Saturday, September 25, 2010

Just a Teaser

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Courthouse Butte

Just a teaser...
This is the view driving into Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon. I took it through the windshield.  For those of you who have never been here, Sedona is actually sitting near the base of this formation.



  1. Beautiful mountains. Great photo. Greetings.

  2. Wow!! That's magnificent. Keep enjoying.

  3. I've been through Arizona--Phoenix, Mesa, Tucson. Love Tucson. Love that country, especially the mountains. Very good photo. Would never know you took it through the windshield!!

  4. What an amazing shot - especially through the windshield! Looking forward to more photos from your trip.

  5. Sedona is one of my favourite places. The photo Mom took of the cross on the window back when I was in the hospital reminds me of the church on the hill there in Sedona. It's such a magical place. Hope y'all are having an amazing time.

  6. That's a great road scene. I haven't been in that area but it reminds me a little of some mountains here.

  7. I've only been to Sedona once in my life and it's such a beautiful place. I love the red rock!

  8. Awesome. We folks in Utah take scenes like this one for granted. Very beautiful.

  9. Yep, tease us, Pat! But knowing you, it will be worth it!

  10. Great Picture Pat,

    I have a lot of Road Trip pictures through the windshield too, kind of fun taking those.

  11. i LOVE sedona. it's one of those places where you wind up snapping a hundred photos just walking down the street. ^_^

  12. I've never been to that location, but lived in Arizona when I was young. The desert is a beautiful place.

  13. I've been, I took my father there on our last trip together. I fell into a cactus bed and still I love the place, which says a lot. Looking forward to more, Pat. And always travel with duct tape.

  14. Mighty majestic for a windshield shot.

  15. i like the photo. something i seldom see..

  16. Sedona? Isn't that where Carlin was holed up in Outrageous Fortune?

  17. your windshield is a lot cleaner than mine, where are the smooshed bugs?

  18. It's a beautiful scene but I am more impressed with how clean your windshield is! How do you do that?

  19. I have been to several places in Arizona but never to Sedona. Some friends of mine who have been there many times keep telling me it is a postcard come to life...your photo verifies that, thanks Pat.

  20. Stunning! Brings back such good memories of my US road trip...loved Sedona :)

  21. Gorgeous place. It makes me want to travel!

  22. Red rocks, red cliffs. Sure sign of the Southwest. Super shot to entice us!

  23. I've never been to Arizona, but I met a man from there once. I was walking my dog, in Putney, London, and he struck up a conversation. I was in my 20's, and had just had a row with my live-in boyfriend. He was staying with friends who were also having problems, and had taken himself out, to give them some space. I lied about where I worked, though not about what I did.. and was MORTIFIED when he later showed up at my work place (how the hell he tracked me there, I have no idea).

    anyway's, that's all Arizona ever brings to mind to me now..

  24. Arizona looks like a place I should have on my bucket list. Can't wait for the travel log when you get back. Rosemary

  25. Even through a windshield Sedona is so beautiful. I'd love to go there someday. I bet it's amazing just before the sun sets.

  26. I almost forgot to mention how much I like your header photo. :)

  27. Clearly, I need to travel more.


  28. Beautiful shot.
    My family and I were there in March...Sedona was the one place I said I was going to get back to!!!
    Have a wonderful (computer free) time!
    Can't wait to see the other pics....

  29. that is so cool. We have nothing like that where I live. So majestic looking.

  30. We had a great trip but happy to be home. Now it's time to catch up a bit...

    Japy - Thanks!

    Robyn - We sure did enjoy it. thanks!

    Ann - All the places you mentioned are in the southern half of the state, except for skirting the edge of Phoenix, we did hit any of those cities this trip. I aimed at the shot between the dead bugs.

    Sarah - Thanks so much! I'll try not to torture everyone too much. I think I took about 900 photos!

    Rabbit - It's one of my favorites now also! We stopped at that church you mentioned. It was amazing! We had a blast! thanks...

    SQ - Mountainous areas are always awesome. thanks!

    Nancy - Now I can say I've been there also.

    Cheeseboy - Thanks! I've spent a lot of time in Utah (including earlier this year). I agree that there are a lot of great places there. The main difference (in my humble opinion) with these, is they are so easy to get to. I love the red rock places in Utah a ton, but now I think I have to say that Sedona is by far the most beautiful place I've ever been to.

    Joe - I got lot's more to tease with. Thanks Joe!

    Jimmy - thanks Jimmy! I agree it is a lot of fun, just gotta scrap the bugs off once in a while. I thought about you as we were driving through your neck of the woods on our way to Az.

    Brian - Thanks!

    Vencora - you are so right! It doesn't matter who you are, or what you do there, you have an awesome view.

    Alex - If you ever get the chance to go back, you just gotta check out Sedona. My jaw dropped when I got my first view. Magical...

    Altadenahiker - LOL! When drving, I travel with EVERYTHING! I really do need to get a tripod though...

    Jesse - Thanks! Not to bad, considering we were moving and I had to dodge the guts on the windshield!

    yogurt - Thanks so much!

    Megan - I sure was! There have also been a TON of western movies filmed there.

    baygirl - I had to crop a big one out of the shot, but I aimed well...

    Toni - LOL...I promise it wasn't that clean.

    Chuck - Thanks Chuck! We were there for a full week and I couldn't get over the postcardness of it everytime I looked up...

    Nat - I'm happy to hear that you were there. I'm thinking it is now one of my favorite places.

    Warren - That's funny! good thing though, because they don't use traffic lights, they use traffic circles, or roundabouts if you prefer...

    Lynda - Thanks so much for commenting! I already want to go back there...

    John - It is a nice Butte. It must work out...

    Brenda - Thanks Brenda. I know you've seen these things many times!

    Shrinky - And now, I will also always think of that...LOL!

    Warren - I've been to Banff, but I was young and cameraless...I remember it being amazing...

    Rosemary - It belongs on your list Rosemary. Many people and organizations believe that it's the most beautiful places in the country.

    James - You are so right, the late afternoon and early morning sun is awesom. As the sun travels across the sky, the way they look changes.

    Marlene - Thanks so much Marlene!

    Dawn - Thanks! I want to go back as well. I manged to stay off my computer totally and only checked my email via my phone a few times.

    PTM - Thanks so much! It was an 8 hour drive to get there. Worth every mile!

  31. Absolutely mad that I've missed too many good posts. That's fixed. And, well, I like all your photos, but oh, that Thursday...

  32. Loved the scenery, but not the town, or maybe just in a strange mood that day. I'm looking forward to your pix. The West is SO majestic!

  33. It's been too long since I've stopped by here.

    Seeing your pictures makes me greatly look forward to the days when I have the money and time or cause to travel. You always have amazing pictures of interesting things and places and quite frankly, I am jealous.

    Keep it up!

  34. altadenahiker - Well now you don't have to miss anything! thanks!

    tapirgal - I liked the town also. they have such rigid building limitations that it seems to work okay.

    Kerrath - It sure has! Nice to see you here. I hope you've got a new post as well. I'm gonna check it out when I close this. Nothing to be jealous about. One day you'll be in the situation to do these things also. Work and time is all is all it takes. Thanks!


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