Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Other Sights From Our Road Trip - Day 2

This farm is in a little valley, on an alternate route to the coast.
I think I could live here and grow flowers (for seed) for a living.

The old library in San Luis Obispo

A little trout stream running through downtown San Luis Obispo

A lot of bird droppings

Bird rock

I'd like to be down there in a kayak.

I almost got a sea otter floating on his back right under this guy, but of course he went under before I could snap it.

For those cold central coast nights

Tomorrow's post will be "Other Sights From Our Road Trip - Day 3"



  1. More great pics....that library building is lovely!

  2. What makes all of those birds flock to that rock? That wasn't meant to rhyme, but seriously. Very cool!

  3. Beautiful! I can just feel the sun beaming down here!

  4. You really do take some breathtaking pics.

  5. This is one fantastic trip you are on! Gorgeous scenery and pics!

  6. That trout stream looks quite relaxing!

  7. Great photographs, the library looks wonderful :)

  8. Cool. You sure love ocean photographs.


  9. It must have been some trip.
    Great photographs Patrick.

  10. Is that rock seriously covered in bird poo- Ew. I'm not over it yet.

  11. Again, more terrific pics. Love this part of the country.

  12. Love your photo's! That Library is just great....and that pile of wood reminds me that it's time we got stocked up too!

  13. I'm really enjoying the beautiful and colorful scenery of your trip ! Sadly my husbands favorite part would have been the enormous wood pile, we partially heat with a wood stove during the winter, he is obsessed with finding wood =)

  14. ...also love, love, love your new header photo, the perspective is amazing!

  15. Nat - Thanks so much!

    Ally - Hard telling, there are birds everywhere around there

    Talli - It's a very nice place!

    Jesse - Thank you my friend!

    Marguerite - Thanks, only a couple more days worth of pics

    Brian - It was, in spots you can walk along with it. They don't allow any fishing in town...

    Sam - Thank you Sam!

    Clarissa - I do, especially when I'm near it...

    Alex - It was funky. And very old

    Costas - Thank you Sir!

    Ren - yep! Seriously covered in bird poo!

    Cheeseboy - Thanks! It's beautiful!

    Alice - It doesn't get that cold where I am, but we have them occasionally

  16. It's like this road trip never great is that!

  17. Fantastic photos! Thanks for sharing.

    WHOA, that is one heckuva load of chopped wood!

  18. Such unusual things in your pictures for someone like me who has never been out there. The first picture looks like a painting.

    What has happened to your Kazuko Ikegami story????

  19. I love the library! Gorgeous! SLO = St. Luis O'Bispo, right? My sister lived there for a while, but I don't think she had a camera. Either that, or she never took any pictures before she had kids. I've never seen any from there, anyway. So good you're here to fill in the blanks ;)

  20. That farm scene looks surreal! It was wonderful and I loved all the other photos too!

  21. If you lived on that farm, I'd want to be your neighbour! It looks like such a beautiful and serene place to live.

  22. Chuck - I know what you mean! Friday there will be 3 more photos and that's the end. I promise!

    Marlene - My pleasure! You are right, that's a lot of wood

    dot - I trie to find the unusual whenever we travel. I decided to interview her more and fill in some holes in her early years before I post anything...Sorry!

    Cruella - That's pretty close, but it's not Irish...San Luis Obispo. You really do need a camera around there! Thanks for commenting!

    Joan - I LOVED that farm...

    Sarah - That little valley was so serene...

  23. Where exactly is the farm? I want to crawl inside that picture and never leave.

  24. altadenahiker - It's on Los Osos Valley Road. It's a local road that runs from 101 to Morro Bay. It allows you to bypass SLO. It's an awesome little farming valley.

  25. The kayak place looks inviting. Really cool rocks here. I also love that library; it's really something unique.

  26. how ironic. my grandfather used to show his cars at the Classic Car show in Morro Bay. that was my first exposure to the beach and i've loved it ever since.

  27. tapirgal - sorry I missed this! It was really nice! We try to get up there at least once a year.

    Michelle - I just love it up there. I always seem to miss the car show though... someday!


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