Monday, April 19, 2010

Water War Snippet


  1. wish you got the water war when i nearly fist fought your neighbor. ;)

    so much fun.... maybe (if the step aerobics work and i actually lose some weight), i'll get out and participate this summer now that i'm not in a wheelchair! wooo hoooo!!! haha.

  2. Your masthead photo -- very special.

  3. Its people like you that don't deserve clean water pumped in to clean you and remove your sewage. It was like the 70s in Harlem all over again. Only with palm trees and white people so I am very confused.

  4. Goodness, there's lots of people involved in that. AND, that car got quite close at the end.

  5. Ashley - I have video with you and the hose in the front yard, but that's all.

    Karin - Thanks. I think that might be my favorite photo that I've ever taken

    Ms A, Chuck, Kimberly, Joan - It is wild and fun. But make no mistake a half filled water balloon to the face stings a

    Cal - One of the best and funniest comments EVER!

  6. Looks like your block was having a heck of a party.... I don't think Antonio Villaraigosa will be very pleased....

  7. ABAO - Good thing we're not in his's a lot of fun and happens every year!


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