Friday, September 10, 2010

Good Night From Moro Bay

Early evening from the pleasure craft end of the bay

This one was taken a few minutes after the previous one. We sped over to the rock and I took this one. It's the lower right corner of Morro Rock.

Looking across the bay at town

I have more photos of the trip, but I think I've posted enough.  Thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. Oh wow.....the colors in that second photo, especially, are just STUNNING. LOVE these, Pat! You have such a talent for capturing beauty. (I could be really cheesy here and say, "No wonder you caught your beautiful wife"...but I'll behave....sort of!) ;)

  2. Wow, how beautiful. Who knew the sky could be that color!

  3. Absolutely stunning!
    I'd enlarge the middle on and frame it :-)

  4. Don't stop on my account. I've loved each leg of your trip.

  5. Ooooo those are so beautiful. I think the first and second one are my faves and definitely deserve to be in frames.

  6. Wow. I am still smitten with that huge rock.
    You could post more of them as far as I am concerned, Pat...I never tire of looking of your photos of that area! (smiles)

  7. I've never seen such a brilliant night shot. Are you painting or taking these pictures?

  8. Nice colors-

    Good view.

    Have a nice weekend!

  9. Hi Pat!!! still planning a trip to Moro. Well...your photos feature my favorite color..purple. A purple evening sky...does it get any better?? Love you new header too!!!

  10. Those really are beautiful photos!

  11. Fun pix. The purple looks great with the foreground!

  12. Those colours are just wonderful...such beautiful skies.

  13. Those colours are just wonderful...such beautiful skies.

  14. Beautiful way to end the work week. Gazing on such beauty. Thank you Pat for giving me a mental vacation this past week :-)

  15. Very nice and calming to look at.
    Have a good weekend, Pat.

  16. I thank you too for the vicarious vacay. Those pictures don't even look real. I have never seen the sky that color...what amazing shots.

  17. Night Night Patrick. Thanks for the pictures!

  18. Marlene - Thanks so much Marlene! I only had to keep her prisoner for a few months...

    Mama Tink - Thanks! It was so beautiful!

    Alex - I had to make sure I was around for sunset on at least one night.

    Nat - Go right ahead! Thanks...

    altadenahiker - Thanks! I think that's enough for now...

    Salt - Why thank you! I like the first one the best.

    Joan - It's quite a place! It is also the nexting area for a kabillion birds.

    Jesse - Dang! How'd you figure it out?

    Random thinker - Me too! Thanks..

    Clarissa - Thanks so much!

    Ren - I just pushed the button. you have a good weekend yourself

    DrSoosie - I'm sure you will enjoy it! It doesn't get much better! thanks!

    tapirgal - yup, we don't get purple sunsets where I live

    Sam - Thanks my friend! It was amazing...

    TBFKA - Thanks so much!

    Lynne H - I'm happy to be of service, my friend!

    Robyn - Thanks Robyn, you have a good weekend also.

    Chuck - I was so surprised when I saw that the sky was purple!

    Cheeseboy - Yeah! It was awesome.

  19. Beautiful! I wish I was there right about now :)

  20. Do you have that camera built into you somehow? You always manage to take great pics.

  21. That plum blue/dark night! Some of your most peaceful and beautiful pictures ever, Pat.

  22. Oh Pat - this are wonderful. I love the second one especially, the light is incredible! Fab - nicely captured. ;)

  23. Pat-what absolutely gorgeous pictures!!! I love the colors in them. I love photography and everytime I see your pictures it inspires me to go out and take pictures. Absolutely beautiful.

  24. Ahhhh, it looks idyllic - you've captured the atmosphere so beautifully, you have a great eye for a shot, Pat!

  25. BB - My pleasure! Bossy one...

    Blue Wave - Thanks! I've only seen purples a few times at sunset.

    Anthony - Thanks Anthony! Same to you...

    Toni - I do also! Even though I just got back...

    PTM - It is almost built in. I ALWAYS have at least one camera with me, or in my pocket.

    Margaret - Thanks so much Margaret!
    I appreciate the nice words.

    Talei - Thanks Talei! Amazing light.

    The Insomniac - Thanks so much! I really do need to get out more also.

    Shrinky - It really does! Thanks Shrinky...

  26. Incredible color in these. Absolutley perfect.

    Darryl and Ruth : )

  27. I've really enjoyed vicariously "tagging" along on your road trip. Great photos all the way, thanks for sharing them. Where are we going next?! - G

  28. Pat, never too many views of Morro Bay! I don't mind if you post some more!!

  29. Kristy - Thanks so much! It was a great place...

    D&R - I thank you! Nature did most of the work...

    Georgina - Thanks for tagging along! Next we are going to Oak Creek Canyon near Sedona Arizona. Maybe a side trip to the Grand Canyon....

    Brenda - I agree and I have a lot more pics. But that's enough for now! I want to go back though...

  30. The colors in the sunset are awesome. I especially like the middle photo.

  31. That's a great spot to watch amazing sunsets, Pat.

  32. SQ - I've never seen such deep blues and purple in a sunset!

    Pam - It sure is! I already want to go back.

    Nariane - Thanks so much! Nice to see you here. I have a lot of catching up to do at your place.

  33. The color of the sky is mysterious...

    Thank you.


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