Monday, September 20, 2010

My Favorite Ten TV Shows of All Time

Alex J. Cavanaugh has got another list going...
Here's my most favorite (non-reality) TV shows of all time (not in order).

Twilight Zone - The original show hit the very dark side of me (yes, I had one even back then).
The Sopranos - I loved the characters in this series and didn't want it to EVER end.
Seinfeld - "hello Newman..." 
Saturday Night Live (early years) - If you were around when this show started, and you did what most people did while they were watching it, it would be in your top ten list also.  Can we say "zig-zag?"
Mash - A little comedy, a little drama, and a great cast. 
The Wonder Years - The best show ever made about growing up "back in the day."
The X-Files - Another one I hated to see end. Thank goodness for Fringe.
Fringe - I love this show. The characters, the fantasy, the filling of the hole left by the demise of the X-Files.
South Park - Pure genius. 
Northern Exposure - Ditto...
Crime Story - This show died a much too early death. I LOVED it.
Monty Python’s Flying Circus - See "Saturday Night Live" above.
American Pickers - Currently my favorite show. Americana and beyond.

Wow, this was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be. (I guess that's why I listed 13). A list of 25 would have been much easier. Although I didn’t include any reality shows, I could have. 



  1. I used to LOVE the old Twilight Zone!!
    And the early years of SNL. I was so sad when it became so un-funny.

  2. MASh and X-Files were on my list. Monty Python just missed the cut. Might have to do another list.
    Thanks for participating in the blogfest!

  3. Wow! We have the same viewing habits. Who'd a thunk.

  4. I agree with several of these.
    Perhaps I will compile a list as well, maybe my final post will include lots of lists...not a bad idea!

  5. Ooh, many would be on my list as well. Such as Northern Exposure, Twilight Zone and Mash. :)Ah, almost forgot Monty! :)

  6. The Soprano's and Northern Exposure - great shows.

  7. I think my Dad has visited the Twilight Zone before...after going to Month Python's Flying Circus. Coincidence? I think not!


    Sorry, had my own personal Seinfeld moment there...

    I am addicted (!) to American Pickers. I discovered it through another blog and am hooked. I even watch the re-runs.

    A lot of these shows I have never seen. This would be a fun list to do, but I am not sure I can come up with even ten. I don't think we turned the t.v. on here all weekend...

    Oh, and for the record, "I don't like spam!"

  9. I am so glad people have chosen Northern Exposure to go on their lists today, because it is a show I periodically saw when I was younger, but I haven't been able to find back to it since it went by another title in Norway (and I can't even remember what it was).

    So thanks for enlightening me! :D (I googled the title, found an image, and went YAAAAY!)

  10. Great list, Patrick! I got hooked on "Mad Men" and spent most of the weekend watching Season One. I think you'd like it.

    I'd be in big trouble if I got "Northern Exposure" DVD's. I loved that show!!

  11. Hi Pat...being a tV addict (not so much now) this is a very hard choice for me. I really have to say I would pick some of your choices as well. I love the Sopranos, Seinfeld, Northern Exposure and Saturday Night Live in the 70's with the original cast. for me I would have to say Sex and the City is coming in on the top as well as I love Lucy. and of course I think I would now add Friday Night Lights. I suppose my list changes as I grow older but it sure is fun to think about.

  12. Northern Exposure! That's another great one!

    I have a few of your shows on my list, too. Wonder Years was great.

  13. I too enjoy watching the American Pickers show, Pat.
    The country scenes and characters make for great entertainment... and I also learn a lot. That's a win, win for me!

  14. I love almost all of those shows. Twilight Zone is one I obsessed over at a young age and still do when they play the new year's eve marathon.

    American Pickers is awesome. I so want to try doing that!

  15. Cool list! Numbers 1, 4, and 7, were some of my faves, too. And yes, I was doing what most people where doing, during the early years, SNL series. lol

  16. My mom actually forbade me from watching the Wonder Years, likely due to its high degree of sexual tension and the large cocoon encompassing my childhood.

    Which, of course, meant that I watched it whenever I could.

  17. Hey I counted 13 shows on here.

    South Park and The Wonder Years would of made my list if it was more than 10.

