Friday, April 23, 2010

Japan 10

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  1. Loving the trees! Lace seat covers, never seen those before. Are those scoop things for drinking?

  2. Black and white photies have an attraction head and shoulders above any colour shots.

    Truly great photies.

  3. Is that some sorta treehouse?

  4. Ms A - In public places the tree are groom like giant bansai. All of the cabs are Toyotas, they all have lace, and the drivers all wear white gloves.

    JB - I agee, there is a feeling to things that doesn't come across in color. Maybe thats because I don't see things all colorful and cheery

    Jesse - nah, its just a little shrine. it and the tree are very little. I took this one while laying on the ground.

  5. It appears in the second from the top photo the lady is scooping the water for a child, not sure if this is the case but it appears so.

    I'm with everyone else these B&W photos are Great.

  6. Jimmy - Each of these little water things (can't think of the name) have a different purpose. One might be for "no headaches" and another maybe for "fertility." They are kind of like good luck charms, only you drink it or wash your's just plain water (blessed by a monk).

  7. I love black & white photos too, but a couple that I took lately have sunbeams, and they didn't show up that well on b&w photos, or I just didn't capture the feeling I was trying to achieve.

    Love your Japanese photo's!
    I thought that was some bird-house, but I had seen the little cups before, on T.V. though, not in real life, sadly!

  8. I love picture #2..! It looks a lot like a scene from our chinatown (or any chinatown for that matter, I know..still, it's familiar!)

  9. More great B&W' 'em!


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