looked up. I just noticed that I forgot to label them. The first one is the "neighborhood" shopping area by my wife's aunt's house. The second one is the bike lot outside their version of the 99 cent store. t

  7. Wow. See I'm fascinated by photos like these. They aren't your everyday big city shots of tokyo. Shows what life is really like. I'm curious what the weather is like. It looks like it might be a bit brisk.

  8. Jesse - I feel bad for the people that go to Japan and only stay where the tourists stay and only see what the tourists see. Because my wife has so many relatives there, when someone from our family goes, they get to stay in their houses rather than hotels. It's a different world. And MUCH cheaper. Their food is the best. They shop for food twice a day.

    Oops, the weather. Spring and Autumn are nice. Summer is hot and steamy and winter is cold. Not much snow, but still cold. But even when it's nice out, the Japanese dress like it's much cooler. Because they are so conservative, they show VERY little skin. I love it there...

  9. A place I have always wanted to visit....
    but I like open spaces with hardly any people, so I don't know how I would deal with having that many people around all the time, so crowded...even though they look delightful.

  10. It's such a tease to post just a couple pictures. I recant my long ago blog with shots like these interspersed with your normal posts is perfect.

  11. Chuck - thanks! It's actually paid off already for me. Seem to have more time!

    Joan - Once you get into the neighborhoods, it doesn't seem that crowded. What's also nice, is that there a just so many small businesses there.
    Also, it doesn't take long to get out into the country. They have lot's of it. But yes, very crowded in the cities. But it works!

  12. Soemone told me that it's almost permissible to steal bikes and umbrellas in Japan. I can see why. How could you tell which one was yours anyway.

  13. So many bikes! I guess it's easier to travel by bike in Japan....

  14. In the cities, there is very little available parking, so many people don't have cars. But even if they do, for their little shopping trips, etc. they usually ride a bike. They do lock them though.


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