Saturday, April 10, 2010

Drive to Palm Springs

never a good sign in southern california

we're wondering if we're going to get stopped

must have just started, no fire equipment yet

calling for fire department

not a good sign

it's spreading

we could feel massive heat through the windows (that's why mine is still rolled up)

to the rescue!

When we came back this way 2 days later (yesterday) we could see that the fire had been contained to a fairly small area. If you're not from socal, you may not know that fires are a huge concern out here, especially after a heavy rainy season (like the one we just had). Most of us fear fires more than earthquakes.

We had a great time in Palm Springs. Me, my wife, two daughters and their families.


  1. Thanks for visiting! Love your masthead photo. Looks like I'm first to comment on this post and yes, you're right, "not a good sign". I thought from the first few photos the car ahead of you was smoking and THEN caught fire and I wondered "WTF?"

    Anyway, I live on the East Coast but will, someday, hopefully, end up in Ca where my oldest friends and family & home will always be.

  2. Dear Pat,

    I'd like to preface this by saying that I love your stuff. You're one of my favorite bloggers out there, end of story.

    But I don't appreciate you obviously ripping off my idea of telling a story though a series of a dozen pictures. I posted mine last night, you posted yours this afternoon. Coincidence?

    I think not.

    Good day sir.

  3. I lived in California till I was 4, but I don't remember a lot of fires... or anything else.

  4. Mr. Soft - Too funny!
    You are so right! I paid someone to set a fire in our path. I was hoping for something larger, but the wind wasn't cooperating.

    Tim - I don't remember so much of it when I was young either. Many of them now are started by pyromaniacs...

  5. California Girl - thanks for stopping by and commenting. Thanks for the comment on the train station photo. Japan is my favorite place for candids.

  6. Glad to hear that it didn't become too much larger. I'm sure we'll have plenty of those to contend with this summer.......unfortunately.
    Happy to hear the remainder of your trip was great :)

  7. Wow! Too close for comfort, right?
    We had some really big fires here last year and they had to evacuate many home owners...several people lost their homes. And to make it worse, it was arson that caused the fire!

  8. I think that arson should be a capital offense.

  9. I'm glad you had such a good time, and that the fire was contained! The thought of a massive fire freaks me out too.

    A few years ago, a big piece of British Columbia (I think Kelowna) was on fire. It was many kilometers from where I lived in Calgary, but we still had ash falling from the sky. Scary stuff!

  10. Thanks Brandi - I remember the big one in BC. It burned for a long time. Very scary.

  11. Mr Soft apparently can't only used 9 pictures and the story was a great tell. I have friends that live in Big Bear and you're right, they are more afraid of fire than earthquakes.

  12. Hi Pat, So Cal gal here. Fires are scary, and Palm Springs was a favorite vacation spot nonetheless. Glad you had a great time. It's a beautiful place, and a great time of year to go there.

  13. Horrific intro into SOCAL life. Those are incredible pics. Glad you all got to Palm Springs.

  14. Hey Pat,

    Have lived about thirty some odd miles from where you took the pictures for about the last year and a half, the rain is a welcome sight but it is so scary when it stops because you know all that green will soon dry out to become fuel.

    I agree arson should be a capital offense.

  15. Glad you had a great time. I am from CA--hate to see that smoke!

  16. Wow...

    I lived in Southern CA this summer and I miss it. While I don't remember there being any major fires etc. while we were there I can totally understand what a big deal it is there.

  17. we were throwing matches out the window....


  18. chuck - sometimes genius is persnickity, so I forgive

    Erika - the fire season is fall and winter when the humidity is very low. Always scary though.

    Robyn - you are right, great place during the cool season.

    Jimmy - you know better than most then. It's very scary!

    copyboy - one of just a few negatives about socal. It's a great place to live. you can get a suntan and surf in the ocean and then be snow skiing 90 minutes later.

    Ashley - you were about 20 minutes ahead of us! you in big trouble girl...

  19. I agree...I also live in So. Cal and fires and earthquakes are always on our minds. Every year we do a big brush clearance in our yard because we live in the hills. I am glad you had a great trip with our family. We take a big two week trip every year with the kids...a tradition I hope to continue ever when they get married!

    Glad I stopped by!

  20. Glad you had a good time in Palm Spring.

    Yikes re: the fire! Happy to hear it wasn't too big.

  21. Great shots - but very scary - we get very nasty bushfires here in australia too..that didnt look too bad but you just never know..

  22. DrSoosie - We live in the hills also. The slopes are usually green. But it's always a concern.

    Talli - We had a blast! There were 10 of us in three adjoining rooms. As always my primary focus was photos...I started to post some yesterday at my other blog.

    Anthony - Yes you do, I've seen some of them on the news. they burn for a long period of time. scary!

  23. I remember that scary Santiago fire threatening my parents house.... You are always in the right place at the right time Pat! Great pictures!


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