Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mona Lisa Gonzales

Do you remember your first feeling of embarrassment?
I’m not talking about when you were the only kid in your class who forgot to bring a signed paper back to school, or you gave the wrong answer when called upon in class. I’m talking about major embarrassment! Red in the face, want to become invisible, want to die, embarrassment.

I remember...

When I was 5 years old we lived in a little town in Southern California, called Pico Rivera. There was a little girl who lived next door that I really liked (my first crush). She was as cute as could be and very nice. Her name was Mona Lisa Gonzales. Our families became fairly close and hung out together.

One weekend night we were at their house until very late. She and I were playing in her room and we fell asleep on her bed. It was so late that my parents left me there for the night, rather than waking me. I remember having a dream about camping with my grandma. We were fishing in a fast running creek.  The sound of the rushing water made me want to go to the bathroom, so I walked back into the woods a little bit and started to pee.

All of a sudden I woke up!
Nooooooo! To my terror, I was really going!  I quickly felt under me and of course the pee had soaked through my pants and got her bed wet. I wasn’t a bed wetter! I was totally mortified. I truly wanted to disappear into nothingness.

I got out of bed and snuck out of their house. We had an extra key hidden by our front door and I used it to let myself in. I changed clothes and tried to go back to sleep. I couldn’t because I was petrified over what was going to happen. When my mom asked me why I came home, I told her I had a nightmare and came home just before she woke up.

I have to hand it to Mona Lisa’s family; they didn’t say a word to my mom or dad about it. Mona Lisa was still very nice to me, but I was always reminded of what happened whenever I saw her, so I tried to make sure that I didn’t…


  1. maybe she thought SHE was the one who wet the bed....

  2. Oh yeah, that would be mortifying!

    I got moments like that. Course what came to my mind didn't happen to me. I remember in the second grade, all the kids in the class were seated in a circle when this one kid raised his hand and asked to go to the bathroom.

    He stood up but that was as far as he made it. Right there in front of the whole class. And the worst part, it wasn't just pee.

  3. It is incidents like this that haunt us all out of proportion to the incident itself. Of course, being sweet on Mona Lisa is what blew it out of proportion.

  4. Memorable moments... embarrassing, but memorable.

  5. Oh yeah. We've all had moments like that. Share? No thank you!

  6. Super trauma for a 5-year old!

  7. First time I ever slept with a girl, and I wet her bed...geesh!!!

  8. Wow, Pat, that's pretty damn embarrassing!

  9. Wow, that would be horribly embarrassing! Thankfully she was sweet enough not to mention it. I think my mind is blocking any memories I have that were that bad.

  10. I would have spilled a bowl of warm water near where I was sleeping and accuse someone of trying that old camp trick.

  11. At least she never mentioned it.... By the way, if she would have brought it up, I totally would have blamed her....

  12. I never thought of blaming her...

  13. I have been meaning to come read this ever since you left the original comment on my blog about it. I've just gotten so behind that I was just saving it. But I did remember!
    And yes that is an embarrassing childhood event. Once I wet the bed at a friend's house (not a girl) and no one was discreet about it.

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