Thursday, April 15, 2010

"Uncle Pat"

I’m posting this as another reminder that the stories of my life, as told in my blog entries are true. I recently received the following message on Facebook, from a lady I don’t know and have never met. I've cut and pasted our back and forth into this post...

March 25 at 11:17am Report
Hi Patrick,
I am the granddaughter of Ernie XXXXXXXXX (Lowell's daughter). Ernie passed away 6 years ago and may or may not have taken some secrets to the grave with him. My mom tells stories that you might be my grandpa’s son. I hope this isn't too sensitive for you to talk about. My question is what is your version of the story? I was doing a time line and my grandpa was not on your mail route until after he returned from Korea which was after you were born. The only way this could have happened is if your mother and my grandfather met somewhere else. Out of respect for my Grandparents, I never asked about this while they were living. I would like to put this rumor to rest. What are your thoughts? Do you believe this is true? Did my grandpa ever come see you or admit to any of this? Oh the wonders of facebook, so easy to connect with people now days!
Patrick Tillett March 25 at 12:35pm

Hi Lynell,
I won’t keep you in suspense. Your GF was not my dad. When my mom and dad got divorced in 1956, she told him that I wasn’t his son. But I think she was just mad at him. I’ll attach a photo of my dad and me to this message. You will clearly see that we look very much alike. I’ve heard that rumor many times also. It was usually from the “old timers” around the North LB bars. Strangely enough, we ended up being friends. I remember he used to sing a few songs with a local bar band at that time. He was a great guy. I can still remember some of his “tall tales” and jokes. I also knew your grandmother, but for the life of me, I can’t remember her name. Sorry about that.

You are right; your GF wasn’t our mailman when I was born. My mom lived a few blocks away at that time, on 52nd street, between Elm and Atlantic. You are also right that they didn’t know each other because he was a mailman.

They knew each other because my mom was a cash bar maid at the “Drift Inn.” It was a beer bar on the corner of Atlantic and 61st street. She also worked at other NLB bars that he frequented. Whether or not they ever “got together,” would be pure speculation on my part. But knowing, my mother, they certainly might have. If they did, I’m sure they didn’t have an ongoing relationship, because my mom wasn’t that type. I won’t come right out and call her a prostitute, but when she was with men, she always got something out of it. She used them to supplement her welfare payments. I even mentioned this “rumor” in my blog last year. Here is the link to it.

There are also several other posts relating to NLB and my childhood there if you’re interested.

Look for the label “family stories” on the right side. If there is anything else, please feel free to contact me at anytime. Also, please say hello to your dad for me. We were also friends, back in the old days.

March 25 at 6:20pm Report

Hi Patrick,
Thank you for that. My grandma's name was Barbara or Barb. After they retired they moved from Long Beach back home to Missouri. Grandpa enjoyed his garden, shooting, fishing, hunting, his golden Lab, VFW, Bingo helper, Shuffle Board, and telling jokes. He was as funny as hell and we sure do miss him. My dad is now retired from the Grocery business and plays golf, bowls and watches my kids for me. He is a pretty great grandpa and we enjoy our family time. He remembers you, and he believed my grandpa when he said that he wasn't your father. But like you said about your mom, you never know. My mom is Debbie XXXXXXXX, they divorced 30 years ago. Thank you again for putting that rumor to rest for us XXXXXXXXX. There will be no more "Uncle Pat" stories for us. Ha Ha!
Patrick Tillett March 25 at 6:33pm

Lynell, It was my pleasure.
Barbara, yes I remember her also! Now I wonder what she must have been thinking whenever she saw me. Or did she not know about the "rumor?" You are right; your grandfather was a classic....

If you need anything else, you know where I am! Oh yeah, did you look at the blog entry about my mom?
March 26 at 9:09am Report

I just read the whole thing about your mom. Wow, did you paint a picture of her. The crazy thing is, I noticed that there was only one positive thing that you wrote in that blog and of course it was my favorite!
I wonder how many other "families" that I don't know about, call me "Uncle Pat?"


Ashley King said...

wait! what?! i thought you were MY uncle?!!

sarahjayne smythe said...

Wow. Just wow. Gotta love Facebook. :)

Ashley King said...

are YOU my mother?

TS Hendrik said...

That is some crazy crazy stuff. I sort of always wished my dad had a secret other family, and that I would one day discover other relatives. Does that make me weird?

Saumya said...

Oh gosh. It's crazy how things can get so carried away!! Glad this one was cleared up!

KarenG said...

Great story! Oh wait, it wasn't a story, it was a for real FB conversation. Still, a great story.

Jon Paul said...

That's definitely an interesting story--and better for being true. Thanks for sharing it.

Tina said...

I think your life is definitely book worthy. There's a mystery story right there. Bad stuff is good material right?

California Girl said...

your mom told you your father wasn't your father because she was mad at him? that could go in the dictionary as one definition of dysfunctional.

I like Ashley's comment.

Bossy Betty said...

I am still going to call you Uncle Pat.

Pat Tillett said...

All - Yup, quite a life story...still lots more to come! Sometime, if I get some help, I'll try to tie it all together in one document (my life that is).

California Girl - Yep, and she told me he had a new family and wanted nothing to do with me. if you haven't yet "met" my mom, a thumbnail sketch of her is here:

thanks everyone!

Ms. Anthropy said...

We have a few of those types of rumors, stories, that evolved and took on a life of their own. Strange thing is... nobody is left to dispute them.

The Retired One said...

Good that you could connect with her and dispel any rumors or probably made her day and out of that good soul you have, made her feel better.

Chuck said...

Wow! What a multi-layed life you have had. The stories must never end.

Jimmy said...

Facebook does bring about quite a few people you have not seen in a while and some you never met, it's great to connect sometimes and even better to set the record straight.

Thanks for sharing.

Jerry said...

Wow that is crazy. Maybe you should join and see if anyone is trying to connect you to their family trees.

Ellen Brickley said...

That's a really interesting story, Pat, thanks for sharing!

I recently got back in touch with some cousins from a side of the family we hadn't seen in 21 years - all thanks to Facebook!

Pat Tillett said...

Ms. Anthropy - Lot's of interesting things like that in my family also. It's very hard to confirm or deny at this late date.

Chuck - You are so right. It goes on and on. I've got many more. Most of them will be quick reading though (aren't you all lucky!).

Joan - Yes, it was nice to be able to do that for her. At the same time, it was a little sad for me though.

Jimmy and Ellen - I was a late convert to Facebook. Now I think it's amazing. I've connected to so many people from my past because of it. Thanks for reading and commenting!

Jerry - That's funny because I've actually done a lot of work on my family tree. I've found many interesting things. Here's one; my mom's grandfather at one point, seems to have totally changed the names of his entire family and then pretty much vanished.

Christine said...
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Francisca said...

I've connected with some interesting people through FB, but this takes the cake, Pat! Having a bit of an "unconventional" background myself, none of this surprises (let alone shocks). But it's a fun read!

Pat Tillett said...

Francisca - Without the internet, many folks are IMPOSSIBLE to find. In this case, I'm a major internet fan...

Jenny said...

Oh Pat. This must be exhausting.