  18. Wow, what a list, Pat. I wonder what the insight is?
    Northern Exposure... now there is a show that was one of its kind!

  19. I was a huge fan of the wonder years when I was younger- I completely spaced it...

  20. X-Files made my list as well. Northern Exposure is up there, but didn't quite make my top ten. It was very hard to choose! So many people went with Seinfeld as well. GREAT list!!

  21. We love watching American Pickers, too!!!

    I'm back from vacation. Sure did miss everyone's blogs while I was away!

  22. such great choices...

  23. MASH and the original SNL were so much better than most of what you see today

  24. I knew three out of your ten,
    Being across the big pond don't help on these blogfest.
    I enjoyed writing about the ones I knew nothing about,


  25. Love SNL, Wonder Years and Sopranos although I stopped watching S's after they killed off what's the nephews girlfriend's name- Andreana-?! Anyway after her drive to the forest I was DONE. Like mad done.

  26. This is a fun list Pat, you have included some of my all time favorites like Twilight Zone and Monty Python. I loved the early days of SNL.

    Now Northern Exposure is a whole different ballgame. I was living in Alaska at the time and would watch it with friends. We had a blast picking it apart and wondering if anyone from the show had ever even visited our state.

  27. That's the first mention I've seen so far of THE WONDER YEARS. Good choice! Although I didn't wind up including it, I did give that show some consideration when compiling my own list.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  28. I watched "Twilight Zone" regularly and still enjoy it. I enjoyed "The Wonder Years" when it went into syndication--I liked the narration. I know what you're saying about "SNL"-- the earliest years were absolutely classic.

    Tossing It Out

  29. the wonder years! that was such a good one! and my hubs is addicted to american pickers... is it just me or does the skinny one remind you of will wheaton?

  30. Aside from American Picker's, I know and love(d) all of the rest - great list, also proving you are certainly my kind of a guy!

  31. Totally forgot about the Wonder Years. Loved that show!

  32. Even my kids love American Pickers!
    I still watch SNL occasionally. The quality comes and goes each year.

  33. Good shows Pat! I could easily have done 25. I love Fringe as well. Seinfeld and Monty Python would surely make my comedy list.

  34. good choices on that list! I've never watched american pickers though, might check that out

  35. Seinfield was fantastic and I love catching re-runs!!! TV shows rock!

  36. Salt - I totally agree. I'm happy to see that a lot of other folks had these two shows on their list.

    Alex - My pleasure! I enjoyed participating in these things!

    Jesse - I have others also, I wonder if they'd match?

    Joe - Your final post? Say what?

    RA - I miss those shows!

    Gregg - I loved both of 'em!

    Brian - I also think not, heck I don't think period!

    Rabbit - LOL...I like that show, but also...not spam!

    Cruella - They've never shown the series again here either. Not even on cable!

    Clarissa - I haven't seen some of them in a long time!

    Bossy Betty - It's one of those shows, I didn't have time to work in. I'll give it a go though...

    DrSoosie - I love Lucy was a classic, that's for sure! My list changes, that's for sure

    Keren - NE! I loved it a lot

    Pam - You are right. the characters are great.

    Tim - Me too... I've seen some of them so many times...

    Budd - Twilight Zone was the best. I see a lot of folks picked it.

    Margerite - Mine too! SNL LOL..I agree, that's what made it so great!

    soft nonsense - I loved that show! It was perfect for the time...

    PTM - 13? What the heck? I guess I got carried away

    Brenda - Thanks! I loved NE...

    Summer Ross - Me too...I'm sure I forgot a lot of them also

    jennie - I still miss X-Files. thanks!

    Marlene - Welcome home! Hope you enjoyed your time away!

    iZombie - Thanks so much!

    Jimmy - I agree! SNL was classic back in the day...

    WTMWOP - I understand, I've not heard of quite a few I've seen today also.

    Ren - It seems like they killed off half the cast in the Sopranos...

    SQ - Thanks! I never gave it a thought as to how realistic it was, I just loved the characters.

    Stephen - I loved that show! I know I forgot a lot also.

    arlee bird - I've seen some of them so many times, I know some of the script. SNL...Yeah!

    aspiring x - I'd say he looks a bit like Will Wheaton...good call!

