Thursday, April 29, 2010

Japan Color 01

I promised that I'd start posting some color photos as well as black and white...

Hostess at Kyoto Tea Ceremony

Japanese Hottie nice enough to pose for me

Golden Pagoda, Kyoto.
Hard pic on a very rainy day


  1. What great pictures! I look forward to following your blog. Thank you for following mine!!!

  2. Thanks very much. Lot's more to come!

  3. Just getting to know you - I am curious about the below stories - how they end or if they have ended.

    These photos are great. Love the bottom one. Very cool.

    New follower here.

  4. Cheeseboy - thanks! I've seen your comments around alot. We are linked with a lot of the same people I think. As to the post below this one. I'm hoping it's all over, I'll know in June. As with most things I get involved with, there is always some craziness.

    Most of my blog revolves around the chaos of my life and photography. My mom was an insane prostitute, so it's pretty interesting if you go back to the beginning. I understand if you don't though. Anyway, welcome aboard!

  5. OOOOK, I guess we all have to have some color in our know me and B&W !!
    Especially love the greens in the bottom one !!

  6. Vickie - LOL, you mean "US" and our black and white! I'm right there with you.

  7. Japan looks beautiful, and I don't just mean your wife. ;)

    You take great pictures, Pat!

  8. Really love what the woman in the first pic is wearing! And the third is breath-taking!


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