Friday, April 30, 2010

Capillary Thyroid Carcinoma – Part 3 of 4 - Post Surgery

I’m still a bit out of it, when they wheel me in to my room. Once I’m settled, most of my family comes in. My doctor left instructions that I could be medicated (as in morphine) every two hours. Even if I didn’t need it, I asked for it every time it was available. I admit it wasn’t because I needed it that bad, but it just felt so good to be that “fuzzy.”  Like that great feeling when you can't stay awake while watching TV late at night.

A little later in the day my surgeon came by and told me that the biopsy revealed that my thyroid was in fact malignant. The cancer was called “Capillary Thyroid Carcinoma.” He also added that he was trying to schedule the surgery to take the other half out. As bad luck would have it, there were no operating rooms available that day, or the next. He said I would remain in the hospital that night, as well as the next (Tuesday). My insurance wouldn’t pay for Wednesday night, so I had to check out Wednesday morning and check back in on Thursday. I would have liked to spend Wednesday night there as well, but I didn’t want to pay for it out of m own pocket.

One of the semi-fuzzy memories I had the day of the first surgery, was sending my family home, because I didn’t want to watch “dancing with the stars” on the TV in my room. I don’t know exactly why I did it. Maybe I thought it was going to step on my "buzz."

I learned at thing or two during my first stay and used it this time. Before my second surgery, the surgeon asked me if the morphine allotted to me during my first stay was sufficient. I told him that I could have used more. Much to my surprise he decreased the amount of time between doses. Who am I to question the wisdom of modern medicine?

The increased medication had an impact on me. During my first stay, if I had to go to the bathroom, I just rolled my IV apparatus into the room with me and did my business. During my second stay, I was so lazy (by lazy, I mean fuzzy) that I used the urinal at my bedside most of the time. Now don’t get yourself in an uproar. I haven’t “used” any pain killers since I was discharged (even though they were given to me). You think I’m an addict or something? I’m not! Besides, I’m saving them for later…

Part 4 tomorrow


  1. This has me so curious how this is going to turn out.

    I've had to use a bedside "urinal" a couple times in my life and it is the WORST!

  2. Great blogging Pat, hang in there big guy.

  3. This is your brain... this is your brain on morphine... (wait, it was here a minute ago)

    Guess if I had to choose between morphine and DWTS... I'd choose morphine!

  4. Oh how I loved morphine when my gall bladder was about to explode. It was a grand ole time.

  5. you're saving them for ME when i get my wisdom teeth out in a few weeks.... and my lasik a few days before that.... and.... lol.

    dude, i still have SOOOOO many pain pills from all my crap that i've had done.... i should have used more (well no, i shouldn't have.... i hate the way they make me feel).... especially with 2 kids....

    you want them?

    TOO BAD!

    no, on an entirely real note.... i was scared freakin shitless. i love you SOOOO much and just don't know what i would have done if anything happened to you.... that's why i'm sick all the time. i'm destined to go before jason, you, mom, the kids.... i've GOT to be the first to go... i'm not sure i'd make it otherwise.... =(

  6. Cheeseboy - In this case, I was feeling so "good" that I didn't want to get out of bed. I loved that urinal!

    Don & Sher - Thanks! All is well so far.

    Ms. A - I know, I know...but it was soooooo good! this may be a stupid question, what is DWTS?

    Jerry - Yes indeed. It made my stay almost enjoyable. Okay, I loved it

    Ashley - Awwwww hee mee mee. I love you also!
    You are too young to go first!

  7. Under the circumstances a little fuzz sounds understandable. Never had any pain medication like that myself, so I don't know what it's like. The most I was given, a few years back were these deluxe size Ibuprofens that were like four times the normal pills. They gave me like a hundred of them for a few bucks. I just cut them in half and didn't buy any headache medicine for a couple years.

  8. It's a bit silly that you had to check out one day and check back in the next because of your insurance.

    But then, insurance company policies are a bit silly.

  9. Waaa, I want this story to be over and I want a happy ending !!!
    Your family is beautiful, Ashley's love for you is beautiful.

  10. TS - I have tons of old stuff in the cupboard. With my background, you'd think it would all be gone!

    Ms A - Oh my!!! How silly of me! I must have had some kind of a mental block!

    ScoMan - It was a bit silly. I guess I should have listened to the Doctor, and let him take the whole thing out the first time!

  11. Vickie - Thank you , thank you, and thank you! I promise you there is a happy ending. But so much to tell first! Maybe I can divert a bit...

  12. Even drugged, you show more sense than the rest of us who watch DWTS.

  13. aww Vickie, thank you.
    Pat is an AMAZING man....
    you know, some people, you just don't know how they'd be in real life....
    or if what they write about is true,
    or if it's just made up....
    it's hard to tell....

    trust me when i tell you that you're following an amazing man's blog.
    his stories are real.
    he is more than a dad than he ever needed to be....
    a wonderful one at that.
    and a wonderful WONDERFUL grandfather to my kiddos.

    to know this man, is to love him.
    i've yet to meet a soul who'd tell you otherwise....

  14. Blushing like a school girl here...
    thanks Ash! For once, I'm at a loss for words...I love you!!!

  15. Aah, I'm getting goosebumps and teary eyes given your correspondences with Ashley. So sweet, and she describes you exactly as you come across through the blogosphere.

    My dad was recently hospitalized and dosed up on morphine. He didn't take well to it, didn't sleep well, etc., so I asked if I could have the extra. I guess he thought I was kidding, because he didn't respond. Damn!

    Love to you,

  16. Thanks for the nice words, Robyn! That Ashley, is quite a gal. Very near and dear to me.
    back to the drugs...Seriously, I don't ever remember feeling more comfortable than my last two visits to the hospital. I'm sure there's an addict in here, just waiting to get out! (not really)

  17. Geez.... Even Mission kicked you out? I guess it is still a business.... At least you got a little 'extra help' during your second stay....


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