    Shrinky - Great minds think alike!

    Karen - Me too!

    Kelly - My family likes it as well! It's great...

    Chuck - 25 here also! Fringe is awesome...thanks Chuck.

  37. baygirl - It's worth it... Pure history...

    Jen - I loved it also! thanks!

  38. I miss Northern Exposure...people up here in the U.P. really related to that one!
    And I love American Pickers and pawn stars too..
    And Friends and Seinfield for SURE...there are many I like(d)....and yet so many bad, bad shows remained on forever.

  39. Very eclectic and interesting list. Some things old, some things new, I like it!

    Never seen The Sopranos. We don't get pay channels and I don't see how anyone could watch it on broadcast TV, it must be horribly watered down. Might be a nice winter project for rainy days (if we get any) - renting something like that and slowly working my way through it...

  40. Oh, The Wonder Years! YEAH. I'd forgotten about that, but it was definitely one of the greats.

  41. Joan - You are right, some of the good ones died way before their time.

    Megan - I watched in on DVD (borrowed). thanks Megan...

    Ishta - thanks for commenting! It was a good show...

  42. If you want a good laugh check out a bit of Fry and Laurie.

  43. Yowsa! This gets an audience. I've been recycling through some old Ali G's.

  44. The Sopranos would be my list...
    the entire list...

  45. I'm not much of a tv watcher now but I used to love the Twilight Zone when it first came out and the Wonder Years. Oh and China Beach was a big favorite of mine.

  46. I can't believe I missed MASH on my list. Twilight Zone original is brilliant (I missed that too) doh!

    W.I.P. It: A Writer's Journey

  47. This is such a fantastic list. The only ones I haven't seen are Fringe, Crime Story, and American Pickers.

  48. Wow! We could be telly watching buddies!! All of my favs are listed here! Loving American Pickers!!

  49. Seinfeld is awesome! same with X-files i was also sad when it ended. South Park is offensive but cracks me up. :)

  50. Warren - I've never heard of Fry and Laurie, but I'll check it out.

    altadenahiker - Ali G as in Sasha BC?

    faye - Yep, one of my all time favorites!

    dot - As a kid it was twilight zone, as I got older it changed to Wonder years. I liked China Beach, but it's not on the top 10, but close.

    Lynda - I understand, it's so hard to remember all of them.

    Angela - thanks! Check 'em out, they are good!

    Penny - That's great! I think that show is my favorite right now. The characters that show up are amazing...

    Kelley - I agree, South Park could always be counted on to step OVER the line at times.

  51. Fun list; I just started watching
    American Pickers, what a show. First one I saw, was the movie cameras...amazing finds all over our country!

  52. Great list! I was hooked on the Sopranos too, along with the early years of SNL (Gilda, what a gem!).

  53. Ellie - thanks! I agree about that show. I hope it goes for more seasons. I'd love to do that job.

    Robyn - Oh yeah! the early cast was a classic...I miss it!

  54. Pat, i have never pictured you as a "wiser" person until i realise the list of shows when i was not even around yet. lol

    and i guess you would have space for the leverage show...

  55. Pretty cool list though I dont know all those shows
    Mash was brilliant..ditto Wonder Years and Twilight Zone..

    see any recent gems such as Deadwood? Or Six FT Under? The Wire is supposed to be brilliant too though i still yet to see it.

    i was a big fan of NYPD Blue, back in the day..

    and of course, Dr. Who.. seventies style.. ah wat a classic..


  56. Robyn - you are right! the early snl was the funniest thing ever...

    yogurt - Thanks! That's a nice way of saying I'm old....LOL

    Anthony - I worked swing shift (evenings) for many years. There are many shows that people loved that I never really got to see.

  57. Robyn - you are right! the early snl was the funniest thing ever...

    yogurt - Thanks! That's a nice way of saying I'm old....LOL

    Anthony - I worked swing shift (evenings) for many years. There are many shows that people loved that I never really got to see.

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  59. It's not enough to say I loved the early SNL show---I luffed, lurrved, looved it, like Woody Allen says in Annie Hall. What a gathering of comic geniuses. To this day I think Bill Murray was the best (and Chevy Chase the worst). Sublime TV hours!

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