Thursday, April 29, 2010

Capillary Thyroid Carcinoma – Part 2 of 4 - Surgery

My endocrinologist referred me to a head and neck surgeon to set up my surgery. The differences between the office of the "regular" endocrinologist and the surgeon, lets me know right away who is making the real money. This place is far beyond posh…

My wife and I were waiting in the exam room when the doctor walked in. I swear, he looked like he just graduated from high school. He looked at my file, poked and prodded me a bit, and told me he’d like to get my thyroid out as soon as possible. I cut a deal with him to only take the half out that contained the tumors. I didn’t want to take medication for the rest of my life, if I didn't have to. You can live without your thyroid, but you can’t live without what it produces.

He agreed to take out only half, but warned me if the full biopsy revealed a malignancy, he’d have to go back in the next day and take the rest of it out. I was good with that and scheduled the surgery for a few weeks later.
We arrived at the hospital at 6:00 AM.
Would somebody please tell me why you always have to report to the hospital so darn early? Obviously, they don’t only operate in the morning.  Oh well, It's not that big a deal, because pre-op is the part I love.

Most of us know the routine; clothes off, gown on, and I.V. in. The anesthesiologist stops by and then your surgeon stops by. Then comes the best moment of the entire hospital experience! It’s the “I don’t care no more” shot. Seriously, at that point, I just don’t care anymore. Then, to make things even better, if that’s possible, they put a heated blanket on you.

I remember being wheeled into the operating room and everybody saying hello. The anesthesiologist is sitting behind my head and tells me to count from 100 to 1. I remember saying “wul ashagaht", before a small furry animal nested in my brain.

The next thing I know, I’m struggling to wake up in the recovery room. That is the worst moment of the entire hospital experience. Best to worst and cut something out-of-you in between. I’m pretty much awake when they take me to my room...

I'm taking pity on you all and trying to keep these short. The next entry will pick it up from there.


  1. what a cliff hanger-
    I like your long posts- can we vote?

  2. Praying the surgery was a success and the prognosis is for a complete recovery. Keeping you and your family in my prayers. Hang in there.

    Layla from L.A.

  3. Well, I am glad to hear you didn't have the brother in law of the guy that yanked your wisdom teeth do this...

  4. Omagad, totally forgot about the heated blanket! And it's so heavy. It's like having John Goodman lie down on you. Mmmmm.

  5. You have me on tenderhooks to know the outcome! And now I'm going away and will only be back online to read the rest on Monday!

  6. I hate going under. I've had two surgeries and the part I hate is feeling yourself drifting away. Knowing that control is being taken from your hands.

    You said this is 4 or 5 posts long, and you've already gotten the surgery. That leads me to believe there's more unpleasantness to come. I shall be waiting for the next installment to see how this unfolds.

  7. I had this same surgery last year. I was terrified and crying and then the anesthesiologist came in with the "I don't care" shot. I don't remember anything after that.

  8. What's wrong with long? Lady Ren has the right idea, can we vote?

  9. I hope the surgery goes well, thankfully I've never had a real operation, I can only imagine what it's like to go through.

  10. I think the government should hand out doses of those happy needles before every election campgain begins.

    You could have the same result.

    Insanely happy.

    Then the painful election process which you don't remember.

    Then that dreadful feeling of "Oh.. who did we vote for?" (lets face it, either way it's a politician so it's bad news)

  11. Hey, I gave you a blog award! Check out my page for details.

  12. I'm ready for Part Three!

    The only reason I had a second child was so I could get the heated blanket treatment again.

  13. WOW! Are you sure they had a damn good reason for doing that?

    Longer posts are okay with me too!

  14. I always hated the old "count from 100 to 1" like you are going to get much past 100 not sure I got that far, the heated blankets were nice though.

    Longer posts wouldn't be a problem for me either.

  15. I had a lot of catching up to do on your blog....when I asked several months ago if we would eventually hear how you got to the happy place in your life you promised we would...I'm very paient but I'm holding you to it !
    Please be well.

  16. I'm coming back here to read more when I get time.
    All the procedures are scheduled for the convenience of the doctors and hospital. Doesn't matter if the patience has to wait all day just don't slow down their money making process.

  17. You're a pretty tough dude Pat.... I'm surprised you didn't take it out yourself....

    I've always had my mother working at a hospital, so every time I've needed anything done at the hospital, I've luckily gotten the premier treatment....

    I have seen people get poor service at the hospital though....

    Isn't your daughter a nurse? Does she work at the hospital where you had your surgery?

  18. ABAO - I had it done at the hospital your mom works at! Also, just had a nephew born there last week.
    I would have done the surgery myself, but my hand isn't as steady as it once was....LOL

  19. I'm so behind on these bits of your story..but at least, I can read them one after the other without any waiting! On to the other one!!

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