Monday, April 5, 2010

One more I missed

Being the dufus that I am, I overlooked this award that was given to me by Kal, at "Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness."  This is one that I totally appreciate and covet for three reasons:

First off, it's a new and prestigious award that will look nice on my blog page. Second, it's another affirmation that my "story" is both readable and palatable.  Someday, I hope to turn it into a book or two.  Third, it came from one of the funniest, most creative, and prolific posters I've ever seen. Think I'm kidding?  He already has 1172 posts this year! And it's only April 5th!  Last year he posted 2844 blog entries.  There is something for every one, believe me!

But that's not all...
Kal supports other bloggers. He found me when I was fairly new and no one was reading my stuff.  His comments had a good impact. He isn't afraid to put his heart on his sleeve, even in a comment to someone else's blog. Truly, his comments are worthy of being blog posts in their own right. He's one of the reasons, I kept blogging, even though there weren't many people reading me at the time.  I know most of my blog entries are serious in nature. Some folks might even consider them a total downer.

I just discovered that I wasn't a dufus. Kal's link along with several others, had somehow fallen off of my "dashboard" links list. I feel better. If you find that I haven't commented for a while on your blog. Please check out the "blogs followed" list on my profile and let me know, so I can "link up" again.

Anyway, major thanks and kudos to Kal.  I'm passing this award back to him.  I know he already has one, so he doesn't have to display another, if he doesn't want to. Check him out, you'll be happy you did...


  1. Holy cow! And to think, I have trouble posting occasionally! This guy MUST have more hours in his day, than I do. Will try to check him out.

  2. Congrats on the award! It is a cool one for sure!

  3. Wow, that is an aspiration and a half. I've been blogging since 2006 and I only have 300+ posts total.
    Thanks for all your comments on my blog, Patrick! I am not a good commenter(it's something I need to work on) but just so you know: I'm one of your avid readers!

  4. Congrats, Pat! Still a baby blogger, I'm always inspired by your comments on my own posts so thank YOU! Also, I've never thought of your posts as downers. They're actually incredibly honest and fascinating; your childhood stories remind me of Running With Scissors.

  5. thanks guys! I really appreciate you reading!!!
    and love your sites also!
    "running with scissors." I loved that movie!

  6. Yeah a lot of folks are hot for Coolness. I'll have to give it a read. Thanks for the tip.

  7. Thanks Pat, you honor me with you post. It's true that I admire your stuff because it is honest and not fluff like my stuff can tend to be. You have a style that gets right to the heart and has a way of staying there days after it was first written. Don't quit on that gift. There are great books in there somewhere, I just know it. Promise to be the first on in line to get mine signed.

  8. Jesse - You two are both posting machines! Your blog is awesomely cool as well...

    Kal - Thank you my friend! Your stuff isn't fluff. It's interesting and it's funny! People love it. Like I said, there's something for everybody!

  9. I echo the book thing! Please write one (or more)...and congrats on yet another well-deserved award!

  10. Yay Cal! I don't know how you do it, but all of your multiple daily blog posts are great.

  11. Whoa...Thats a crazy amount..nice to have good followers though..well done


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